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  1. oldiowaguy

    How long have you played WoT, WoWP, and WoWs?

    WoT since January 2013. 22000 battles. 130 tanks in garage WoWP from open beta 16000 battles. 140 planes in hangar gathering dust since 2.0 WoWs from release but didn't get into it until late last year 2600 battles. 65 ships in harbor Tier Xs in all 3 games
  2. Went back to WoT, will come back when the Alaska comes out.
  3. oldiowaguy

    My first super container in the new update.

    I got one with a Warspite a couple weeks ago. Sorry for your bad RNG
  4. I should have gotten a refund when they buffed my Type 59, Super Persh, WZ-111, and 112!
  5. Have you played the proposed tier 6 GC? Everyone is screaming "nerfs, nerfs, nerfs" but from what I have seen no one has tested it yet.
  6. oldiowaguy

    Welcome Back Contest! - 6th to 11th

    oldiowaguy comes from way back when I played Need For Speed World. I was in a clan and was by far the oldest guy there, late 30s at the time. The squeaky voices used to say "the old guy from Iowa is here!" so it became oldiowaguy. Been playing WoWs since release, though was gone playing WoWP until 2.0 happened, then WoT till I got burned out last August. I am an avid WW2 amateur historian and love anything pertaining to the period. Have family that served in USAAF, Army, and Marines in WW2. Started with WoT, beta tested WoWP, and am enjoying WoWs. The USS Iowa, the Des Moines, and the Omaha are favorites from being a Iowa boy. Gameplay favorites are Gallant, T-62, and Cossack even though I can't seem to win in it!
  7. oldiowaguy

    Ever have a stubborn streak?

    Yeah, just got the Iowa on Saturday, went 0-7 before I gave up.
  8. oldiowaguy

    Thanks, WG. Yeah, again.

    So you are the guy that stole all the free ship RNG! LET'S GET HIM!!! jk Congrats on your 2 new ships!
  9. oldiowaguy

    8.0 Observation - Pace of Game Changed

    I found turning off my AA at the beginning of the battle kept me from getting spotted early. Once the planes had gotten closer I would pop it on. Maybe I was just lucky yesterday while playing my DDs, but didn't have the problems with permaspot or dodging rockets. Brake checking rocket planes worked pretty well at getting them to overshoot their rockets.
  10. oldiowaguy

    Loot boxes and the lesson learned

    living on the edge!
  11. oldiowaguy

    Loot boxes and the lesson learned

    How dare you be a responsible parent! Don't you know it takes a village to raise a child!
  12. I like my Anshan. Don't have the cruiser yet.
  13. I think this patch is definitely headed in the right direction for CV play. Yes there need to be tweaks, but overall I like it.
  14. oldiowaguy

    Tides of Change Tuesday - Best of Patch 0.7.12

    Snowflakes and Santa Crates