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  1. 4 Gbs of historical paints are broken now. Darn!
  2. Señor zFireWyvern, patch has really messed with all the graphical mods (flags, historic paitn schemes, etc).
  3. I must say, somehting wnet wrong with the current game's patch, because custom skins are not working anymore
  4. Update: Freezing problem solved, However, custom skins not working anymore. Did WG change something in the files?
  5. Game freezes in the port when using custom skins. Any 1 else with the same problem?
  6. How Ranked Should Be Done

    You are Darn Right! Same goes for Clan Battles. Tier 10 exclusivity is a total pain, They shoud be prgressive too.
  7. In a nuthsell, give better alpha to the Prinz and slightly better hard-hitting main guns
  8. Countdown begins for the next version...
  9. Do not mess with my Nassau!
  10. Countdown begins for the next version...