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    Italian boats player verdict?

    Playing some matches with Zara to farm a bit of xp on her since I haven't gotten the t8. Overall kinda treating them as the AP variant of IJN cruisers, the SAP has nice alpha and isn't too bad so far for me, I wish the guns were more accurate like the IJN though as with the long reloads feel like shells go flying a bit much. I really love how good these ships feel outside the guns and the smoke is a nice bonus to make up for the concealment. Fighting other cruisers at long range can go in your favor if you abuse that agility. That all said, it does feel really bad when your against a target that you cant get through with ethier SAP or AP. They also feel very reliant on someone to spot for them which make them feel pretty inconsistent without a division to me and very hard to try to force a win in. Only had a few games but I think Ill keep playing them.