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  1. Xwing_Red1

    Openings-Endings (English, spanish. etc)

  2. Xwing_Red1

    Premium Ship Changes

    Forsooth! xD
  3. Xwing_Red1

    Premium Ship Changes

  4. Xwing_Red1

    Secondary builds are still lacking

    And dont forget the fire angle of German Secondaries; Actullay, there are only 2 ships with such fixed/corrected angles, Odin and Pommern.
  5. The nerf was completly unnecesary.
  6. “Having impenetrable armor is irrelevant against fires” (Yuro)
  7. And This why many of us told you, uncle WG, no to nert German secundariies dispersion (And Massa's and Georgia's)
  8. And for that reason, The intial flak burst from the AA guns are useless.
  9. Indeed. 1:- That Airstrike should be a consumable. 2.- Airplanes spawning point is only 4 km? At that range, most of the flak burst is useless. Why not a spawn of 6 or 8 km?
  10. I agree with señor Potato. Dutch airstrikes look soo unreal.