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  1. Komrade_Rylo

    AP Bombs OP?

    How do you question 30k? Haku can potentially do 25500 damage every time it's dbs go in for a strike. And it does it fairly often
  2. Komrade_Rylo

    Done for the night

    I raise him with more REEEEEEEE
  3. Komrade_Rylo

    Who Actually Loves this game as is 5/19/19

    Here I am still playing almost 5 years later so...
  4. Komrade_Rylo

    Yamato VS Kleber

    I don't understand how resolution plays a part in this. If you're implying you can't see the ship when zoomed in, you can always zoom out one or 2 ticks. You can hit the ship btw, plus CVS make its life hell
  5. Komrade_Rylo

    Is your PR number rigged?

    Or you could check any of the stat sites or plethora of forum posts people have already made giving away their pr Excel sheets
  6. Both of them are extremely good ships. I've never had an issue with the accuracy on either tbh
  7. Komrade_Rylo

    Do as i say not as i do.

    I think bbs should have +-1mm bc of how badly they're armor scales against t7s and t8s
  8. Komrade_Rylo

    Roma Needs Help

    Its server stats say otherwise
  9. Komrade_Rylo

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    In Soviet Russia DD can one shot BB reliably but BB can't one shot DD reliably
  10. Komrade_Rylo

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Leningrad and Anshan. Anshan is gremyaschy at t6, where it's still a little monster, and Leningrad is a gremyaschy that's faster, has 2 extra torps, and an extra gun. It's a joy to play
  11. Are you implying my 19 point stealth and fire prevention Nikolai is bad for the game? I take offense to that