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  1. flufflyfatcat

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    In this picture it appears they're both sailing in a straight line moving towards each other. Maybe they were playing chicken?
  2. flufflyfatcat

    The Mighty Jingles finally loses it

    We have a outside cat that either can't get out of the backyard, or can' be bother to do so. He was a stray cat and he's been here since August/October 2017 (and he's been in the backyard for over a year now). He's a big cat, 20 pounds, and I've wonder what kind of breed he must be.
  3. flufflyfatcat

    Forum rework

    I have no idea why there is a "Misc" sub-forum in off-topic.
  4. flufflyfatcat

    Sink HMS Habakkuk!

    Would you want to send this thing past the equator?
  5. flufflyfatcat

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    Can self driving cars be hacked/compromised in anyway? That would be my biggest concern.
  6. flufflyfatcat

    Raise the Yamato?

    Still needs to be smelted, and that requires atmospheric air. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-background_steel
  7. Why are peasants above craftsmen and merchants?
  8. flufflyfatcat

    Forum rework

    I notice they stop posting the threads there, the latest thread was from June 2018. Guess they did away with it completely .
  9. flufflyfatcat

    Other naval games?

    War Thunder naval isn't so bad, I played it a bit and unlocked the USN destroyers. But it can be frustrating at times. Cold Waters is a cold war submarine game, looks pretty good but I haven't played it myself. Battlestations Midway/Pacific, I played this game all the time when I still had my Xbox 360. It's arcade but can be fun, still play it on PC from time to time.
  10. flufflyfatcat

    Anyone excited for the PC version of Ace Combat 7?

    I probably pick it up when its on sale or when the price goes down. Already watched a full playthrough but would love to play it for myself.
  11. flufflyfatcat

    2008-9-13 after Ike

    My family went to Galveston after Ike as well, don't remember too much since I was only 10 at the time.
  12. flufflyfatcat

    The strangest looking warships of all time

    The Kiev class is pretty strange, both a cruiser and a carrier.
  13. flufflyfatcat

    proposed dispersion changes for more competitive/ less rng games

    I guess warships can only go foward or reverse, no need for a rudder
  14. flufflyfatcat

    Type 3 New Year Camo.....barf!

    Does Wargaming outsource its camo design to crayon-armed kindergartens?
  15. flufflyfatcat

    lost in translation

    I speak English fluently, in both the Texas and Oklahoma dialect.