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  1. I tend to do better with the 419s but the 457s are more enjoyable to play with
  2. My nc hasn't set sail since winning Niko's Alabama contest
  3. You are a large ship.
  4. Bc if you get close you're a huge target and your hp evaporates.
  5. The ship can comfortably engage multiple bbs on its own but once you get ganged up on by a bb and a cruiser there is nothing you can do if they focus you.
  6. Hurry and farm damage b4 they nerf it
  7. So I was skeptical if the ship was actually op or not. I think it's incredibly overpowered in BB on BB combat, but it struggles against t10 cruisers, they are the ones that typically hurt you the most. Other things i've noticed is yamato's hurt a lot, and never, let me repeat this again, NEVER eat torps on the main armor belt. The heal becomes mute once they hit you there. Another thing i've noticed is that if the conq is on low HP, do everything in your power to light it on fire, there is a gap inbetween it's heal ticks where if it's low enough, the heal won't save you from fire damage. Honestly the best way to deal with enemy conqs is spam the sh*t out of it with HE and if you focus fire it, its 32mm of armor make HE damage absolutely brutal, even if you can heal it back you'll still burn down quickly. Also don't be afraid to fire ap in your conq.
  8. 1-Reload is automatic. At later tiers on Japanese destroyers you will get a consumable that allows you to reload in 8 seconds. 2-Press 1, 2, or 3 to choose between HE, AP, and fishes 3-Yes
  9. Worst purchase- $500 worth of Santa crates Best purchase- $500 dollars worth of Santa crates
  10. The big issue is you need to run this test hundreds of times over for conclusive results
  11. When do we get the rewards for battles played? I've played 3 games in lion now and still haven't received the flags. Is it bugged or is there a delay?
  12. You made them burn their heals, which helps towards end game, you weakened their aa and secondaries, and you most likely drew enemy focus away from your allies.
  13. I have. They are only really strong against other bbs. Anytime my t10 cruisers run into a conq/lion I lick my lips bc of all the damage I'm about to farm
  14. yup