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  1. Today my dad contacted Wargaming with all the messages and documentation my 3 stalkers have been spamming here. I have been left with no choice since apparently the mods refuse to do anything. I have also obtained the real life information of one of them and by dad will be contacting them shortly himself. You refused to stop abusing me, you refused to stop sending me sexually degrading and disgusting messages. You threatened to find me and force yourself on me. And you mods refused to intervene. Now things will be settled by the lawyers.

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    2. SireneRacker


      Who am I? I give you two options:

      a) Someone that you insulted on your blog

      b) Someone who is kind enough to explain to you why it is a very unwise decision to sue someone in another country, visualizing the case on the example of Germany

      I think both sound good, don't you agree?

      Oh and I'm not going anywhere, I am not being ordered around by a child like you. I am only taking orders from those who have earned my trust and respect, either through words or through actions. 

      And @Chobittsu I can speak for myself, no need for you to defend me. 

    3. RivertheRoyal


      Er, can we all just take a step back here, and calm down? 

      I think everyone's overreacting 'just a smidge'. 

    4. SuperNikoPower


      Not commenting either way here but all sides need to not continue this any further. If there are any further concerns, please PM me directly.