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  1. Virtualis

    Unsporting Conduct Penalty - A Log Of Actions?

    I was mistaken, it was an 8 match penalty, not 12. But just 2 co-op missions got me back to pink. Weirdness...
  2. Virtualis

    Unsporting Conduct Penalty - A Log Of Actions?

    Huh. Well, I'm back to it being a mystery not even Douglas Adams could find the answer to...
  3. Virtualis

    Unsporting Conduct Penalty - A Log Of Actions?

    "42" is the answer to "what's the meaning of life", dontchaknow? BTW any division that would help a 'mate get through a 42 match ban sounds like a crew I'd be honored to serve with, are you taking recruits?
  4. Virtualis

    Unsporting Conduct Penalty - A Log Of Actions?

    It might have been just 2, I'm not really sure. I'm pretty careful about shooting but torpedoes can be tricky. Which is why I usually don't play those boats. But! After reading a few other posts about how people get tagged (and I didn't realize other players could tag you), I think I figured it out: I had a particularly good run on that second battle and took out 2 ships in quick succession that really turned the tide in my side's favor. I usually don't say much of anything in chat, but I got carried away and went "THAT"S WHAT I"M TALKIN' ABOUT!" after those 2 sunk, and I may have triggered the good folks of the opposition. Does that sound plausible? ETA: CAPTMUDDXX, thanks for the explainer, but #3 wasn't really warranted. I'm not really all that upset about it, I was just alarmed at the escalation so quickly to orange in just one battle. I get it that this is an effort to get a handle on abuse, and will take my licks. BTW this is the first time it's happened to me and honestly I never knew what the pink tag meant until now. I might not have a huge number of battles, but I've been playing for many years.
  5. Greetings, While I mostly drive battleships and have minimal experience with torpedoes, I launched a set of torpedoes recently that a friendly then drove into, so of course I get tagged pink and get a 3 or 4 match ban. No biggie, I can deal. However, the very next battle where I returned to my roots driving my battleship and I get tagged orange with a 12 match ban! I do not recall shooting a friendly, even accidentally, and I never go AFK, so I'm kind of mystified why this happened. If I did something wrong, I'd like to see what I did in error, but I don't see any kind of combat log to see what happened. Any suggestions?