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  1. mark_in_missouri

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Exactly where does one (in a surface ship) aim their guns to hit a submerged sub that's less than 6 meters underwater?
  2. mark_in_missouri

    G.K. Main Armament upgrade?

    Am working on a personal mission w/ my G. Kurfurst for a unique main armament upgrade. Can anyone tell me what this main battery upgrade is about? Does it give you faster reloads, increase firing range, switch AP and HE shell types quicker or something else? Its in the personal mission "Don't Come Close". Thanks.
  3. mark_in_missouri

    The exeter ship review.

    Am having fun w/ Exeter. What kind of captain skills would you recommend? Would demolition expert work well w/ this ship?
  4. I have been unable to find just where the current amount of service fees or the fire chance for each ship in the game is at. Surely this information must be available someplace. Any assistance from from smarter players would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your re-cap of the new items in update o.7.12. Wish there was another German commander (already have Reinhard von Jütland). Other than that the update looks pretty good. Merry Christmas!
  6. mark_in_missouri

    Gneisenau — German Tier VII battleship.

    Yeah, went w/ Aiming Systems mod 1 on the Gneisenau too. The ship is probably a marginal "brawler" but ASM1 does increase torpedo tube traverse by 20% as well as a slight buff (5%) to secondary firing range. The decrease in dispersion for the main guns is, as you pointed out, very desirable. Appreciate the response & Merry Christmas!
  7. mark_in_missouri

    Gneisenau — German Tier VII battleship.

    What about a manual secondary build for the Gneisenau? I know there are better ships for such a build (Bismark, F. Der Grome, GK, Massachusetts) but am looking for a mid to tier V - VIII tech tree BB for a secondary build. Since the Gneisenau has 6km torps already perhaps the tier VIII North Carolina would be a better choice (secondary range, w/ Advanced Fire Training skill, is 6.3km). What's your recommendation on this? Thanks.
  8. mark_in_missouri

    Acasta — British Tier V destroyer.

    Am trying to build my Acasta to cause as much fire damage as possible to enemy ships and would certainly appreciate any help. Have a 10 pt. Captain with the following skills: (1pt.) Prev. Maint. ---- (2pt) Last Stand ---- (3pt.) Survivability Exp. & (4pt) Concealment Exp. Of course I intend, soon as I get enough Commander points, to get "Demolition Expert" as well as run the "India X-Ray" signal which gives you a 0.5% fire chance. Is there anything else I should include? Are there certain types of ships or tiers more susceptible to fire? Is the superstructure the best place to aim at to start a fire?
  9. mark_in_missouri


    Where is the best place to sail when escorting a ship. WG has has become harsher about colliding w/ your allies however its still useful for cruisers to help protect BB & CVs from enemy aircraft/ DD. I seldom division w/ other ships but just pick out an allied BB or CV that's pretty much by themselves and has weak AA thus communication is very limited to non-existent.