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  1. PSA Salem

    I'm a dm main and I prefer salem
  2. Maybe op isn't playing atago correctly and this thread is pointless
  3. Reward Whales WG

    You could do this actually if you gave it just 1 gun. It would fire 21 rounds a minute with reload mod which would be close to any of the 12 gun bbs in terms of shells per minute
  4. How is this possible?

    Can you show us a replay of this to verify it as well as provide gifs for memes?
  5. Imma laugh when the eagles don't win a single day
  6. HE alpha is the annoying part, the fires are only bad when you get 3
  7. What's a good brawler?

    I brawl with Salem
  8. Eagle v Sharks????

    Not really
  9. WGC isn't reason to ragequit

    I don't understand how people are getting upset over wgc. You can close it after you open up warships/tanks, it installs the games faster, you can download updates in advance, and the auto login feature is really nice. I've been using it happily for well over a year with no issues.
  10. The baby aggro effect...

    Graduated high school, started on college, began hording reptiles, became the owner of a local pet store, purchased a car for the first time with my own money, visited 5 museum ships since I've started playing.
  11. I'd rather have consistency and no op premiums that dominate every other ship at their tier.
  12. You've never gone past rank 10, so why does it matter to you? Are you actually going to push hard and try to rank out?