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  1. Rank 10 YAY! Remember to read my blog  on Blogger Dot Com : Steffiscute

    Remember: harassment of someone underage WILL land you in jail, even in Canada! :)


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    2. SteffisCute


      reported and logged. Must be cold in Canada eh?


    3. Chobittsu


      Reported for what? Having an opinion that clashes with yours? And for pointing out your flaws and racist remarks? You're going to have to try harder than that.
      And I'm still waiting on this "damning information", if you're going to threaten and blackmail someone with anything, you have to prove that you have anything. So far you've only given your word that you have something and, frankly, your word isn't worth a pinch of goose spit.

      As for the weather up here, it's actually quite pleasant. I may go to the beach later this week. Maybe enjoy the view of young women who actually look good in bikinis and don't look like they're wearing 33% of those novelty joke disguise glasses that come with a built-in nose, eyebrows, and moustache.

    4. Chobittsu