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  1. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Your hatred of anything that has even the slightest connection to GZ is pretty shallow.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Giulio Cesare

    Wow a real review instead of a trash fest like you did to GZ. Someone wants to keep "her" job. already bought it, love it, great turning circle, gorgeous ship.
  3. Musashi unveiled

    Wargaming has kindly provided me...... oh wait.....nvm
  4. New Star Wars: The last jedi trailer (10/10/17)

    I am hoping this whole Weinstein thing (what a shock! *rolls eyes*) manages to bankrupt Disney to the point where they have to sell or spinoff Lucasfilm so someone with actual talent can be involved. Then again, they would sell to some movie company from China anyway.
  5. Amazing Nodosaurus fossil from Canada

    OH MY GOD THANKUTHANKUTHANKUTHANKUTHANKUTHANKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Amazing Nodosaurus fossil from Canada

    I remember when i was in 6th grade we took a field trip to some museum in Richmond and I saw dinosaur fossils. I asked where the dragons were and they guy was all "ha ha dragons can't and never did exist". I remember coming home and looking up dragons on the Inetrwebz and I came across this documentary which I cannot for the life of me find anymore for some reason. basically, it was about dragons from a biological POV and could they have existed. I remember they concluded they were too big to fly BUT, and this is the freaky part, they said there was NO biological impediment to them breathing fire. Something about having two separate sacs in their throat which, when combined, formed a sort of napalm like substance and having a specialized bone in the front of the jaw to act as a sparking mechanism to set it off and having very thick keratin coatings on their inner mouth to prevent burn damage. They concluded that the ONLY reason there has never been a fire breathing animal is because evolution never needed one..... Pretty cool.
  7. Nagato Ensign Changes Hands

    There is always Mikasa!
  8. I'm tired & done trying to be a decent person

    Embrace the chaos and anarchy around you. Let it wash over you like waves against an island let it charge you let it give you power then use that power for yourself feed your inner demons until they burst then you will be free of them then you will have peace
  9. you mean WOWS didn't kindly provide you the ship for free? Oh that's right....nvm.....
  10. Graf Zeppelin with Deep Water Torpedos

    I can't get my TB's through the total [edited] that is the Star Trek-like shields of AA fire from BB's that have NO business wiping out an entire wing.
  11. star trek discovery

    Typical social engineering disguised as Sci Fi. BSG did it better because it wasn't thrown in your face and the political/social overtones weren't all screaming "look at me look at me". Actually you want to read/watch some great social commentary sci fi? Starship Troopers. Once again the usual suspects in Hollywood ruin something from OUR best to serve THEIR agenda.
  12. For the dreamer in you - maybe one day...

    Pfft...I already live this.....it's called Elite Dangerous
  13. Bag or Backbag ? ( and cosplay suit )

    Yeah cause it works SO WELL right? Anyway, I don't see why "certain people" get so upset about some cosplayer. Let her/him have his/her fun. If you don't like it, DON"T READ IT! How hard is that for some of you to understand?
  14. Bag or Backbag ? ( and cosplay suit )

    It is specifically being directed against ME, though they will deny it. I stand by what I said that was censored by the mods. In the words of Orwell "Some animals are more equal than others". Specific forum users will always be targeted for silence, I am one of them.