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  1. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    There's two issues with using Steam Charts as a gauge: -The furthest I was able to view population numbers was 5 years after the game came out which by that point, its sequel was already out as well - as for the pop numbers of its sequel, defer to my point below -(You've mentioned this already)Steam was not the main platform/medium (platforim = console or pc, medium = Steam, Epic Store, or Origin) that the game was bought and played through (similar to WoWs case) and so we can't view the population numbers as indicative of the game's success - 2007 was still the time when physical sales trumped digital by a ~79%/21% split. What makes this important was that if you bought a physical copy, the game was not launched through steam but rather the Windows Live launcher. If we could pull numbers from that, we'd have more conclusive data Ask people who've played WoWs if they've heard of the Battlestations series, from most of my interactions (anecdotal evidence so take it as you will), many have said yes. This series was mostly a console game and was loved by many.
  2. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    I mean Battlestations Midway and Pacific were able to juggle this pretty well. And didn't that Chinese version of WoWs (I think it was called Steel Ocean) also allow for manual control of AA and Main guns?
  3. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    incentives. that was the name of the game. -PTS offered very little in terms of rewards. Who wants to waste time on a server where your progress is reset for 10-20 flags or some camos? And not just time, but hard drive space as well.... -Dont run long, grindy, campaigns on the live server when you're testing the biggest change to WoWs yet When it went live, here's what they could've done (should've is opinionated so i dont use it) We are using our live accounts, our silver, our own flags, our own camos, and our own premium time for what is essentially Hotfix Hell: -Play 10~15 matches a day, when the rework is deemed complete, the player is given one day of premium for each day they played these matches. this can take the form of a daily mission, the matches are an "attendance check" so to speak. If you think this too much premium time, than a half a day. - daily/bi-weekly/weekly missions to play X number of games in each of the four classes. The rewards for this is silver most likely. The issue is they shot their own PTS in the foot by giving players not enough reasons to test the game for them. Then they just threw the rework to the Live Server and said "thank for testing our game for us" and providing minimal compensation. Not only that but they have remained silent in these times which as I mentioned in a previous reply is both good and bad.
  4. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    Its good and bad. On one hand, now is the time where making declarative statements could incite further backlash from an already agitated community; but at the same time they continue to let the misconceptions Athena is referring to further propagate. At this point, its mostly other members of the community trying to clear up the smoke but they hold less credibility in the eyes of others upset players. They are, majority of the time, labeled white knights than looked at logically. Agreed, no argument there. Agreed, its not fair, and normally I am in favor of making distinctions out of the minutia but this is what I observed from the community; not what I personally think. Its been whittled down to generalizations, exaggerations, and oversimplification with a side of tribalism.
  5. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    I don't think calling someone stubborn is an attack, more of an observation; if that was the reception of my comment, apologies. Agreed, no argument there Mostly just to get a laugh but, and I think you can agree, there is a tendency on the forums to make matter-of-fact statements or use rhetoric that makes opinions seem absolute. I had originally clarified that it was an "exception to the rule" instance but I didn't feel it needed to be added Im not saying CVs are fine, far from it. They're a mess, they have been and they still are. As to the sentiment of "nothing has changed," its quite literal, I think your overreaching here. Post rework, what do we see from the community?: CVs are either broken or not; they're overpowered or too weak, they need to stay or WG needs to remove them; its the same argument that we've been having for the past 2 or more years but instead of it being the old CVs, now its the new ones. What would constitute as a change would a shift from "are CVs broken?" to "can more people play CVs now?" or "can once "meh" players actually play okay or even great?" We snippets of this from one off replies in threads where someone states they were a tomato and are performing better on avg than before but these are far-and-few, it doesn't help that they are often drowned out by the old, rehashed, arguments Yes tier for tier is different, thats a given. I used Xs as example bc thats the tier I mainly play and its the endgame for almost every player. Yes the journey (tiers IV-VIII) is equally as important - which is why I hate the blanket nerfs that WG does instead of case by case - but I wasn't doing an in-depth breakdown, just an example. And you could argue that this lack of change in what the community is upset about highlights the inability of the rework to make CVs more accessible and less decisive in matches which isn't that what the rework was set out to accomplish? For future reference, I would substitute ignorance for naivety, it comes off as less insulting but I'm not offended. Anyway, admittedly, I would invalidate my own opinion due to lack of first hand experience however I'm merely echoing the sentiments and opinions of the players I know and trust. We're talking from O7, OO7, Impact, Kraken, ZR, Bunny and more; we're talking players who main, live, and breath CVs. They played in Supremacy, got ostracized during CBs, and came back for KotS. And not just those who were "unicums" and still are after the rework (even holding their spots on the leaderboard) but also "blue" players who had an already decent grasp of CV play and now are purple. With this in mind, I hope you're not insinuating that they're ignorant. And hopefully, this is not another bunch of "nothing" to you.
  6. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    Well this thread deviated wildly and just devolved into thinly veiled mudslinging. It's not even funny, just tiring From my lurking on the forums since days before the launch of the rework, I can definitely say Athena is stubborn to a fault. The notion that she made a reply in this thread saying "see? I can respect someone who disagrees" (paraphrase ofc) is concerning. Chalk this one up to the old mentality of either every plane makes it through or no planes do of the old CV system; but agreed, there is a issue with the mindset which should've been offset or at least clamed by the nerf in dmg and flood chance. There's always the GZ and its secondary compliment, saw one today take out a DD who tried torp rushing it near the end of the match. Plus I don't know if you've seen the gif that made the rounds on the subreddit of a CV ramming another ship (gets die-hard) while using a a wave of TBs to finish off another enemy CV ahead of him for a nice double strike. CVs make for excellent battering rams This is not something I'd count on in WoWs case. Mainstream games can do this such as WoW (World of Warcraft) with its BoA expansion splitting the community but it has the outreach to rake in new players for the disgruntled veterans who leave. If this was WoT maybe: due to its extensive marketing campaign and port to other gaming platforms ensuring that the game will be exposed to new, and larger, player markets. WoWs is rarely advertised in comparison with few adverts on the internet. Its playerbase mostly pulls from the existing WoT community, disgruntled WT players, or word-of-mouth. While this does mean that it has the potential to grow, these sources do not provide longevity so really what WG needs in order to make up for its limited market is player retention. Its arguable that given this rework and the premium debate (even though everyone agreed to the new EULA when it was updated so the time for action to too late), retention may start being an issue. ...anyway... The execution and communication of this rework is ludicrously sub-par which lends credence to Athena's opinion that many players are ill-informed. While some melodramatic forumites can be attributed for these exaggerated comments and the spread of them, the problem is exacerbated by WG's lack of teaching the community the brevity of how this game has changed. Moderator activity on the forums has increased, but it is mostly to remind others to stay civil or ask "what do you think?" It's nice but doesn't remedy the issue, only placates it. It also doesn't help that much of the information is found on the forums, a place where only a fraction of the community interacts with. The "average player" (the guy who dama-cons one fire is what comes to mind) that this rework was designed in mind with won't see what we take as common knowledge and there is very little in terms of avenues/opportunities to attaining this info or analysis of said info ingame. I mean we still don't have ingame tutorials on these things. As of right now, we will still see players who can easily avg 120k a game in X CVs like my clanmates, and we will still see a plethora of players who struggle to break 50k - who are now performing worse due to adjustment period of the new gameplay. I won't touch CVs off of principle alone - I think transition of the Live server to a working beta client without adequate compensation or safeguards is insulting - but I've heard enough from experienced players to get the gist of it. So at the end of the day, all that's changed is what people are pissed off about. Playerbase is still divided, people are still angry, and the game still moves on; whether positively or negatively is up to the individual but I personally think we've taken a step in the wrong direction.
  7. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    patch 8.0.3 tomorrow notes inside

    Just think of this as the second round of testing on the PTS.... ...we're getting somewhere, we just don't know if its forward or backward...
  8. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    Can we get this back?

    So can we get the USS Smith back in the premium shop for $0.99? I used to threaten clanmates in TS with buying them a smith; I just like smithing people. It's for the memes man.
  9. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    Chicken Little, the sky is falling

    Come on, even you know that's grossly inaccurate.
  10. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    Wichita is finally on sale

    To be fair, while other, larger or more mainstream, games may be able to accomplish this changing of the guard between veteran payers and fresh faces, it is not so feasible with WoWs right now. WoT after its port to game consoles and the marketing campaign behind can rely on the uninformed newer players to buy whatever is sold and make up for the loss of disgruntled players as it continues to tap into new demographics. As far as I can tell, WoWs isn't growing at exponential rates or actively reaching out (active does not equate to planned/testing) and relies more on its retention rate rather than sheer growth (which is essentially stagnation and is ultimately, imo, a net negative notion but that's another argument entirely). As such, the presumed content that garners the greatest margin of profit that is also the least risky is content that the established player base has bought previously and is presumed to buy in the future. And that price point of VIIIs and IXs can still give even the most spendthrift collectors a moment of pause. But collectors have shown to spend money on anything if their granddaddy served on X or "muh state/city" so its debatable. Now I don't know if you have an inherent bias against premiums or you're referring to a specific instance (i.e. the GC) but you said it yourself that veterans will buy anything whether it be the Belfast (OP), the Kii (meh), or the Krispy w/e (bad) so its apparent they're not looking solely for advantages. They want trust, not this backpedaling of promises. Yes I'm aware of the EULA stating that WG has the right to change things to which the player base agreed to when they continued to play the game post this EULA change; doesn't make it any less sh*t when it happens, but when it does, ingame monetary refunds isn't enough to placate the consumers; so, people can't just start throwing shade on those whose "wallets are welded shut" and call them naysayers; but these consumers can be at fault for enabling such [edited] by continuing to buy from WG. Hopefully after the recent series of actions by WG, those who say their wallets are such actually follow through indefinitely, otherwise they then are the fools. Is the GC ridiculously strong for its tier? Yes What did WG do? Take it off sale. Cool Then WG puts it in Santa Crates. Well we know why. Then nerf it 2 months later. Yeah.... ...then people wonder why there are so many whining on the forums. Personally I'm never really annoyed at the nerf or change itself, its the principle or contradiction of said principle that irks me the most
  11. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    no problems on my end but, you know, "to each his own"
  12. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    there is a specific mod that has them as their own endgame threat, some mods convert other crisis factions into them (i.e. the contingency) but you should be able to find them as a standalone workshop mod. if you're asking how do they trigger, its more rng than anything but check the workshop page to see if there are conditions.
  13. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    And very religious; they certainly not above conversion of your systems via spreading the word of god
  14. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    Nothing like turtling with space stations that could go toe to toe with titans... ...while building galaxy guns to instantly wipe out a planet...
  15. Combined_Fleet_HQ

    I'm Done. Going To Play Stellaris...

    Stellaris, good choice mein freund. Currently in the middle of end game crisis with Reapers from ME. Not a good time for my empire