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  1. CV Rework Feedback

    after watch the “gameplay” video from flamu... Give my da*m money back or let me sell my acc so i dont lost all mt time and money i put in that game for see it be destroyed.
  2. CV Rework gameplay

    i’m happy i’m in the hospital because i got cancer from watch this.
  3. CV Rework Feedback

    i hope they do that then delete the dds, then delete the cruisers, lets play just with battleships because its popular right? :D
  4. CV Rework Feedback

    Next one will be destroyers~ Then cruisers~ Love this logic of make a classe how people dont play most useless. Then we can change the name back to World of battleships yay!
  5. Do DOTs need a rework?

    remove the chance of cruisers put fire Also reduce in 90% the dmg of bb ap Looks fun right? Riiight?
  6. Also, about the video, its hard "give a chance" to something how looks terrible.
  7. Someone post the info in reddit before wg even make an announcement about the stream.
  8. CV Rework Feedback

    +1, jets was awesome, and we know its just about stats, and we alread have some cold war ships...
  9. CV Rework Feedback

    Strong AA on cvs can "fix" the sniping problem...
  10. CV Rework Feedback

    Not really, wow for example still the "same" type of gameplay, we talking about buy one product, the company take it back, and want give you a totaly different product. Its not about privilege to access something early, its about take it back and put on trash and make you swallow this.
  11. CV Rework Feedback

    "team play" need be rewarded, most of online games with the "support" roles get a reward for that sometimes better then just focus in make dmg, but in warships we dont have that. You can do that in teory for the team, but what the point in do that if in the end you get more reward just focus in farm dmg? Only for "help" others? Its like ask for a cruiser stay in the end of the map with carrier entire game and get a low xp when they can just stay in frontline farming dmg, we know what is going be logic the choise of almost everone. I'm not vs do a support hole, but if that its not rewarded theres no point in do that. In the current mechanics you can do a support hole AND do dmg, so its ok sinse you can get a reward for dmg and get a bit more chances to win if you do a good suport, but in this new mechanic you need choise: Get nothing doing support, or go just farm dot in BBs and get a reward for that.
  12. CV Rework Feedback

    You say about spotting, but, unless you are able to do one alpha strike (what its not looks like in the demo) theres no point in spoting, lets remember the game not really reward spoting and is focus in dmg. Make enemy move to show broadside its the same logic, the game not reward that, only reward the dmg you make, so whats the point in do that for a cv player? "but you do that for the team" suuure but this not reward you. Also theres no point for the enemy move for a bad position (show broadside) if the dmg of torps/bombs/rockets/whatever its so low and can be fixed with a basic knowledge of dmg control.
  13. CV Rework Feedback

    Now how i as a old-cv-player fell about the rework:
  14. CV Rework Feedback

    So, after calm a bit and try re-watch the stream/read the notes on facebook again... my feedback in base what the WG show about the rework: Looks wg focus in 2 big problens, perma spot and alpha strikes... and remove both, so makes cvs kind useless sinse looks like this rework is for makes cvs unable to spot (sinse its not worth spoting a targer in this game if you cant do something with him) and unable to do alpha strikes. Micromanagement was excessive and exausting, but this rework just trow away any brain needed to make it a potato experience, its more easy fly one squand them sail a bb in straight line and try hit anything. Make cv in teory popular make a brainless control its not going make it popular if they dont be able to do huge dmg and if the AA still broken as it is now. Why play with carrier fly 2 min to a targer to have your planes down by a magic button and dont be able to do any good dmg? "Be attractive for most of the players;" make the game playstyle like mobile? Maybe one interation with mobile and normal wows? Because this controls is so brainless its can fit a mobile gameplay. "Increase aircraft carriers’ popularity and enhance AA defense ships.", who you going incrise the popularity if now they can literal close-see AA defense ships exterminate your planes and not let you do any dmg? AA looks like at least with this info its going still automatic, so what the point be able to maneuver if is pure rng? Theres anyone aiming at you you can literal fly in straight line and wait the rng bless or kill your squad. Also, wg dont say anything deeper about re-work the AA, this need be adressed sinse its a big impact in a cv gameplay, and even more if you only have one squad, the ships like minotaur, worchester, des memes still going be able to exterminate your planes at 8km of distance? Today if you want atack this ships (if they not are brainless players) you need bailt the AA, control the air so the other cv dont stop you, and have more groups to MAYBE hit the ship if the rng bless you. How the "several atacks" with one squad is going works? You have a number of possible atacks without matter the number of planes alive? I mean, for example, first atack, lose 3 planes without drop, still going be able to make 4 atacks or its going be reduced to 3 atacks? - About the planes/loadout - We going be able to choise what group we want use? Or its going be random? Or its going be some kind of national flavor "this nation have torps, this have bombs"? Can we have fighters back on TX? They are awesome, and we know its just about stats, and please dont come with "no because its a ww2 game" if we have some cold war ships/projects alread in the game. - About the drops - The drop is going be affect by AA consumable? Still going have AA consumable to panic planes? Drop bomb looks ridiculos big and too much rng dependent, why even anyone is going use that? Even in the video we can see its only hit 1 bomb in a bb... IN A BB moving in streight line! Rockets looks interessing but what the point of use it its going become better then use torps or bombs? - About the AA - WG say they want more a air-to-ship combat not air-to-air, ok, but they dmg its going be good? Because focus in Dot its kind useless sinse you only have one squad now. If you put a flood, and try again, in a real match when people have the AA working you going need a LOT luck with the rng make a flood/fire and the targer is a potato so they dont focus the AA to explode your planes before the the second atack... Any plan to remove the AA consumable? Also, the plane its going fly back in streight line giving the cv position and flying over all enemy AA? - About the ship - You NEED be able to switch the control direct for the ships, you NEED be able to direct control the ship for put in a better position or try manouver vs incoming atacks. Only control by the minimap, even with the M map, dont give you a good control. Any plan to rework the CV AA for try stop sniping sinse theres no more fighters fo that? And secondaries? Any plan for rework the secondaries sinse now they are almost useless (in exception maybe graf zepellin)... maybe give it a direct control of it? ... - About refund - I alread say that sometimes here, but let me just say again, if have any refund i hope be in money, real money, not doublouns, not something its going be totaly useless sinse theres no reason to keep playing this game if this "rework" as what wg show to us become true. I dont put my money in premium carriers to play world of warplanes.