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  1. getting blasted by torpedo spam reminds me why co-op is much more enjoyable than randoms. 

    1. CmdrSpider


      lol, well it certainly is easier. How have you been? Sorry I didn't answer sooner, rarely check the mail in game. Nice to hear from you.

  2. And the losing streak begins.

  3. You know a community is fantastic when they go to your stats to insult you.

  4. Oh noes. I have a three star reputation. #Sad5ver.

  5. Seriously. Did IJN torps get a nerf? Can't hit crapwith them.

  6. No Tirpitz for me this time around. All I wanted was the ship.

  7. All I want for christmas is a good ranked team.

  8. Ranked battles are like one step forward, oh god I'm crippled the next.

  9. When can I install flamethrowers on my New York?

  10. Alright. I reached rank 14. I'm done.

  11. I can make the Atago horrible.

  12. If'n they ever add the USS Texas, that's what I'll use my Karma Koin for.

  13. I joined to be a BB jockey, but came out a CV [edited].

  14. Yeah! I'm a cool kid now!