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  1. any notable competitors that gave you trouble? I know NADO can be quite tossup when you matchup against them
  2. 3* kek gratz guys
  3. I can tell you this one match in the Hindenburg... I had just come off of a 259k loss in the Hindenburg, bittersweet but I figured I'd try again and see what happens. We load in , on Haven, south spawn in a Domination game. I spend the first half of the match kiting in my cap trying to stop two Iowa/Missouri from pushing right-side cap. Burn em both down and manage to pick off a Des Moines who was island hugging. Seeing that I was still in cap, a Kagero what was I doing for the team? I basically tell him, "3 kills, 180k and you?" He proceeds to bag on me but I just shrug it off cause who cares... So our team starts falling, and eventually its me and the Kagero vs 2 GKs, a Shima, and an enemy Kagero. GKs both have over 50k HP (I think one was on 80K), the shima was on 16k, and the Kag was on 4k; I was still in the green and the Kagero still had 50% of his HP. I tell him, Im ready to assist if he can just keep them lit and that all he needs to do is ghost and area deny cap for as long as possible. The Kagero proceeds charge the cap and gunboat the GKs, didn't even fire torps or pop smoke. Ofc he dies and then proceeds to harp on me and say I'm a shitter who cost us the game. I'm frantically trying to kill the GKs, I managed to get 2-3 fires on both, kill one and drop the other down to 20k hp. I'm charging a shima smoke cause he tried to push on me and already drop torps, the second GK was 2k hp away from dying and they win on points. Had that Kagero just listened, he would've still been alive, I could've killed the two GKs and the shima, and we might've turned it around... Instead I had another 268k loss in the Hindenburg and I breathed another sigh of frustration and quit for the day...
  4. logic: "hey that guy's still alive! it must be because he's a coward and done nothing. It can't be that he's better than me and knows how to play, that would be admitting I'm the worse player!" blame: its a coping mechanism for the potatoes...
  5. These two I could get behind ok cool, the feeling's mutual
  6. I believe I understand your sentiment but I am admittedly curious, so let me ask you something: Were the reward for CW to be reduced to doubloons, would you be content with them locking the gameplay behind that queue? Or would it be better if the Clan Wars format was the same setup you find in randoms? Or both? Or not even close? Being WoWs' version of a "tournament" I still think it should retain exclusivity to a demographic of the community however, I can understand anger from others over a X "CA" (more like BC) being locked behind a wall and will agree that it's not great to provide exclusive in-game content other than cosmetics as a reward.
  7. funny enough, this nerf is also a benefit. If you're in a Belfast and lit in smoke then you know for a fact something is in your auto-detect range and you just radar in response. In essence, not only is the Belfast spotted but so too is the destroyer, it's like a variation of RDF... ..of course the Belfast is now open to fire from the enemy team but still an interesting thought
  8. The conqueror has very few secondaries to begin with and their range is as short as the Americans. I wouldn't focus on them too much. Your big three traits are: Main guns, concealment, and heals. Focus on those three and you'll do fine. side tip: when you get to the Lion and Conqueror learn to conserve your heals. One repair party can repair up to 40k hp if you time it right
  9. I run a 19pt Survival/Concealment build on my Conqueror. The following build: (in order of acquisition) priority target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Expert Marksman Basics of Survivability Fire Prevention For modules I focused on Main battery dispersion and reload as well as concealment. I have no bonuses to my AA or secondaries. It's not the definitively "right" build but it is one that capitalizes on the strengths of the top tier UK BBs. If you need a detailed breakdown of "why," just ask
  10. WG Handicapped Clan Wars to make them more accessible (irony) Mate, it's Clan Wars: a mode where the best of the best duke it out for prestige and reward. It's a tournament. ...It's no surprise competitive level gaming isn't tailored for the masses, and it shouldn't be The way I see is as follows: Ranked is for casuals/avg players/non-unicums/etc who want to play competitively Clan Wars is the big league
  11. Personally, Idc but I'll tell you what the general response will be: "No"
  12. what im surprised at is a Konig playing the same match as a Takao, fail div much?
  13. oh hey man... ...yeah some battles you just can't win. "You are our last hope" 7 enemy ships left sure... tbh I was so flabbergasted by our friendly tirpitz who was running two spotter aircraft and proceeded to call me a gay 17 year old when I asked why. shrugs