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  1. The Soup Thread!

    Finally one I can actually make!
  2. I got "Space Star 9000"
  3. May the 4th be with you!

    I love how it needs 3 flags.
  4. Summer plans?

    absolutely nothing
  5. POI WARS EPISODE 8 The Last Poi

  6. Well I got 150,000 FXP and a T5 and T6 premium ship free for simply not playing the game for a few months.
  7. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    What to do with the .zipx file?
  8. Popped the model cherry

    I picked up a Kirov-class cruiser that was on sale a few weeks ago. I also got this little kit. It was only 10 parts and was a relaxing build compared to the massive Kirov.
  9. Cover based shooter?

    It's becoming more like WOT on water.
  10. Any hot streamers playing WOWs?

    There's going to be a lot of hot streamers considering Summer is right around the corner
  11. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    Leaked footage of the T10 Russian BB
  12. Tiangong 1 - DEORBIT BINGO! (The Wonton Has Landed!)

    Yeah my square (D7) isn't on there as well anymore, which is strange because it was.
  13. Popped the model cherry

    So my boat is pretty much done, just a few more decals to do. And I just noticed how bad some of the gaps are on the main missile launchers. I thought I made sure that the ones with bad gaps would be hidden on the side you can't see, but instead I did the exact opposite by putting them on the wrong side, oops.
  14. Popped the model cherry

    I'm done with the ship itself, but I still have a little bit more painting to do, and then the decals. I really love the red deck and was one of the main reasons I got a Russian ship.