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  1. SteffisCute

    I am sad :(

    Bessie's strategy for protecting me would be to fall asleep in front of whoever is trying to hurt me and possibly causing them to trip at which point she would drown them in licks. Bessie and I grew up together. She got me through my teen years and everything. I would clone her but there is no way Dad would pay $400k to clone my dog even though he could....bah.
  2. SteffisCute

    I am sad :(

    Bekah said her organs are incompatible with a dogs and to stop trying to allocate them to others as she needs them herself. OMG total drama queen.
  3. SteffisCute

    I am sad :(

    I am sad because I realized for the first time this weekend that Bessie, my basset hound, is getting older. She used to be able tp jump on my bed at home and sleep with me, but now Dad says she has problems even getting up the stairs. I told Dad to build an elevator for her but he said even if he was willing to shell out the money the design of the house makes it nearly impossible. He said he would talk to a friend of his that is an engineer and maybe they can design some sort of manual basket lifting winch thing that would lift her up to the second floor. I don't like the fact that dogs die so young I think its is total [edited] and unfair. If I could donate organs or parts to Bessie to make her live much longer than I am sure Bekah would have no problem volunteering (like she'd have a choice). Dad said the vet checked her out and she is extremely healthy its just she is older and dogs, like people, slow down as they get older. I think that isn't always true, Jeremy Wade is pushing 70 and he is still all virile and strong and fit as hell with his grey hair and accent and that Goliath grouper has has...uh....yeah anyway you get my point. I guess the best thing I can do is just spend as much time with Bessie as I can and look into some natural remedies that might give her some extra strength in her joints and such.
  4. SteffisCute

    This is why we can't have nice things

    Wait how can you be arrested for having bees? Did you not have a permit? Were they trained attack bees? Were the hives not up to code? What possible law were u violating to justify an arrest?
  5. SteffisCute

    USS Gerald R. Ford a Fiasco?

    I was mixed up on the terminology but yeah I meant supercavitating would be impossible to stop.
  6. SteffisCute

    USS Gerald R. Ford a Fiasco?

    I meant this thing:
  7. SteffisCute

    This is why we can't have nice things

    They were kicked out Problem solved
  8. SteffisCute

    USS Gerald R. Ford a Fiasco?

    And one hypersonic torpedo with a small yield nuke would turn it into scrap in a few seconds. Heck. multiple hypersonic torpedos with conventional warheads hitting it from all sides would sink it.
  9. SteffisCute

    This is why we can't have nice things

    See the condo where Bekah and I live is pretty exclusive...I mean DUH like I would live anywhere else...and you would think being so exclusive very person living there would be of the highest character. NOPE. New tenants moved in next door. We all have assigned parking, which is directly in front of each condo. For an extra fee you can get a second parking spot in front of your condo, which I pay for so Bekah doesn't have to walk across the parking area to the common parking spots. I don't want her to get rained on or attacked by a bear or anything. So these new tenants have huge trucks, big Chevy dual wheels duramax diesels. And the ONE truck is always parked halfway on Bekah's space. So I am not having any of this so I go and ask them politely to please keep their truck on their own space as I pay for the second one and they keep overlapping into it. I guess they think because I am a cute young female they can push me around because NOW their car is starting to park in Bekah's spot. So I tell them again, I PAY for that spot which means its MINE and they are not allowed to park there. His response? "possession is 9/10ths of the law". So I tell the Condo association. Suddenly they are parking normally so I think "problem solved" UNTIL I start seeing them throw their trash into MY ASSIGNED TRASH DUMPSTER. They fill it up every day and I can't get our stuff in it. "Steffi why are you getting your katana off of the wall?" "I am going to have a talk with the neighbors Bekah." "Steffi I don't think...wait is that body armor?" "I said I am going to talk to the neighbors Bekah" "Steffi-" "Bekah help me put on my tatami dou" At this point Bekah threatens to call my Dad. She never lets me have fun. Anyway so I call the condo association AGAIN. two days later a moving van is there hauling all their stuff away. Apparently they trashed the inside of the condo. Why can't people treat things nice like I treat Bekah (mostly)? Booo!
  10. SteffisCute

    Done with forums!

    I was perma banned for over a year because some people didn't like my personal blog and cried over it. Its just a forum, and TBH literally 95% of the plaverbase never comes here. No one ever put "Important forum user" or "super tester" on their resume
  11. SteffisCute

    And now for something completely random 2.5 Remix

    I read that Kurt Cobain said he knew Nirvana had made it when Weird Al parodied Smells Like Teen Spirit. Apparently Dave Growl is a huge fan. I also read that Bob Dylan considers Weird Al a master lyricist because of how he structures his songs. Guy belongs in the Hall of Fame TBH. I love "Dare to be Stupid" I told Bekah that is her theme song.
  12. SteffisCute

    Bekah ruins Jaws

    My tree hugging skater girl fiancee.
  13. SteffisCute

    Bekah ruins Jaws

    So a local cinema was showing Jaws in all its glory on the big screen. You've never experienced Jaws fully unless its on a movie screen and I love the film so I told Bekah we were going. So I put on my miniskirt, pink converse, Neff beanie and I look uber kawaii. Bekah has on jeans a t shirt and her flannel tied around her waist....*facepalm* So I am all excited and the movie starts and its even better than I remember! I love Jaws it is literally perfect! I notice Bekah is quiet during the film and I know she has never seen it before so I assume she is scared or just in awe of it. So on the way home we talk about the film. "wasn't it great Bekah?" "it was terrible! it sets a really bad example for the environment" "what?" "all those 1970's cars and their pollution, all of those boats and their engines just spewing toxic fumes. And they way they treat those poor sharks! Sharks are just trying to survive, they are not mindless killing machines that purposely hunt humans! And everyone was smoking! " So at this point I am literally shaking and internally I start counting ten like Dad said I should when I feel like committing a war crime against Bekah. "humans don't belong in the ocean anyway, that is the home of marine life, all we do is pollute it." 'WELL YOU DIDN'T BLOODY WELL COMPLAIN WHEN WE DID IT IN THE SEA LAST TIME WE WENT TO THE BEACH BEKAH!!!!' I shout. But it was like she was ignoring me. "And you would think after seeing how big that shark was Quint of all people would know he was out of his depth and would turn around and get help or call the Coast Guard or MAYBE Chief Brody would have brought more guns." "Oh NOW you are pro gun Bekah?!?!?!?" "And what kind of Marine Biologist is Hooper, wanting to kill a poor shark that was just trying to live its best life?" "Living its BEST LIFE!?!?!?" "And what sort of idiot captain smashes his own radio? If if Quint was going insane, Brody is a COP he has a gun JUST F**KING SHOOT QUINT AND GET HOOPER TO DRIVE THE BOAT BACK TO AMITY!" And I took that personally....... "Its a MOVIE Bekah...my God.....I had to hear a 35 minute lecture from you about how Orcs have rights too and were just trying to find their own way in Middle Earth." So I had to listen to her all the way back to the Condo. Another movie RUINED by the Tree Hugging Film Critic (I told her she should start a podcast using that title). Sigh.....
  14. SteffisCute

    Who was your first on screen crush???

    Jeremy Wade, River Monsters
  15. SteffisCute

    Apparently I am in a puppet show

    I don't want to give Bekah a platform to spew her tree hugging communist crap. I can see it now: "Hi welcome to the Steffi show featuring ME, Steffi and also Bekah" "TREES HAVE RIGHTS! DOWN WITH CAPITALISM! WORLD PEACE NOW!" WE ARE EXPERIENCING OPERATIONAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE STAND-BY "Welcome back to the Steffi show! Unfortunately, Bekah will not be in this episode as she had an unfortunate accident and somehow and for no reason suddenly flung herself off the balcony...now for some Dubstep! YAY!"