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  1. Rest in peace buddy, going to miss you badly. 

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    2. Wolfswetpaws


      Perhaps I misread this status update?

      Should I offer condolences or did someone change their name, or... what?

    3. iChase


      I have no idea how you can misread something like this. Like what other meaning can this even have?

    4. Wolfswetpaws


      Then I offer my condolences.  
      Fair winds and following seas.


  2. Komrade_Rylo

    Nerf Smol??

    I’m pretty sure you’re not playing Smolensk correctly. They buffed Smolensk’s damage output this patch. If you catch a dd witching 10km now, dear lord is it nasty.
  3. Komrade_Rylo

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    I want them back
  4. Komrade_Rylo

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    You do realize you can bring the concealment down on most bbs below 15, and often below 14km right?
  5. Komrade_Rylo

    Thanks WG Cruisers are useless now..

    I made Venezia work on ocean just a little while ago, it was rough but doable. In general though taking advantage of islands and ducking from cover to cover is more important than ever.
  6. Komrade_Rylo

    need anti-cheat program now!

    With War pack the worst aspect of it from what I observed was it showed exactly where shells were going to land, so it was easier to see what maneuvers had to be taken to avoid shell fire.
  7. Komrade_Rylo

    need anti-cheat program now!

    The only cheating that worked was a program called war pack. It isn’t even supported anymore iirc. There is not rampant cheating, as it’s relatively hard to do on a server side game like this. Even when war pack was a thing it was not super accurate, owing to the fact aimbots in this game only show you where to aim on a ships current course, so yes, if you continue in the same direction after being shot at, an aim bot would help someone with bad aim. But if you make a slight course adjustment that screws up a shot. You’re issue is non existent and you need to practice varying your course and not being predictable.
  8. Komrade_Rylo

    Why no rpf for bb’s?

    It’s really a terrible skill in comparison to the other tier four skills you can take for a BB. Deadeye is incredibly useful, Fire prevention is essential, and concealment expert is essential. RPF has very few practical applications, considering you can have a pretty good idea of where a DD is in most situations by paying attention to lines of sight, detection ranges, and your minimap. Yes there’s always that one game or that one time in a 1v1 where it gives you an advantage, but the 3 other previously mentioned skills will give you benefits basically every game.
  9. Komrade_Rylo

    Welcome to the new T10 Meta....

    This doesn’t really seem any different than every other normal random battle. A few people rushed in and and the majority is sitting back like always.
  10. Komrade_Rylo

    WG's Pay to win business model

    Izumo is a bad ship even though it was constantly buffed for 2 years straight? Mogador is bad? Fletcher? Kitakaze? Riga? Roon? Buffalo? There are plenty of strong t9 tech tree ships.
  11. Komrade_Rylo

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    Repub is just cheese
  12. Komrade_Rylo

    How do you aim?

    People kinda misunderstood what I meant by this post. My fault due to the title. I wasn’t asking for help with aim, I was just genuinely curious on which individuals aimed by feel or by doing math, or what have you
  13. Komrade_Rylo

    How do you aim?

    Yea, playing for essentially 4 and a half years straight led to me taking a 5 month break, as for the forums I just quit being salty and wanting to argue with people on things
  14. Komrade_Rylo

    How do you aim?

    What is your preferred aiming method? I aim by feel and always have a short period of adjustment after switching monitors to get used to it, although I've played basically every ship in the game so I have a general idea and my aim is generally good to go after the first salvo. Do you aim using math to calculate shell flight time, or do you aim by feel? I've managed to have a 36% main battery hit rate, using the type 2 cross hair for the last 5 years. What about you guys?
  15. Komrade_Rylo

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    Even after a minor nerf she’s still gonna be the best tier 8 cv...