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  1. Pretty sure even if I take him out he'll still be spec'd for Pensacola
  2. It's not worth it to buy Pensacola, since if you have Cleveland you get it for free. I'd just buy Baltimore if you plan on selling it so you get buffalo and Baltimore, selling new Orleans would only give you a bonus of 3 million ish credits, and you'd only be making your money back selling Baltimore at that point.
  3. Whelp. This pays for my 19 point Cleveland captain to be moved back to Cleveland
  4. What is your Karma score right now

    166. Mine is a roller coaster though. I get reported randomly and a quite a few times I've been reported for my old ign starting with fog
  5. I Love the Republique

    It's a great ship
  6. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    I look at it by the amount of time it takes to grind those tiers. It doesn't take long to get to t6, t7 is maybe a couple days, t8-10 is about a week of play. So for me t1-6=low tier, t7-8=midtier, t9=meh tier, t10=high tier
  7. i took one of it's torps for you so you ate 1 instead of 2
  8. the forum mods. and i'm 261 you jerk
  9. you were took a torp from one last night lol
  10. lol you're gonna get me stabbed saying that
  11. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    it takes at most 20 battles for me to get a t5. that's low tier.