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  1. Spamming my public feed with hate and toxicity will not deter me from being positive and cute and trying to bring happiness to people I meet. Ugliness will always lose out in the end to truth and beauty.

    1. Flieger56


      Indeed ugliness will, ugliness being you in this case.

      "It is hard sometimes to be so upbeat and positive and cute when people just want to throw toxicity and ugliness at you."

      Oh indeed it is, particularly when the person says things like "1488 gas them all", it is very hard to be positive in that situation.

      "I am still being sexually harassed on World of Warships by Chobittsu and Flieger56."


      "I am only 16"

      I am only 13, but I am, by the looks of it, far ahead of you in several fields.

      "yet I have to suffer crude and immoral attacks"

      Crude? Immoral? You are the one who spreads hate and racism across the internet, something I have uncovered, symbols of your hatred that you have issued. Do you deny my screenshots?

      "who want nothing more than to tear down my positive outlook on life"

      Right, you have a really positive outlook, totally.

      "Sometimes I think it isn't worth it and I should just stop playing the game that I love so much"

      And instead sit on Voat abusing people?

      "but that would give those people a victory"

      You make it sound like this is an organised attack campaign, it's simply some people who call you out.

      "and they will sit in their basements with their hot pockets and mountain dew and goat to each other."

      This is of course the best way for me to spend my time, obviously.

      "I do not understand how such a large company such as Wargaming tolerates underage girls being sexually harassed by adults on their forums, but they do."

      Because they too have seen the rubbish you spew across the forum, your blog and Voat, and also know it's not sexual harassment.

      "I wonder how they would feel as a target of a lawsuit?"

      Sorry, I had to catch my breath from laughing. You want to take on WG in a court case? Good luck, they have the money and lawyers to grind you down to a bloody pulp, it'd be ruinous.

      "I wonder how many of those disgusting neckbeards would hiss and go crawling back into the darkness from whence they came?"

      None, since the above neckbeards don't exist.

      "It is sad that something so fun as WOWS is being ruined by a select group of sexual predators who seem like they are being protected by certain forum mods."

      Ah yes, the New Forum Order will rise! Only one person [and her lawyers] can stop the evil!

      "I can only imagine the sick, twisted things that must go through their heads"

      Personally what I'm thinking right now is "How much bleach will clean me of this filth?".

      "and I wonder how many other female players on the game they are harassing."

      I can direct you to a resident forum editor, River, who will answer all your questions about the non-existent harassment she has had to suffer.

    2. Chobittsu



      "It is hard sometimes to be so upbeat and positive and cute when people just want to throw toxicity and ugliness at you"

      Followed up the next day with


      Stay with your own kind!!!
      Absolutely disgusting. This picture makes me want to vomit.



      Here is a photo of my good friend Brandon (I call him "Discount Jimmy Smits") and his wife, Alli.
      You know what's wrong with this picture? Nothing. I see a Doctor and a Network Engineer (I'll let you try to decide which is which), but more importantly, I see a happy couple, living an American dream that you would have to blow your entire trust fund on just to get a brief taste of.

      And as for your accusation of my sexually harassing you... 1. prove it. 2. Sorry, kid, but I have standards. You don't meet them and you're nowhere near old enough for my tastes. I'm not into children who haven't yet developed object permanence or learned the rainbow. I'm into women.

      But please, by all means, continue beating your fists against the wall, bloodying your knuckles and then announcing to the world that the wall needs to be torn down because it attacked you. (I thought you'd be all for having impenetrable walls...)

    3. Chobittsu



      "I can only imagine the sick, twisted things that must go through their heads"

      Right now? I'm thinking about going down Subway, getting a 30cm sub, cold-cut meat, toasted with cheese, medium soda (root beer) and then chatting with the cute Islamic girl that works there. Her family just moved here after being driven from her home country by religious extremists and she hasn't made any new friends.
      Her English is flawless though, which is surprising, given the nightmarish land she came from...

      I can't imagine what it's like growing up in the United States...