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  1. Bc you wrote 10% instead of 1%. Also, 15k players are on at any given time, I think NA has 100k active players that do at least 1 battle a week, so the percentage of active players cheating is incredibly.
  2. There sadly is. There is an aim assist that will show you exactly where enemy ships will be as long as they don't adjust course by the time your shells land. It's really strong for shooting accurately at ships where an island is blocking your line of site. It won't help most people be better players but it's still a cheat
  3. A credit card does not make you a better player

    My Belfast and gremyaschy beg to differ
  4. Mobility > Brute Force

    Cruisers are at their strongest at t10, where it's easy to negate most incoming damage from bbs, and you have incredibly consistent damage
  5. Tired of invisfiring ships

    Ships taking 2 years to render in. I thought people would find it funny and open the spoiler
  6. Tired of invisfiring ships

    It took him 5 minutes to render in. I don't have a slow PC either.
  7. Tired of invisfiring ships

    Nothing was showing, that's the point. The Bismarck was spotted and didn't render in for 5 whole minutes of him being continuously spotted.
  8. Tired of invisfiring ships

    No, the ship was spotted, the game just didn't render his ship. I could sorta hit him but I had to try and aim shells at the floating ball of fire
  9. Tired of invisfiring ships

    These invisible ships firing at me that I can't see is really starting to piss me off.
  10. 406 or 420 in Grosser Kurfurst

    406s have better penetration at close range, the 420s are better for long range. Both are good choices, it's just down to personal preference
  11. Now...THAT was traumatizing!

    I've been killing corgis, not bc I'm focusing only on them, but bc they pull of some pretty potato moments. Yesterday I murdered a corgi in a black bc he thought it would be a good idea to go broadside to my mino at 4km....
  12. Why do we have 7 myokos in game?

    Why do we only have 7 myokos in game at the moment. I vote we riot until we have at least 100 different variations.
  13. uninstalling this game

    Should have been nice to your clan and left first so someone doesn't have to kick you out. Maybe you should have never opened your mouth in the in game chat though
  14. Suggestion of new game modes

    Literally no one would want to play a DD only game mode. DDs would never be played because people don't like fighting them in other classes. This game would literally only have battleships being played and maybe a few cruisers if you're lucky. Quit whining because you don't like fighting dds, we all have to deal with it.
  15. Possible Eugen and Hipper Buffs INC!

    The only buffs wg will ever give Hipper at this point are either a heal or reload. This ship still is a t8 and you guys have to remember we need to be careful when giving t8s t9 abilities. As for buffing the AP Krupp, no. You have to remember this is a tech tree ship that leads to roon and hindy, so you need to have the AP characteristics between the 3 ships be similar, since their in game as gradual improvements on each other. You can't have a t8 with the ability to murder ships like a usn cruiser then the last 2 ships in the line suck at it, it doesn't make sense progression wise. The most likely buff, and what would best suit the line is a 10 second reload, to start preparing you for roon and hindys kiting gameplay. This buff also allow you to go from 5 to 6 salvos a minute. I'm fine with giving Eugen a heal/radar and a second off the reload because premiums can be diverse since they don't need to teach you a certain style of gameplay.