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  1. Now I've been brainwashed persuaded to go make a bag of popcorn with extra butter... if only it was 3am...
  2. Yes indeed, The ability to watch delicious drama while munching on an equally delicious delicacy.... ...truly living the life...
  3. omg you guys are absurd, this started in a toxic thread and now has manifested as its own enigma.... quality stuff guys.
  4. I looked at that map positioning and was just repulsed. I don't think your team deserved the win. Even if I was on this team, I might've just tanked the loss just so that kind of lunacy doesn't repeat itself with these players. But yeah you're right, now you'll have these guys call out "D" at the start of the match and call others idiots when they say "A/B" or "A-C." You'll also get "if it stupid but it works, then its not stupid" replies, enjoy those when they come....
  5. Iowa and NorCal, two very great ships that I enjoyed grinding from start to finish
  6. I never knew of this, thats a hell of a "what if"
  7. Its sad but true...but hey, it can't get as bad as WoT right? ....right?
  8. She looks like a fine ship indeed. Now if only....
  9. On an unrelated note, VGLance once again takes my +1
  10. Now you're speaking my kind of language
  11. Yeah it was, but threads are made to be derailed...
  12. Yo that guy was a legend, one hell of a legend. He's got a personal place in my heart. That myoko-loving S.O.B
  13. Aww hell yeah, my main man Volier! His moderation crusade against the mighty Stratego was a noble quest that made me love him.
  14. Ah so he's one to make a grandiose exit? Why have I never been here to bear witness?