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  1. SteffisCute

    Hotdogs: Mustard or Ketchup?

    Nuking it is good
  2. SteffisCute

    Does your partner ask some impossible to answer questions?

    Google is anti-American and immoral. I will just ask some old person.
  3. SteffisCute

    Anyine else have Crunchyroll Premium?

    I am just curious. Best 7 bucks a month I ever spent. The only anime I avoid is One Piece because its stupid and Luffy sucks.
  4. SteffisCute

    Does your partner ask some impossible to answer questions?

    No. I THINK it was something old people watched every day on TV or something? Like they were full of immoral unGodly people doing immoral things right?
  5. SteffisCute

    Go to sleep little baby

    The first time Bekah and I ever spent the night together I sang this song to her, the same way Dad used to sing to me to help me sleep
  6. SteffisCute

    Hotdogs: Mustard or Ketchup?

    I never liked relish. Dad LOVES it, he makes his own. I tried a chili dog once, that was good.
  7. SteffisCute

    Hotdogs: Mustard or Ketchup?

    So I didn't really feel like cooking lunch earlier so I made hotdogs for me and Bekah. Bekah comes home from her stupid job at GameStop and is all "Oh? are those the new Beyond Meat Hotdogs?" I think those Beyond Meat things are made of soy and tofu or some sort of plant crap. So I say "Why yes they are I heard they taste JUST like Nathan's Hot Dogs! (which they REALLY were). Bekah is easily fooled and I don't allow any commie hippie meatless plant based crap in the condo. If she only knew how much meat she HAS eaten because I am able to trick her every single time AHAHAHAH. So I grab my hot dogs and my bottle of Heinz Ketchup and she is all "Ketchup on a hotdog?" And I say "Yeah this is how I always eat hotdogs....with ketchup" And she says "Thats weird" as she eats her 100% beef hotdog that she is too DUMB to not notice is NOT Beyond Meat. So....forum people....is ketchup a suitable condiment for hotdogs?
  8. SteffisCute

    Best JoJo AMV I have ever see!!

  9. SteffisCute

    Best JoJo AMV I have ever see!!

    This is hysterical
  10. SteffisCute

    Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight

    My Dad used to sing this to me when we were poor and living in a van to make me sleep.
  11. SteffisCute

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yeah Agir is in the dorm and she is on a 18k commission as we speak. I pretty much use her for everything in a mad attempt to level her up
  12. SteffisCute

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I use the circle formation all the time. I will swap out my Ironblood DD's (hehehe I said DD) instead of Eugen I could through in retrofitted and gold gear equipped Portland Unfortunately my Agir and Roon are NOT 125 yet....Agir is at 104 and Roon at 114 or they would be in the fleet.
  13. SteffisCute

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    13-1 is impossible I am running full limited broken ships Fleet 1 Enterprise Georgia with the big rainbow gun Saratoga Prinz Eugen Helena Retrofit Ayanami Retrofit (rainbow torpedo gear) Fleet 2 Ark Royal Retrofit Centaur Essex Noshiro Z36 San Diego Retrofit I can clear the map and get the boss down to about 10 then BOOM I am dead every single time All my ships run gold gear all maxed out
  14. YES!!!! Season 2 just premiered on Crunchy Roll!! FILO IS BACK!!!!
  15. SteffisCute

    Down to the river to Pray