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  1. One day we will find out your real identity
  2. Legend foretold of the day the Almighty Potato God found the forums.
  3. What time is cw happening est?
  4. We already have these "long arm range, fast torps" on kaga. No
  5. I refuse to play BBs anymore bc cruisers and dds are easier to carry with.
  6. At t10 I'm not happy if I don't do at least 130k
  7. I personally think bbs at t10 with the exception of conq are completely underpowered, but people who don't know how to use cruisers or dds will complain that BBs are the most op things in game.
  8. You would be amazed how many players at t10 still burn damage control on 1 fire
  9. All they really changed was shortening its hydro range by 2km. Then they buffed the secondaries to reach out to 11.3km which I would rather have than a little extra fire chance.
  10. I think cvs are absolutely cancerous for the game at higher tiers. They prevent dds from capping, spot cruisers trying to move into decent positions, and make bbs hide. I find it funny how people always complain about passive teams yet in my 7k battles I've rarely seen these hyper passive teams.
  11. Uh... No
  12. I love people that run fire prevention. They always let 1 fire burn so I can just focus on another target.
  13. Or have a 19 pointer and have concealment, aft, and IFHE
  14. I average a 64% wr and 70k average damage in mine just put putting around and spamming shells at everything
  15. Once you play Des Moines you'll quickly realize it's one of the best ships in game but apparently it needs even more buffs