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  1. I Love the Republique

    It's a great ship
  2. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    I look at it by the amount of time it takes to grind those tiers. It doesn't take long to get to t6, t7 is maybe a couple days, t8-10 is about a week of play. So for me t1-6=low tier, t7-8=midtier, t9=meh tier, t10=high tier
  3. i took one of it's torps for you so you ate 1 instead of 2
  4. the forum mods. and i'm 261 you jerk
  5. you were took a torp from one last night lol
  6. lol you're gonna get me stabbed saying that
  7. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    it takes at most 20 battles for me to get a t5. that's low tier.
  8. Des Moines vs Worcester

    All t10 cruisers can get it. Although none of them should bc it increases your concealment and you don't get the passive bonus that makes all enemies firing at you slightly less accurate.
  9. I don't have an issue with mm. The ones who complain about it typically aren't as skilled, and would rather have victories given to them as oppose to earning those victories
  10. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    The sites we see also don't track players until they're stats have been searched at least once.