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  1. I can't believe that only a few months since that dockyard train wreck you people already want another another stupid limited time event that's only for the whales or the criminally insane.
  2. Antspray

    The Church of Hindenburg

    I lost faith in the hindenburg for a while. But taking ifhe and the firerate buff has put me back on the path of the true faith.
  3. I bought the 200$ pack like the stupid whale I am and am regretting it horribly.
  4. Antspray

    Sansonetti's Tracers ...

    So all the other outlandish stuff in this game fits the style but slightly too colorful tracers is just a bridge too far?
  5. Antspray

    Leave Luigi Italy tracers as they are

    Whats the point of changing them? They were unique and fairly cool.
  6. Ya spoke too soon friend im going to be maining hakuryu almost exclusively.
  7. Antspray

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    To be honest whole whole German tree needs help. I love my Tirpitz to death but it clearly is outclassed by every other tier 8 bb.
  8. Antspray

    Can I shut off badges?

    Nice necro and I swear this is the most petty none issue I've ever seen anyone complain about. Do boomers really get butthurt when they see someones badge?
  9. Antspray

    Way too many torpedoes

    I'm really confused what this guys problem is. Is he really complaining he cant kill anything in coop? Sounds like a classic case of l2p.