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  1. a $100 a week allowance isn't enough sometimes. I do not know how people manage to survive in this world making minimum wage or working at Wal Mart. I guess that  is why so many people still live in their parents basements watching cartoons all day. Sad. 

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    2. Chobittsu


      Was that your idea of an insult? It's weak and over-used.   Think of something new, if you're such a superior being.

    3. Mezurashi


      To be fair, I survived on a $100 allowance with sometimes having an extra $20 at the end of the week. Sure, there's stuff I'd like to buy and all that, but I needed to prioritize stuff. 

      One of the advantages of being a "geek" is that I sometimes could earn $200 for fixing computers if I got a good break. But even then, it still went to my daily necessities and I rarely spent stuff on leisure. 


    4. SteffisCute


      I have this bad habit of buying a lot of clothes :(