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  1. Popped the model cherry

    Here's my progress so far I decided to just paint the top part one color since I've already built the whole thing. The gold on the propellers looks great and since I had a whole jar of it I painted the stand with it as well. I also painted the top of the funnels black to give the model some variety, I'll probably paint the life-rafts a separate color too. Overall I'm quite please with it even though its pretty basic.
  2. Popped the model cherry

    So I finished the ship today (sorry my phone has a potato for a camera) Its not the best but I'm happy with it, also I probably should have painted some of the pieces first before assembling them..
  3. What is poi?

  4. IFHE on the Donskoi

    I've only played a few games so far but it seems much easier to damage targets now.
  5. Popped the model cherry

    Well thank you for your optimism, I might post pics if it turns out half decent.
  6. IFHE on the Donskoi

    It's already happening! Just redistributed and I'll see how it plays.
  7. IFHE on the Donskoi

    I went with full AA build on my Donskoi and got AFT instead of IFHE on my 12 point captain. But I want to Redistribute my points considering how rare CVs are nowadays and get IFHE for my 4 point skill. If I redistribute will I lose my progress for point 13? (I'm 77,950/108,000)
  8. Forum Funnies Redux

    I burnt down his BB and he was accusing me of reload hacks, this was on the Ocean map too.
  9. Forum Funnies Redux

    Here's one from my Atlanta
  10. [POLL] T10 Cruiser Aesthetics

    I've played the Henri IV in the last test server and I have to say it's the best looking T10 cruiser. Des Monies and Moskva are close seconds. (Des Moines would look a lot better with the proper bridge like Salem has.) But when the Worcester finally comes out It'll be my favorite.
  11. Popped the model cherry

    So I have bought another ship model (last was 5+ years ago). I went with the Trumpeter 1/700 USS Pittsburgh and now waiting for it and the supplies to come. Dreading what it will look like after I'm done
  12. Alsace is hard to pronounce...

    I call it allsauce too.
  13. [] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Do skin mods work on the PTS?
  14. How many tier 10s are in your port?

    None, but I do have two T9, Baltimore and Donskoi.
  15. Popped the model cherry

    The 1/700 models are pretty cheap $20-$40 dollars. I've been thinking about doing another ship model, I did a Essex-class CV a few years back but I really didn't paint it that well.