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  1. Weak secondarys

    I run a Secondary build on my........ wait for it......... Penzacola! And I have to say Secondaries on her DO work. Late in the game once the BBs are thinned out I go into DD hunting mode, those thigs are great, I get close quarters expert quite often. They allow continued pressure on the DD while you dodge and your primaries get out of position. They start fires, causing either DOT of a waste of repair. They are an early warning system allerting me before the little buger shows up on screen. I also recently revamped my Edi for secondaries. It works there too, She is not as great at DD hunting but lighting fires on BBs that want to charge your smoke is priceless especially when I will be causing flooding after repair with my torpedoes. It is also a great indicator for me on range, Secondary range is just outside of in smoke gun bloom, so when secodaries start to go off I know that its time to switch from primary guns to torps and kite. Above these tiers IDK. Mino doesnt have any and I hated the NO and watever the tier 9 Brit CL is.
  2. Looking for Davies00123

    Is there beer for an answer to the affirmative?
  3. Previous seasons of ranked I ranted here in forums about the star for top loser. WAY too many players (looking at you spawn sniping BB driver) would just play to farm damage to get the top spot with no intention on actually trying to work with the team to win. However, I have to say that whatever WG did to the exp system as well as the capping timers I see very little of this now. I think they really improved things and I for one no longer have a problem with the star retention system. Now in response to this idea about lowest exp earner on wining team losing a star: Yes having a AFK or idiot on a team is fustrating, but you want CAs to stop supporting DDs and just stay back and snipe? How about DDs not spoting and contesting caps? Thats exactly what this would create. Far too often the lowest exp earner is some poor sap in a DD or CL that was doing what they were supposed to be doing in the opening only to be deleated.
  4. Only 31 games!!!!! You do know Tier X ships have a 50% buff on all stats for the first 50 battles, right? They do that to get you hooked before you experience the REAL ship. lol But seriously though, your words are wise, I shall take them into consideration.
  5. Penzacola is one of my favorite ships. Had a 19pt Cap'n but put Steven Segal in there for the reduced shell changing buff. Anyway, I am probably the only person who complained about the spotting reduction. This ship is such a Cit pinata that I regularly have 1 mil in potential damage. I use that to take pressure off of the BBs at the opening of the match. Towards the endgame this ship is a supurb DD hunter.
  6. Thinking about Edinburgh

    Been a long time since I sailed the Fiji. Edi is my favorite RNCL. I have the Mino and it is fun. Didnt keep the Tier 9 ship whatever it was. bad shell arc without the reload of Mino. TLDR: YES, she is worth adding. YES, she is better than the Fiji
  7. Biggest "Kill on Sight" cruiser

    You guys know you love to slam your shells into the sexy Cits of my Penzacola! I average 1mil in potential damageper match in that ship.
  8. Aye. This ship, as good as it can perform, is just really limited in its ability to carry. It has zero alpha, its guns are more like a manualy operated DOT, it does its best when it is not the focus and is operating on the edges of the enemies awareness, thus making it diffucilt to shape an engagement or the battle. No other ship in my fleet can consistantly do SO much in a battle while doing so little for the win.
  9. What can not be spoken of without breaking it??? Consecutive days without a submarine post!
  10. Target first. - DDs you need to lite them for your allies and they are the only ships in the opening that have extended beyond AA cover. In your post you say 'prioritize' and although I see after you say, when you join a match, I wonder how many people will miss that and just think prioritze, like in the match overall.
  11. Aye, the un-mighty Midway sails again!
  12. Minotaur Premium Cammo

    lol just yesterday in my Mino 1 had 3 kills 139K in damage and was the top of the board on my team (we lost) and I lost 40k credits.
  13. Tier 10 Lulz

    I will play devils advocate for a moment. You said your team was out numbered and out classed in terms of DDs. Seeing this the enemy Gearing fiqured that the other DDs on the team could handle and contest the caps leaving him to do a extensive flanking manuever. The fault is not on the Gearing for the attempt, the fault is on the rest of the team for caving so soon. If they were able to at least hold the line then his manuever would have been brilliant! Once he seen the team folding he should have readjusted and pushed into the enemy flank wherever it is that he was at that time.