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  1. I know things can change but any tentative date for when it could be added?
  2. Beauregard23

    Challenge - hit Rank 1 playing Torpedo Destroyers!

    Never thought anything about this game was grueling till this. Was 3 away from out 4 days ago then lost 12 of 13, was 2 from back to rank 5. Scratched my way back to rank 2 then promptly lost 8 of 9. Back to rank 4. Started last day 12 stars away, figuring this just wasn't meant to be. It's getting very late but I get to 1 away. Promptly lose, missing out on saving star by a sliver. Lose again, very late, getting headache, 1 more loss and I am packing it in to at least finish rank 2, then win win win to finish it off, I am STUNNED! Almost 3 AM but the Somersgeddon was worth it. All progress from rank 14 to out was with Somers. When I first got to 1 away from rank 3 I lost a few and wanted to try out the new Cunningham commander on the Daring for a bit but lost back everything I gained with it so said screw it I'm going back to strictly using my fav T10 DD Somers. Nice to see someone who appreciates how hard it is to do this with a DD. Very few stars saved regardless of big damage games. Remarkably saved 2 this last day. Stay frosty and be well everyone.
  3. Beauregard23

    Enjoy the scenery

  4. Beauregard23

    Missing Euro Container Code makeup?

    From the EU stream on Thursday and it only lasted a couple hours. That doesn't help most of the NA players who planned on getting it during the NA stream on Friday.
  5. "Bonus Code missions: Watch streams on our official YouTube or Twitch channels and redeem bonus codes for missions that give a combined total of 10 European destroyers Early Access Containers." There was no code given on the NA stream Friday, so is there going to be a makeup for that? I was surprised not to see something about that today.
  6. happened to my entire 3 person div
  7. Beauregard23

    How many play operation?

    Big fan of ops. I normally love a challenge and finding away to beat the most difficult ones like the Halloween ops but I need some kind of reward for doing so. Since I have already 5-starred Newport I never play it cause it's almost always a loss regardless of what I do, so no incentive. Be nice if whenever an op becomes op of the week you can get at least a token reward for 5 starring it again like a random crate or something akin. Would also love to see an op for t5 and t8.
  8. Beauregard23

    Defender of the Fatherland Mission?

    wow, bad wording screwed me up on that one, it said "gain" 23 victories to "receive" the bonus so it sounded like you had to get 23 victories first to get the bonus. it usually says something like you can receive the bonus x amount of times. ended up wasting them all on co-op to get to the bonus fast, damn.
  9. So I Participated, got the mission, got the 23 victories, it said mission completed, then played another battle and didn't get the extra 23% credits or xp, what am I missing? In case it was a one time thing I checked the 23rd victory and didn't get it on that either.
  10. You get a permanent camo for a ship then it gets nerfed, or it gets power-creeped, or the meta changes and it's usefulness diminishes. It would make sense to allow a player to sell that camo to acquire another for a ship that player actually wishes to play. To make it fair for both sides, it would sell for only half it's doubloon value and/or 75% value in camo tokens which could only be used to purchase new camos. Does this not make sense?
  11. Beauregard23

    Hard choices for coal commanders

    that's what I did, makes those sec missions a breeze
  12. if DDs are op, why do they average the least amount of damage with the torpedo DDs the least of all by far?
  13. Beauregard23

    Kleber gets clubbed...

    DD's may only use their guns to do any significant damage in this game. If a DD starts using their torps to average any kind of reasonable damage they take a nerf bat in the face. Non-DD players can accept taking damage from guns but can't stand taking damage from torpedoes so it's artificially suppressed regardless of balance. DDs average the least amount of damage but torp boats average the least even among those. Bottom 3 T10 are Z-52, Gearing, Shima. The T9 Kitakaze averages more than the Shima for gosh sake cause it gets most of it's damage with guns so that's okay. Yeuyang wasn't averaging as much damage as the Haragumo or Khab which do most of their damage with guns but since it was doing most of it's damage with torps it naturally had to be crushed with a nerf, balance be damned. Kleber's damage wasn't that much better than Hary or Khab but it was doing decent damage with it's torps so of course it's torping ability had to be trashed. Just watch, if any new tech tree torpedo boat dares to even approach where the Hary or Khab is in average damage the hue and cry will get it smashed with the nerf bat, watch and tell me if I'm wrong.
  14. Beauregard23

    Spoiler Alert: The 1st Sub "In the Game"...

    You couldn't be more off base. I'm the exact opposite, I'm all about the challenge. I play every computer game at the hardest difficulty level. I'd rather play against someone better than me than play against someone I know for sure I can beat every time. My favorite operations in wow were the ones that were hardest to 5 star. Don't know where you have been but the early days of dd OPness have long since been nerf hammered down to dd inferiority. DDs average the least amount of damage and the least amount of xp. And late game dd play against a cv in a game where you have to take a cap or kill a ship or your team loses is the most lopsided situation in all of wow. At that point you don't have the luxury of hanging around aa ships so your forced action reveals your position to the cv and it becomes multiple attacks, if you survive, thanks to plane speed boost, 10-15 seconds later another set of multiple attacks, if you survive 10-15 seconds later, another set of multiple attacks, all the while spotted for enemy teammates. It's not if you die, it's just when and there is literally nothing you can do about it or to the cv. How is that in any way shape or form "balanced"? And it's a joke to think that maneuvering a dd can keep it getting hit by planes. Any decent cv player has no problem making the minor adjustments needed to hit every time with rocket planes regardless of your wasd pounding. That only works against noob cv players and I don't run into many of those at t10. Virtually every time I've seen a one on one fight between a t10 cv and a dd and the cv has won. Before the CV rework, CVs primary targets were BBs. If I DD was attacked and survives it would have a respite to cap or redeploy. But they used the rework to benefit the BBs once again by massively pumping up their aa and reducing almost all the DDs aa effectiveness to negligible. My DFAA equipped Gearing used to do decently against CV planes, now even with proper sector priority and using DFAA I getting repeatedly attacked by a t8! squadron and shoot down only 3 or 4 planes. It's laughable. CAs already dominate DDs, having a second of the four ships types also dominate them is far from fair or balanced.