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  1. Look at this $hit, LOOK AT THIS!!!! Same god damn thing, get to the end with 80% Trans health, this f*** shows up, focus on Trans, we lost. WHY WG, WHY!!!!? I'm done, I'm fking done. I'd rather play COOP all day than this broken bloody mess.
  2. So many feedbacks I agree, I'm about to break my fking monitor. Played 2 days straight, not a single 4 stars, 5 stars forget about it. One time I got to the end with Trans 90% health, I thought I was gonna get 4 stars at least. But no, bloody Rasputin focused fired on Trans, few minutes later Trans was killed, a defeat. 140,000 damage done, 800 exp. The glass I was drinking water with, shattered into pieces. I'm about to be had with this god damn event. Last year was better because you get camo even if you lose, this year, nothing. There is no fun to be had in this event, WG do something about this. Oh and one more thing, why did you set the requirement for costume party mission for t4+ while the ships you can use for this operation is t3? The mission is for Halloween right? And this operation is specifically designed for Halloween but you can't gain exp towards the mission? This makes no god damn sense.
  3. The update messed up the quick command voices for ARP and HSF captains, the voices are spoken in their National voiceover instead of the unique ones. Please have them fix WG.
  4. Regarding the HSF captains, they have a very nice addition in which they have an announcing voice for the torpedo hits. However, I noticed that they announce not only torp hits on ships, but the hits for islands and sinking ships too. I think this needs to adjusted so it only announces when torpedo hits the ships that are still alive. I'm loving these new extra voices though, can't wait till you guys add them to the regular captains.
  5. I see that the game just had an update and now its but it seems the Italian voice still hasn't been fixed. I haven't had a chance to test the ARP voices though. Also I noticed that the announcer says "Action Stations!" in the beginning of the match seems to be disabled in Operation mode, not sure this is working as intended.
  6. Dev got back to us and working on the fix now, you can read it here, Oh and Arlios! Didn't expect to see you here man, love your videos. Please keep up the great work! We need more Kongo burning love.
  7. I so agree with CV spawn issue and more repair rate. I'd also like to suggest maybe nerfing their chance of starting fire or reduce the fire damage, so many times I got set on fire by them even I'm not too close to them and I'm running 15 pt survival focus captain with premium damage control, but I still get torched like a dry haystack and always in need to go back to the base and repair which means I ain't helping my team, it's very frustrating.
  8. Like others have stated, ARP voices seem to be broken after this patch. Also, I was one unlucky sob and somehow got myself stuck on one of the islands in Operation mode. Screenshot attached. I tried reversing but it won't let me back out, and there was no space in front of my ship so I just stood there immobilized until enemy torp killed me. Hope you can look into this. Thanks.
  9. I reinstalled the whole game but unfortunately nothing changed, I just hope they acknowledge this as bug and fix them in the future.
  10. Really? Now that's just odd, maybe my sound files are messed up. Have you re-installed the game recently? I know I haven't reinstalled the game since... open beta. Just to clarify, you set your voiceover setting to National, and if you have ARP ship in your team, they speak in ARP character voice?
  11. Just today I had Takao on my team and I was driving Tirpitz, while ARP mode is enabled and voiceover setting was set to National I asked him to say something in quick message but all I heard was regular Japanese voice and not Takao's voice. This got me thinking since there have been changes to the voiceover settings so I went to do little tests. I have ARP mode turned on and set my Battle voiceover to Arpeggio. Then in the battle if you are driving Hiei (ship+captain), all other ships in your/enemy team speaks in Hiei's voice. So next I set my voiceover settings to National, still driving Hiei, again all I hear is Hiei's voice all around. I was curious to see what happens if you drive non-ARP ship with Arpeggio voiceover setting so I took Black Swan for the ride then I immediately hear Japanese voiceover instead of British English. This caught me off guard but when I checked the setting for "Voiceover language" it was set to Japanese. So overall, not sure if this is intentional or bug but I don't want my ARP voiceovers become just one voice, I want ARP ships speak in their respective character voices (or respective on-board captain's voice, if you have Hiei captain on your Kongo ship and I hear Hiei's voice I'm cool with that), while non-ARP ships speak in language of their nationality. If you brilliant people at WG address this issue I would be much obliged. Thank you.