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  1. Fire and Manuever is how you win games in the Penzacola. I regularly 'tank' over 1 mil in potential damage while everyone stries to pen my cits.
  2. Ujenele

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    I appreciate the fact that you are trying todirect the thread towards solutions, however the fact that a CV can hurt a DD is NOT A PROBLEM. The ONLY DD that I (Midway) can work over is a DD that has ran out away from his support ships and refuses to smoke. Hey WG, my Mino gets vaporized whenever I show broadside, you need to FIX THAT!!! I am not a great DD player, I am still trying to fiqure out my Fletcher but you know what I do not have a problem with CVs!!! So to answer the question, I would make the damage higher. If a DD plays so poorly that I can make 3 succesful DB attacks on him he should not survive that. It is defintly harder to land bombs than rockets but the reward is better. I dont even use rocket attacks against DDs anymore its pointless so I have switched to Tiny Tims. (Oh and the torp speed nerf has made them useless against DDs also. ) Lastly, CVs have way more time in a match than any other ship type. so even IF CV average damage was the same as a BB, CA or DD your comparing a ship that regulary sees the end of a match (in all but the hands of a complete potato) to ones that do not. Just about every ship I play will be putting up towards 200k damage after the full 15 minutes (not the Midway).
  3. Ujenele

    8.1.0 midway

    I find it difficult to believe that you have had almost 250 CV battles since 8.1 dropped. Great states btw, but the topic was Midway after 8.1. If you could show your Midway stats since Wednesday it would be MUCH appreciated.
  4. Ujenele

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    Glad I can open all my crates at once now. I have over 500 of them! If anyone is interested in what I get out of them give this post a 'thumbs up' and I will post a screen shot. I have added the results. kinda meh.
  5. I have a Midway with most but not all of the plane toughness perks. Is the Mino supposed to be a permanent No-Fly Zone? And I am aware of the whole wait until the AA gets beat up later in the match but, you know there is a perk that keeps that from happening. I was in a match and at the very end still could not even approach the Mino. Having ships in the game that are immune to another shiips attacks, is that working as intended??
  6. Played my Midway twice last night. Honestly the AA is stronger but not horrendously so. Most attack runs are one way trips so why bother dodging more than the minimum required to make sure 3 planes deliver their payload. AA blobs are complete no fly zones. I really think the CV credit and XP system needs a revamp. As they are pushed out of damage and more into team support roll, team support activities should pay more. Spotting damage, planes shot down etc.
  7. A CV being able to perma spot a DD has always been part of the game. The difference now is that teams are focusing firing on those DDs when spotted so much more consistantly than they used too. Why? perhaps because AA blobs have team firepower concentrated instead of spread all over the map, perhaps becasue CAs are escorting BBs so DDs are the only ship in firing range. Whatever the reason the Meta has shifted and we all need to adapt. DDs cant solo very well anymore. They need to to stay closer to support. CAs and CVs need to prioritize DD survival. In short DD play requires team work from the DDs and their teamates. (And I say this as a Midway, Fletcher, Mino, DM player. )
  8. I started this game back in Beta to be a CV player a Midway player to be exact. I will try to keep this short: I like the new CV rework. I thought the reverse thing for autopilot was a bug but now I use it for when I want to go in reverse, and just plot a turn when I want the CV to turn. Spotting damage and plane damage should generate more xp and credits or just credite It cost WAY too much to play the Midway. I do not think any of my other TierX's can be in the top 3 for xp, on a win, running premium and still lose credits.
  9. Ujenele

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    1. Critical changes and fixes that we're working on right now (to be implemented within 0.8.0 in "hotfix" update ASAP). Resolve the "F-spam" issue, when a CV can just recall its squadron at any time without considerable penalties (increase the vulnerability time for the squadron after recall so that players can shoot down some planes before it completely disengages); Although this will mean more lost planes, it is a little bit of an unrealistic cheat button. Do overall AA balancing: shift a part of damage from flak bursts to constant DPS. Flak bursts proved to be an interesting aspect of AA. While they can deal disproportional amount of damage, avoiding them often results in completely insufficient damage to the planes; I think this and any changes to the AA of ships is pre-mature. Everyone is learning the new meta and I am seeing more and more ship 'blobs' making impenetrable AA bubbles. Not a complaint, but a team that works together is already pretty much immune to CV attacks. Do an overall Attack Planes vs. Destroyers balancing. While this is an important thing to do, we would like to indicate that most players seem to underestimate the power of manual AA activation ([P] by default). Due to great DD concealment, if often makes sense to turn AA off until spotted. A DD spotted at minimal range is a lot harder to hit with the first attack run even with rockets. Although, this trick does not remove the need for further balancing; Again, I think the new meta needs time to develop. DDs need support now too. CVs and CAs have a roll to play in keeping the DD alive and you see it in matches more and more. You guys have done great work, dont over tinker with it too soon. EDIT: just read more comments from others. Perhaps when people are complaining about AA being broken, its becasue its later in the game and their AA is literally broken. Damage taken by ships knocks out Secondary and AA guns.
  10. Ujenele

    Extreme Lag Spikes in Game

    Glad to see its not just me. Didnt have any issues after the last patch all the way up to Monday afternoon. Played Tuesday afternoon and got ping spikes. Never got them before. Was only happening on my Monty but then started to happen on Graf Spree too. Adjusted my graphics down, still happened. 1 day of premium wasted.
  11. Ujenele

    Do You Use Smoke or Radar on Minotaur?

    SMOKE in Randoms. Radar in Ranked. Tried to still go radar after ranked but, just couldnt count on enough team work to make it a feasible chose with my playstyle. Now I have the legendary smoke, so I partner with the nearest Radar CA and let them know I will smoke for them this way I get the best of both.
  12. Ujenele

    Edinburgh absolutely horrid compared to Fiji

    In a one on one duel against a DM I will take my Edi over my Mino anyday. Matter of fact Id rather have my Edi when facing a Mino too. It has good speed decent agility and a quick cooldown for smoke that makes it great for hit and run tactics. The gun do reliable damage across the board. Armor is sturdy enough to get keep you alive long enough to use that super heal. Secondaries are respectable and start fires very reliably. Torps are very situational but when a BB wants to rush you in smoke you can get large chunks of damage with them and get flooding going more times than not. Matter of fact I like it much better than the DM too (I did just get the DM though and havent fiqured her out yet so thats not an entirely fair comparison.)
  13. Ujenele

    Edinburgh — British Tier VIII cruiser.

    Not that you should go out seeking a one on one duel with a BB while in the Edi, but if you get the chance to flank one that is engaging other targets you can really do a lot of damage. See a lone BB pushing up and engaging your allies, go silent and get almost on the backside of its guns. When its about to spot you, pop smoke and let him have it. If you positioned yourself well he will sail into your secondary range and they will start fires. Launch torps as you see fit. I usually like to start with some torps so that if he turns towards me I can have them reloaded when he gets too close to my smoke to fire my guns. Otherwise, fire until your smoke expires and then kite with some WASD. Smoke will be back ready in just over 30 seconds so don’t go too far, because you get to do it all over again.
  14. I became a great Rado capn when I made the decision in my mind that I would rather win the match than survive it. Thats how Iplay her, that how i am successful in her (my stats will confirm that). So my advi ce is, sail her like you have stolen her. Shes a tough as nails brawler that is too slow to do anything fancy. Just take that ship and shove it down the thraots of your enemies. They will probably sink you but the cost to them will be too great for them to recover. I still have and play her so you see me on holler, we can run together a few and you can see how I do it