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  1. Xwing_Red1

    Another German BB line buff?

    It is nonsense that 2 murican BB's have a base -40% on their secondaries, and Not the German BB line (Tier7-10)
  2. Xwing_Red1

    Gunther and the German line

    Sorry, but I Do not agree with you. According with LittleWhiteMouse, Georgi/Massa secondaries come with a base -40% dispersion, (Mewanhile, German BB's have the same "base" 0 dispersion on theri secondaries). So, in theory, Gerogi/Massa have a tremendous overkill dispersion on their secondaries when you add the proper modules, and the numbers don't lie Example: base -40%, plus -20% sec. module, plus -5% signal = -65% and that is a good number. Now if we add the "manual secondaries skill", and that is a insne -125% My propostiion: Nerf Georgi/Massa base secondaries dispersion from -40% to -20%, in that way, they can remain in a -45% dispersion with module and signal; and a in less overpowered 105% when addign manual secondaries. On the other hand, tier 7-10 German BBs should get the same -20% base dispersion, and when the players adds the proper modules/skills, such ships wolud gain the same -45% or -105%, jujst like the Georgi/Massa (And for tier 3-6 German BBs, perhaps a -5% or -10% base dispersion to their secondaries would be nice)
  3. Firstly, tnx to WG for giving a Historical commander to the German line; plus for fixing the weird parabole shots from the main guns on german BBs However, something bugs me, And it is that you can buy Gunther from the armory with coal, meanwhile, Yamamoto/Halsey can be obtained via special missions, what I found cool because of the rewards that you can get, Among other things So it would be nice if: 1) Give Gunther a Special Campaingn: Because having a chance of winning rewards is always a welcome 2) Second flag for the German tree: Because really? Second flag for England and France and not for the Germans? 3) Fix the dispersion/angles of tier 7-10 German secondaries: Because it is quite stupid that Massa/Georgia have better dispersion and firing angles with their secondaries than German BBs Tnx for your time
  4. Xwing_Red1

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Thanks a lot by your time and effort. By the way, Will you release something for Russian BB's and Italian Cruisers?
  5. Xwing_Red1

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    And russian BB's Too.... and France's tier X DD
  6. Xwing_Red1

    Ranked is a joke for BBs

    Smolenks maximumn fire range should be nerfed
  7. Xwing_Red1

    Thanks, but no thanks! (German Dispersion)

    Dev Blog posted German battleships: - Ellipse of main caliber gun shells dispersion is adjusted to the settings of the American and British battleships. This change will increase the accuracy of all German battleships and make the playing experience more comfortable.
  8. Xwing_Red1

    Thanks, but no thanks! (German Dispersion)

    Guess what? Same dispersion not equal to same parabole
  9. Xwing_Red1

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    This is not 2015 any more. Tnx
  10. Xwing_Red1

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    Secondaries base range from Massachusets, Georgia and Ohio should decreased from 7.5 km to 7 km.
  11. Xwing_Red1

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    Well, It is start. Yet we are still waiting for WG to fix german secondaries base dispersion and ankward angles of fire..
  12. Xwing_Red1

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    So much shill for such outdated "bomb"