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  1. what do you like about WoWs??

    Not much.... But its the only one of its kind that's graphically polished and populated for online play. World of Tanks at sea really has some missed opportunities and squandered potential but when there's hardly any competition, it doesn't matter.
  2. sounds great, I'll be sure to check it out
  3. Divisions and clans in regards to CVs

    I'm dying here... No way thats your honest opinion. No way in hell, you're trolling; you have to be 12v12 game...nah dude it's all one vs one. Everyone pick your grid on the map, make sure to call dibs. Make sure to turn off secondaries and AA, can't help the other guy out I guess the Hindy has to solo the Yamato or the Fletcher has to solo the Moskva; hell the Bismarck will have to solo the Enterprise. No team play whatsoever. Spotting, what's that? Focus fire? That's cheating yep...get out of here with that
  4. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    entertaining but sad, mostly just sad
  5. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    christ this whole thing is just a giant mess... ...the second half of 2017 has just been a terrible time for WoWs and its community Happy Holidays I guess
  6. Here's how to fix World of Saltships

    \ +1 for entertaining me during my 4 hour Psych lecture
  7. even prior to the Pan Asia release, mid-high tiers are often flooded with 5v5 DDs I laugh because I know there is an overpopulation of BBs, yet I never see it in effect save for the low tiers
  8. Could we get a no-carrier game mode?

    First example that comes to mind is that one Flamu video where his Conqueror just wiped a Montana's AA suite in less than 3 volleys. But we all know the higher tier cruisers are capable of replicating this, the Germans in particular when their HE penetration was changed
  9. Could we get a no-carrier game mode?

    also worth pointing out its at what is probably the most balance tier ship for ship Or you could let people complain because their whining is not entirely unfounded. There's a reason CVs remain a divisive topic every day. They either do nothing to the game, or completely destroy the gameplay of the other 3 classes. And its not like they're exaggerations. WG has basically no idea what to do with them. I will reference, as many other have previously, to the fact that WG does not allow CVs in their first official team based game mode. They know the clans who have the top CV players can absolutely dominate casual or subpar clans. There is such an imbalance its astonishing. I like CVs but their current iteration is laughable and to think the "year of CVs" is nothing more than some premiums with special drop patterns and one CV that was an absolute mess it led to the removal of a CC from the program and a ship that is still in testing months later But this game should not be prioritizing one build so heavily over all the others. Clan Battles allows players for forget AFT, AA modules, and Def AA, and instead respec their Xs to be more versatile ships with greater tools at their disposal. Despite CVs appearing in a fraction of the games, player chose to keep their AA builds for the fear of that one game. Its indicative of how much potential a CV has to decide the match. Historically thats fine, but in an arcade simulator granting that much power with the potential of a vast skill difference between a friendly CV and an enemy CV, thats a recipe for disaster. In their current iteration, CVs have the power to cost or win the match. They are the DD you never see coming They are the BB that will devi strike you They are the CA that hounds you to death And at the higher tiers all you can't pray on him running out of planes. You pray someone finds him or he moves on to another target And yet, on the flip side, this one class that has the highest dmg potential is crippled by it terrible economy. Its a ship type that hurts the user and those around him I'm laughing right now that I'm siding with Issm for the first time in a long time
  10. damn, that eye surgery must've left me blind, sorry I didn't see that
  11. When Elitists really Screw the Pooch

    you're not wrong but to play devil's advocate, hyper competitive gamers have been able to turn a pastime into a "career" and make decent-large money off of it. Not all but some... ...however, with that idolization of gaming, there is a proportional increase in gamers who can't balance a social life with gaming and produce those hyper-competitive, quick to anger, gamers
  12. in W/R which doesn't say much considering you're comparing a ship with less than 1000 games against others which have been in play for months, some for years. if you had narrowed it down to games played in the last two week, then you have a comparison but even then that statistic has room for invalidation as the argument you've made up above (i know you're just having a laugh, but i know some people might take what you posted as an indicator of the ship being good) Now looking at the number, although it is too early to judge, the dmg it's putting up is less than desirable for VI prem cruisers. So far it mostly performs better than its in-line counterparts such as the Cleveland, Aoba, and Nurnberg, but loses to other premiums with the exception of the Duca. There's en explanation as to why the in-line ships perform worse and that's due to accessibility and time although it can't be definitively deemed as such yet it will be just another port ship with someone who makes the occasional post saying they took it out for a spin and had an abnormal game
  13. When Elitists really Screw the Pooch

    How about instead of resorting to ad hominem and immediately devaluing your own argument, you look to and reference articles/statistics/studies that strengthen your own assertions while undermining his? To stop arguing and just result to call someone pathetic over someone challenging your position: is that not an example of being pathetic?