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  1. Countdown begins for the next version...
  2. ¿Todavía no tenes tus 3 días premium?

    Según aun quedan mas 2000 llaves, pero hacer click marca error.
  3. As a tier 8 Premium ship would be fine.
  4. Working Perfect now... And tnx for sharing your paint schemes
  5. Gadjha Mada's link leads to the Huang He
  6. Admiral Makarov's link leads to the Minsk
  7. The file reads "Asia". No problem for clients from other regions?
  8. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    You play it ALMOST as the Scharnhorst. Take Aim modification by the way.
  9. [] Tanz's Shipyard

    Hi Tanz, Happy New Year. I know that yoou are busy finishing the paint schemes (among other things); Just wondering if you have plans for a paint scheme for the Hood (and it's "nolan" version too).
  10. The best Soccer shootout ever

    And that is all. Sorry but a single kick doesn't count as "football"
  11. The best Soccer shootout ever

    Well, I don't see the NFL players playing ball with their feet
  12. Awful destiny. Ok. Now Im tempted into getting such Ship
  13. "Lexington-class Battle Cruiser" as a premium tier 7 ship. Now, that would be awesome.