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  1. The rating of clan only show the "top" team, my clan have one alpha and one bravo team, we put our best playes on alpha and people how only wanna play "for fun" in bravo. I think this system is ok. "but some strong clans going play in bravo" then they going up quick and not playing vs low level clans... this "prevent of advancement" not work... in max you going take 1 or 2 strong clans playing in bravo in what... 50 matches?
  2. HyenaHiena

    Thank you, War Gaming

    PEF its a great ship! if you get it free :P
  3. Wait ~2 weeks and people will stop playing with cvs again.
  4. HyenaHiena

    So how will the premium CVs play post-rework?

    People buy a T7, made she become a T6 can cause serius problens (sinse T6 are cheap then T8). Fight vs a TX its can be a problem if the planes be week, its more a matter os stats... The biggest problem to fight a TX in a carrier is the limited amout of planes, i guess we need wait to see...
  5. HyenaHiena

    are DDs OP?

    Its not "op" but its one important ship. Useless battleships sniping in border of map dont win battles. Cruisers farming HE on bbs at 20km dont win battles. Spoting, capping, control the caps win battles.
  6. HyenaHiena

    10,000 games

    Congrats, i hope wg put one archvement " You Have No Life "
  7. HyenaHiena

    So how will the premium CVs play post-rework?

    *ward because have premium cvs* its a good question wg should awnser this soon, if they keep OP as hell maybe i will keep it and not ask for refund...
  8. Dmg not matters, its better do 50k dmg and kill all dds and win them do 150k dmg and only farm in useless battleships and lose the battle.
  9. Nah, We have a lote parasites in this game, like all battleships.
  10. HyenaHiena

    How is Flooding Balanced?

    Flooding Effects Flooding damage reduces a ship's health by 0.667% of its total health pool per second. If a flood is not controlled (see below) and is allowed to run for its full duration, a ship will lose just over 60% of its total health pool to a single flood. In addition, ships that are flooding have their top speed reduced by 15-20% (depending on class). http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flooding
  11. HyenaHiena

    Sorry for being trash

    How dare you get the caps and not sniping like everone else?!
  12. HyenaHiena

    Case to Save League of Wolves.

    I love (and hate) play rankeds, but league of wolves have no reward... for play alone its... "meh".
  13. Yes, it will be A LOT more prevalent sinse the cv cant kill the dd "easy" as before. Even me is thinking start take a dd to hunt cvs.
  14. HyenaHiena

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Wait you can have "fun" in co-op? For me co-op was for only play a fast silly battle to get some reward like snowflakes.
  15. HyenaHiena

    Rank 1 games

    This. I like the ranked format but after get rank 1 in "normal" rankeds i dont wanna play this game for a time.