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  1. Hello I am themammoth, I am the leader of the clan "Royal Norwegian Navy" (NORN) and I'm looking for new members. I am laid back and easy going and I enjoy playing the game solo or with friends in divisions so, if you're someone looking an easygoing kind of environment or you want to take advantage of the clan benefits by pooling resources submit a request to join today. I don't have any real requirements to join other than being a decent mature person. I don't require any specific forms of communications, but have a discord if you're interested (message me about it) English is preferred language though. I don't require any specific stat level, you can be a scrub or unicum it doesn't matter to me. you don't need to play everyday to join; when you can is just fine, life outside the game happens too. I have no current plans for any clan specific activities, but should membership be sufficient members are more than welcome to play the clan modes. If you decide to stop playing or take an extended break please inform so I can take appropriate action (i.e. remove you so someone else can join or to save your spot when you return) any questions can be posted here and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading and happy clan hunting!!