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  1. John_McCarthy1

    US carrier fighter problem

    I too Love American stuff and think it's the best, however you're wrong on some stuff here as although America is the best other countries aren't terrible and shouldn't be discounted as such: 1. first part of this is wrong, the A6M was min-maxed for superiority in Dogfights, had 2 7.7s and 2 20mm which isn't a lackluster armament so in the beginning of the war it stomped US counterpart aircraft. Although I do agree on the fact that the .50s on US aircraft were pretty good 2. the reason US airmen switched over to Boom and Zoom tactics is because early on they found they were loosing handily at the super maneuverable A6M Zero whose pilots had more training from fighting the Chinese over Manchuria 3. with the exception of a 1 off prototype the P-51 did not operate off of Aircraft carriers during World war II is was an Army air force aircraft which required longer airfields for landing and take offs
  2. Tears of the Desert is the WORST map in this game. That is all....


  4. i want to play more Warships.....

  5. im hoping i get into the alpha test

  6. i'm hoping for alpha