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  1. Se habla Castellano Massachussets with 6.5 km secondaries and a reoload time of 5 seconds. Nuff said.
  2. Then increase Amagi and Kii Seocndaries range. How about that?
  3. Because is asking automatically for a buff to Montana and Iowa Secondaries range . Plus according with your logic, German secondaries should have longer range, because "historical range" Thats why 6.5 km should be fine.
  4. 7.5 km for its secondaries is too much for a murican tier 8 BB; They should be 6.5 km
  5. Tnx a lot, señor TheStarSlayer. The wait is over xD
  6. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Enjoy being a sitting duck.
  7. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Indeed. Plus, even Atlanta got a hitpoint buff on its turrets.
  8. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Looks like Richelieu and Alsasce are in need for a hitpoint buff on their main turrets
  9. PT 7.3 starts tomorrow

    Good, the first Captain from "THe RacE"
  10. Salute Like a Girl

    Well, you shuld know that USS Navy way of salute don't represent the rest of the world ways.