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  1. Toperdo bombers, cause its not depends from rng s**t to hit and dmg something like he/ap bombs.
  2. DD vs DD = CV vs CV?

    Better player always going have more chances to win no matter in what class.
  3. Midway

    The biggest problem today its not the hak vs midway, its the TX cvs vs the AA in this game... and its going become worse in next patch. Theres no reason to play TX cvs, its boring. T9 still ok to play because the MM sometimes help you (but only 1tb and too much rng bombs is 'meh' play with essex).
  4. Midway

    I'm trying stop play this game...
  5. Midway

    If they make the 'rework' the bbybies want midway and all cvs will become totaly useless. Annnnnnyway, its not worth play midway now (and i have 800+ battles with mine), take a time without usn cv, wait they buff, play, they going nerf, take a time again, its the sad midway life in this game you can only enjoy a portion of time... well but this days with a lot AA you cant enjoy anytime.
  6. Buying a ship with Free XP?

    Its depends from ship to ship.
  7. Regarding Alaska...

    hah i say that many many times
  8. 1000 karma

    report jk, congratz
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    You cant kill planes if the planes dont fly over you~
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    30 planes. Also. *laughs in cv* No planes for you cruisers! :P
  11. In a TX is hard "carry" a team alone... specially vs unicum divisions.
  12. Not my job Award?

    I never leave a game, but sometimes i push with the cv in the caps if team dont do that (rage mode), and i totaly ignore bbybies sniping/potatos and let they die. Heh.