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  1. flufflyfatcat

    Type 3 New Year Camo.....barf!

    Does Wargaming outsource its camo design to crayon-armed kindergartens?
  2. flufflyfatcat

    lost in translation

    I speak English fluently, in both the Texas and Oklahoma dialect.
  3. So AA builds are now completely useless for this Op.
  4. flufflyfatcat

    My Lego Trains

    I have some model train stuff, well actually only 2 things in N scale, no steam locomotives though.
  5. flufflyfatcat

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    I've got 9.3k Free XP saved up
  6. Worcester was a real ship that was built. The USN Tech tree only has 4 paper ships I think, Nicholas, Phoenix, Seattle and Montana. Make it 5, forgot about the Dallas.
  7. flufflyfatcat

    Favorite Anime

  8. flufflyfatcat

    If you haven't seen it yet - the KittyPurfurst Flag

    I have the Military Month Contributor flag so there's no real reason to fly a flag that gives no bonus, it really adds up over time. Wish you could fly at least 2 flag by default.
  9. flufflyfatcat

    I think I found out why

    Does this mean I'll lose my cat commander?
  10. flufflyfatcat

    2 Yamato sunk in front of me

    One time I sunk a Yamato by ramming it in my Baltimore, on the Ocean map
  11. flufflyfatcat

    [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    Where do you download the tool, XnView? He said its on the official site but I can't find anything, googling it just came up with a bunch of sketchy sites.
  12. flufflyfatcat

    How to make Subs effective?

    This is a game where sitting completely still behind a island is a valid tactic.
  13. flufflyfatcat

    Garbage boats you like...

    New York, Dmitri Donskoi