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    Ancient History, World War History, German Engineering Feats and Wunderwaffe, Animu and Mango, Parody and Satire of popular mediums.

    I also enjoy walking on the beach, the Space Marine game, Halo before 343 ruined it, and loads of RTS games. The Total War series in particular. I also play Bethesda games a lot.

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  1. At this point Wargaming will probably say nothing until it blows over and people's attention spans start giving in.
  2. Man those have to be anywhere between 5 and 6 years old, I doubt the threads I made for them even still exist. tl;dr, way back when most of you sailors were babies, I had gotten my first tier 10 ship, the Yamato. I celebrated by taking some art I found on danbooru of Yamato (from kantai collection) marrying the admiral, and shopped Donkey Kong's head onto it (since I'm the sailing monkey, I used to be active here a lot). Needless to say Mouse didn't appreciate my artisan craft and had mocked me for it many moons hence.
  3. How dare you? Do you realize how much effort I put into those MS paint pictures?
  4. Imagine hearing about this years after the last time you played (british battleships weren't even a twinkle in our eyes yet), and having to track down a literally dusty notebook from your teen days to find your password, just so you can say "oh wow."
  5. Heya Mouse, been years since we hung out or talked, probably don't remember me. When I heard whispers of what had happened with your syrup bote and all this to boot, had to drop in and tell you you're awesome. Had to dig up my dusty password notebook just to log in again lol. Keep on keeping on girl, may the winds be at your back wherever you go, and I hope you can find something even better to pour your infinite passion into.

  6. DokturProfesur

    Best looking ship in the game?

    The Maid of Orleans parked in Dunkirk
  7. DokturProfesur

    Is It contagious?

    I've lived with a pair of mentally challenged boys for years. Both of them were born from a drug addict mother, later diagnosed with autism. One of the boys had suffered a concussion at an early age and had rattled his brain to fall even further into mental deficiency, later diagnosed mentally retarded. Of all the things you could possibly ask on a public forum, you ask if retardation is contagious. Get off my internet.
  8. DokturProfesur

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    I logged in after years just to complain. I had been banging the drum about a Premium West Virginia for years and this is what they put on my plate, a Colorado with a different paint job. This is what Wargaming sees fit to give us. We could have gotten something special and unique! I'm sure someone's already mentioned it but I'm drunk and immolated in disappointment. This could have been a unique ship, it really could have. The handshake between modern and classic USN aesthetics.
  9. On reflection, the bow changes shouldn't be as bad as I think they might be.

  10. DokturProfesur

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    We should call it the Krasny Krap.
  11. DokturProfesur

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    If they just kept it at tier 4 it would be fine.
  12. DokturProfesur

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    I do agree this is more than worrisome, however. It's obvious that West Virginia is going to be a premium, but I do pray that WG realizes that this kind of road is a very pay to win one.
  13. DokturProfesur

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    I didn't see this girl coming, too bad I hated the Svietlana.

  15. I wonder if people even read this.