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  1. Fupduck

    I missed just 5 British Tokens :(

    I'm in the same spot, 5 tokens short of a ship. I'ts just the Devonshire but its one less I would have had to grind out.
  2. Fupduck

    Whats up with the Bajie and Wukong

    if you REALLY want to think on it I reccomend this
  3. Fupduck

    The Alabama in the fog

    Just thought this looked cool
  4. If you get the chance to attend one of these by all means GO! Went to the one in Mobile at the USS Alabama and it was a blast! Had a great Q&A session, got to meet a lot of folks I hope to sink soon. The WoW team gave away a ton of ships! I got a Kidd and a W. Virginia 1941 and a buddy got an Alaska and a Huanghe. (I also got a supercontainer with a bunch of flags) It was fun :) GO! Oh and Fem was awesome!
  5. Fupduck

    Shimakaze unique upgrade

    30 seconds for a 180 deg traverse wow! this is awful! Unmounting asap :( Wound up feeling completely helpless when I played my first match with them. Not only is the slow traverse "bad" it makes the ship borderline unplayable for me. It doesn't matter if it cut the reload time down to 5 seconds if you can't get the tubes to bear on target.