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  1. a $100 a week allowance isn't enough sometimes. I do not know how people manage to survive in this world making minimum wage or working at Wal Mart. I guess that  is why so many people still live in their parents basements watching cartoons all day. Sad. 

    1. Chobittsu


      Let me tell you how we survive on minimum wage: We don't complain about what we're given, we're thankful for everything we do have, we work hard for every scrap, we use our imagination to find solutions to problems and we don't cry over people tellings us off.
      To borrow from a favourite film; Every meal, a banquet. Every paycheck, a fortune.

      You are given your money? Neat, it's a shame you'll never learn its value when some people have less than that to budget with for a month's supply of food.
      Go mix your rare wine with a redbull or whatever it is you spoiled prats do with your lives. Oh, wait, you sit at your PC (or phone) and complain about everyone around while doing nothing about it. I'm still waiting on that lawsuit you were going to throw at me or Wargaming.

      I now move on to my review of your latest "blog"
      Storming all day? Tough. Rain is vital, you would know that if you had any idea what the word meteorology meant.
      A black guy being scared of things being shot through the air at him? You stand out of cover while projectiles moving on average of 200-300ft per second sailing through the air at you.
      Cut-off shorts? Heh, you probably spend thousands of dollars on clothing that looks worn and damaged. I could shill you for hundreds if all I did was take a pair of denims, cut the legs off and label them as Gucci.
      Infinity pool? It clearly isn't, I can see the edge right there. And having a pool right next to the ocean? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

      I'm surprised there was only one mildly racist comment on today's post. You're slipping.

    2. SteffisCute


      speaking of basements and cartoons....

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