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  1. Is there a post or video in which there is a consensus for how to set up vessels per their strengths? From tier VIII and up would be fine. I'm looking at things such as is a BB should be set up as a main gun brawler or secondary build. A list of that sort. Whether in written or video form. Thanks.
  2. Shandar2169

    Forgive me for writing this. I didn't know what else to do.

    I agree with what you are saying and trying to find out about family has been a no go so far. When I am not having to take care of my daughter's(when they are asleep or at school), I work at home and when I have time to myself I play this. I just am so out of sorts that I am so focused with the event and figuring that it would be nice to get the ship as a sort of remembrance for myself. I wouldn't spend money on it that is better used on my daughter's. Just wanted to vent and to those who are kind enough to give helpful words of advice I appreciate it. Again, this in no ways was ever intended as a solicitation for funds. I wouldn't even do a go fund me for something like this as one suggested. Besides what I mentioned in the initial post, I am also dealing with my parents having illnesses and it's just all sorts of things coming at me from different directions. Things would be so much easier if my wife were still alive, but that's how things go. Sad how something that would distract me from stuff going on around me has turned into just another thing that has myself getting more agitated. And I get that I am not the only one dealing with things.
  3. Shandar2169

    Forgive me for writing this. I didn't know what else to do.

    I in no means asked for any money. All I am doing is stating my frustration. If I was asking for money I would just outright do so. God forbid that I chose to let out my frustration on a forum post.
  4. I am writing this as a plea to anyone willing to listen. As foolish or nonsensical as it may seem. Recent events in my home country of Puerto Rico have been quite devastating in my life. The toll in collateral damage as well as emotional is quite overwhelming. I have been trying my hardest to cope with what's going on. Not knowing if family members are safe and not knowing otherwise. As a way to try and focus my energy on something I have desperately been trying to get the Puerto Rico from the shipyard event so as to be able to show my love for my country, but I have from my nerves being wracked and recently suffering from a viral infection it seems that I will not accomplish my goal. Even more so because of the fact that I'd need to have real money to purchase the ship if I were even able to get that far along because I am a single father of two girls and can't spend the money on such a thing with the way the economy is in the US. Not sure if posting this would get myself in some sort of trouble, for which I don't want to. I am just so lost and I can't get my head past trying to figure out how to get the ship. It's driving me mad. If anyone is willing to help me in some way I truly appreciate it. I also understand if someone thinks this is all just [edited]. Either way I thank all who read this for your time. Por todos los perdidos y caídos en mi hermosa patria.
  5. Shandar2169

    Tried My Best, But Being A Dad Is More Important.

    Both of you are incorrect in your assumption. I wrote this because of the fact that people like myself have limited time to play this game and to be able to get as close as I have to then have to battle against "Kill Stealers" to try and do something such as three ship kills in one battle mission is stopping me from getting further. Even in co-op. And then after that twenty citadels as if that's such an easy task when limited to just British ships. I wasn't pandering for a free Exeter. Just stating my frustration with WGing and the types of missions they expect people like myself with limited time to be able to accomplish. And God forbid that made mention of my daughter being sweet enough to have made the offer she did because she knows I like playing this game. I just figured it was a nice thing to mention.
  6. I've been busting my [edited]trying to get all of the Exeter missions done. It's come down to the last three days and the way I am working and also needing to make time for my daughters, there's isn't any way I'll be able to get her. All spare money goes to family and real life needs, so buying any ships in this game is a no for myself. It's insane how there are missions that expect people to do things like kill three ships in one game especially when you have players that are kill stealing. One of my daughters wanted to use her cash to buy me the ship, but I said no and that the money she had she earned and that I would survive. They know how much I enjoy the game but not so much that I would take away from them. Hope my fellow payers are able to get the ship and enjoy it, looks like I'll be missing out on this one.
  7. Shandar2169

    The New WGC Launcher

    I am not making this statement as an idle threat, nor does WGing actually cares if I follow through or not. If we are forced to use the WGC then that will be the end of this game for myself. I only play World of Warships and have absolutely no interest in the other two titles. My PC handles this game well enough with the way it is and I have tried the WGC before and it made playing the game almost not possible with the lag it creates from the usage it does in the background. It's not a coincidence that when I used WGC the game was like playing a slide show and when I got rid of it I was playing at 60-75 FPS no issues. Please do not implement this WGC platform. I will not miss this game enough to return to it if it is done.