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  1. John_McCarthy1

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.8

    Can we please get rid of the rust on ships, it doesn't look good. I mean if you want rust on some ships you can leave it on the russian ones, but can we please make the ships of the major nations look like they are actually in service instead of an underfunded museum ship
  2. 1. The realization of this fact annoys me 2. my assumption of why they haven't made up a russian ship is probably because they rightly fear the possible backlash especially if the fantasy ship turned out to be OP
  3. John_McCarthy1

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    what [edited]delusion is this?
  4. John_McCarthy1

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    I wish they had built Sovetsky Soyuz, it would've caused the USSR to crash slightly faster than in our history, having spent a significant amount of money and so it would display how in reality it wouldn't have met the requirements set by the design.
  5. Am I the only one who wants Sinop to have an A hull with the #2 turret deck level to reflect the real proposal's original layout?
  6. John_McCarthy1

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    I don't understand how someone could possible look at the Tillman designs and think they'd be ok for a tech tree or a premium ship, let alone a tier IX if any of the Tillmans make it into the game they'd have to come in as a boss ship in during a PVE mission/campaign
  7. I think you might be mixing things up. The Northampton class, just like the Portland and Pensacola class ships were not designed as Light Cruisers in the way you are thinking. they were never designed to have 6" guns, the reason why they were originally classes as light cruisers was because they were not Armored Cruisers. they were redesignated as heavy cruisers in 1931 because of the London Naval treaty changing the definitions of designations and defining a CL as a cruiser with guns no larger than 155mm (6.1 inches) and defining a CA (which then became the hull classification for Heavy Cruiser, instead of Armored Cruiser) as a cruiser with guns no larger than 203mm (8 inches).
  8. John_McCarthy1

    US carrier fighter problem

    I too Love American stuff and think it's the best, however you're wrong on some stuff here as although America is the best other countries aren't terrible and shouldn't be discounted as such: 1. first part of this is wrong, the A6M was min-maxed for superiority in Dogfights, had 2 7.7s and 2 20mm which isn't a lackluster armament so in the beginning of the war it stomped US counterpart aircraft. Although I do agree on the fact that the .50s on US aircraft were pretty good 2. the reason US airmen switched over to Boom and Zoom tactics is because early on they found they were loosing handily at the super maneuverable A6M Zero whose pilots had more training from fighting the Chinese over Manchuria 3. with the exception of a 1 off prototype the P-51 did not operate off of Aircraft carriers during World war II is was an Army air force aircraft which required longer airfields for landing and take offs
  9. Tears of the Desert is the WORST map in this game. That is all....


  11. i want to play more Warships.....

  12. im hoping i get into the alpha test

  13. i'm hoping for alpha