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  1. There are somo MODs that already do that
  2. Go back playing casual then
  3. And thats why they fail... plus it looks that you never played such games in realisitic mode So you are sayin that "realism but whitout realism because of history and stuff" Dude, Get over it
  4. Based on that reasoning, then mag detonation should be removed too from World of Tanks.... and headshots should be removed form FPS.... Since when detonating non-crew vehicles went "disrespectful", but no problems when massacring persons on other videogames?
  5. *sigh Ok.. then ask that to the british crews that fought in the battle of Jutland
  6. Did you ever see me a posting complains about detonaitons?.... No... And of course it s a game. So, Im no sure what do you mean with that "get over yourself."
  7. Ask that to the HMS Hood's crew
  8. Why not both?
  9. Your points are valid, dear, señor, however, does not justify the "4 national flavors" above the other nations.
  10. I do ot agree with this part, señor Lert Why? Well, from a "national flavor" point of view, RN BBs then have too much favoritism Let me explain it: Japan BB's: Excelent maing gun dispersion and Trolling armor when angled American BB's: Good bow tanking and verty good AA power German BB's: Super manly secondaries and Excelent Turtleback for their citadels As you can see, each of these 3 nations have 2 national flavors But, when RN BB's arrived, they came with: Annoying HE explosive damage; High speed repairng party; Cruiser-type camo, and a "Well submerged Citadel".... so that makes 4 "national flavors" instead of 2 So, for the sake of "National Flavor" balance, RN BB's need a nerf/balance/fix in 2 of 4 of their characteristics that I mentioned
  11. How about a director's cut of "Dunkirk", featuring French and British colonial troops?
  12. I dont care the Fire chance, Beliieve it or not, I burn them with my Scharnhorst. What I find Annoying is their explosive/blast damage....
  13. Recently, 7 days of Premium, and a Belfast