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  1. Do you still play Single-Player games?

    Yes all the time, I have over 2,500 hours in Cities:Skylines. But I think half of that is waiting for the game to load.
  2. What Flags do you Fly?

    You can have 2 flags now?
  3. poi

  4. It seems like a lot of trouble to reboot a series for just 12 episodes, that's not even a full season I think. And what about the bad batch arc, the one with the crystal(?) or the one where Anakin kills admiral trench?
  5. Is it just going to be 12 episodes and then that's it?
  6. You can use adblock to block any avatar image you choose, especially those annoying gifs.
  7. I can't believe it, is this real life? I loved this show
  8. Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    I got a super container a few weeks ago, it was 14 days of premium time. My best reward I've got was 50k free xp.
  9. Seattle Vs Cleveland: NOT A Tier Better

    I have no idea why they didn't pick the Fargo for the T9 CL, it was literally a upgraded Cleveland. But WG instead decided to dig up some paper ship from the dumpster while ignoring ships that were actually built.
  10. Sad post

  11. Popped the model cherry

    I remember my first model, it was a 1/700 Iowa class battleship. But I used Elmer's school glue to build it......still have what's left of it in some box in my closet, the only thing left is some of the superstructure and one turret. And it was a Trumpeter model that I got from Hobby Lobby, back in the day they actually had a pretty impressive stock of kits. They even had a 1/200 Iowa that came in 3 separate boxes I think. I looked online and apparently around 2010 or so they downsized their model crafts selection big time.
  12. The Soup Thread! - 100th soup~!

    Finally one I can actually make!
  13. I got "Space Star 9000"