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  1. My best supercontainers were probably the 50k free xp, 1000 doubloons and 10 million credits ones...... Down with those "special" mods!
  2. I got one last week. 50k free xp. That turned my newly bought (stock) Gneisenau into a fully upgraded one :) Still waiting to get a premium ship out of one, think I'm long overdue for one
  3. Sounds like you had a very bad case of RNG screwing you over with that Takao... the whims of RNG is unfathomable. I've been spending the last few days finishing up the grind for Amagi, and I have to say Nagato was enjoyable. Yeah the armor is unreliable and the guns questionably accurate at times, but once a DD got within 6.6 kilometers of my secondaries.... they're pretty effective IMO especially with the Manual Secondaries skill. Why play it when obviously you hate it so much? Amagi from the looks is even less armored and more of an overgrown heavy cruiser with battleship guns
  4. Yes, since Mikasa totally needs more secondaries to add to its 76mms and 152mms! MOAR FIREWORKS!
  5. as Compassghost suggested in his post, try Zipang. It's about a modern day JMSDF destroyer named Mirai that gets transported back in time to the Pacific War. Kinda oldish, I found it weird.
  6. That's funny, I would rather take a Myogi over a Kawachi. Kawachi really traumatized me for its range and slowness. Izyaslav.....ehh, it feels luckluster somehow
  7. Whaaaaattt???????? That's enough to put Kongou on the "horrible" list? Kongou IMO is a very good ship. Very nice combination of speed, firepower, and armor. But anyways, for the ships that are horrible, I will put forth Kawachi and stock Fusou
  8. OP, the stock hull is terrible beyond all imagination (brought me back to the days of Kawachi....*shudder*) but don't be afraid to grind xp for the B hull in co-op mode. Yes, I know you barely get any xp and fighting bots is boring, but it's probably more xp then you will ever earn in a random match. At least in co-op mode you can sail straight up to them and blast them from 5 km away (where the 12 gun broadside is amazingly good). Get to the B hull (which will increase the range from 13.2 km to like 19.3 km thanks to pagoda conning tower), then it will all be fine after that. IMO Kongo spoiled everyone that played it (who can beat that combo of speed, firepower, and decent armor if angled?) and moving on to Fuso is like jumping into a cold pool. But the pool will warm up. I myself am grinding the Fuso, can't wait for Nagato.