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  1. Komrade_Rylo

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    All the time. It's simple to ensure you get full use out of the heal. Don't get citadeled, it's really not that hard with a bit of angling and island cover
  2. Komrade_Rylo

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    I prefer Salem over dm bc I can be far more aggressive with the heal, negating the weaker radar
  3. Yes, but when someone buys dubs on 2 separate accounts to try and game the bonus, then doesn't get all the dubs combined on his main account, can't really fix that
  4. The customer isn't always right. If they do something idiotic you can make them feel like they're correct even though they're wrong and not getting their way.
  5. Komrade_Rylo

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    I'm getting one every 10-15 rolls of tyl. Typically just flags or 7 days of premium.
  6. Komrade_Rylo

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    I see *Takes notes* Feels bad when someone tries to roast you for saying you like shima.
  7. Komrade_Rylo

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    This thread has become very amusing. All I said is I like shima and suggested peeps try it. I guess only have a 58% solo wr in dds does disqualify me from saying I like shima. I guess 10 games solo games in a shima is very telling of ones skill though
  8. Komrade_Rylo

    Jutland and Daring 113s...

  9. Komrade_Rylo

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    Harugamo? Kitakaze? Akizuki?
  10. Last patch when WG fixed the time it takes for ships to render marked the point where shima went from one of my most hate ships to my favorite ship in the game. Now she can properly outspot dds and get the jump on them, or hover just outside their spotting range reliably to keep them spotted and because of her 5.6km concealment now no longer being negated by the horrible old rendering system she has truly become a fantastic ship. I run her with the 12km torps and no torp acceleration in case I get into a radar heavy game I can have a bit of breathing room if their radar ships are agressive. She's worth revisiting if you haven't played her in a while. My last 19 games in her have been a blast
  11. Komrade_Rylo

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    You can close wg after you start warships and the game won't be affected
  12. Komrade_Rylo

    The Roma Problem

    Is her not being historically accurate why she has a 55% global winrate?
  13. Komrade_Rylo

    20 Point Captains A Drunken Epiphany

    How about we are just able to unlock every single skill on our captains?
  14. Komrade_Rylo

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Run ifhe komrade. Is gud
  15. Komrade_Rylo

    Playing for "Fun"

    110k isn't really alot of damage..... You realize both teams have these players that don't pull their weight. If you lose, it's your fault as one of the players trying to be productive and go for the win. If you want your Winrate to improve play in a division. I'm personally a weak solo player at only 57% wr, but my div wr for the last 2 years is 72%. Playing in a division also drastically helps reduce salt.