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  1. man, it's great watching my ingame karma drop by one for every [edited]random game I play. "fun and engaging mechanics!" 

  2. love forced pvp for the only containers that matter. 

  3. lmbo I'm afraid to even think about bringing out my Puerto Rico. 

  4. [edited] this game. 

  5. 153 HE rounds and not a single "set on fire". How the [edited] are we supposed to get damage if the ships never catch on fire? 

  6. getting blasted by torpedo spam reminds me why co-op is much more enjoyable than randoms. 

    1. CmdrSpider


      lol, well it certainly is easier. How have you been? Sorry I didn't answer sooner, rarely check the mail in game. Nice to hear from you.

  7. I don't know what's a greater threat to BB's. DD's or RNG.

  8. So I'm learning why there's no CV's past VI. The AA is so ridiculous that it's not any fun.

  9. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss.

  10. I'm just loving this constant losing streak and crapteams that just [edited]rush a point. Nothing like getting the only kills.

  11. Oh my god. Ranked is so much fun. Especially the torpedo spam and losing streaks! YES. SO MUCH FUN. Overwatch is so much better.

  12. The most great and powerful mrh308 called me "average". Blessed. Humbled. Gracious. /s

  13. Now I remember why I hate carriers and playing them, "lol, you wanted the torpedo squadron? Nah, bruh. You just selected the carrier to attack."

  14. One game and I'm already tired.

  15. Maybe I should become a popular forum goer so I get an escort during pub games.