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  1. You were right. The 0.8.2 update does virtually nothing to stop entire squadrons from being wiped out.
  2. Completely agree - no longer than 3, start at 2. Like said, this is a dial by which they can adjust the over- or under-poweredness of CVs. It's an easy fix. I hope they do this rather than revert, because I love this update otherwise - regardless of what the haters who want CVs removed keep kicking and screaming about.
  3. This is exactly right on target. The F key abuse made CVs OP afte 0.8.0. The hotfix's 5 second exposure after F key made CVs underpowered. This is such an easy fix - start by decreasing the exposure time to 2 or 3 second after the F key is pressed. The exposure time after F key is like a dial you need to adjust CVs between being overpowered and underpowered. Please, WG, adjust it using this dial - otherwise your 0.8.0 update was fantastic.
  4. You claim to be a former avid CV player who is now discontented with their play style. That's okay, you're entitled to an opinion. But why do call for them to be removed? Your solution is simple, if you don't like CV play style anymore, quit playing them. It seems your call for their removal is because you think they are "annoying" - and well unfortunately, you need to learn to share the game with other players who play ships/classes you may not like.
  5. This is true- but I fundamentally agree with you most on the seconds of immunity after the F key. That is the parameter which can be tuned. It's clearly WAY too long now at 5 seconds- I think the right number should be 2 second; maybe 3. The rest- just leave it. It's fun. Let players have fun. Please.
  6. Please read my original post - I never claimed I wanted accuracy, if I wanted that I wouldn't play a game where battleships carry unlimited ammunition. Of course, CVs are and should be represented in-game in a less-powerful version than their real-world counterparts. I love playing Soviet DDs- if I'm 1 on 1 versus a battleship, since I have no torps, most likely I am going to die. I don't complain - I'm fine with that. It's part of the game. If you're 1 on 1 in a BB versus a carrier, you should likely lose. Learn to share the game with other people. I really have to thank you though, for posting your comment - it really shows you have nothing to bring to the conversation other than a toxic opinion with nothing to back it up. And I hope WG realizes they need to stop listening to this type of attitude.
  7. This is exactly correct. I played CVs, cruisers, destroyers, and battleships before, after 0.8.0, and after the hotfix. I consider myself an average player - check my stats. Here's my take: Before 0.8.0 CVs were boring and disadvantaged (until we limit shells on ships, CVs need unlimited planes). After 0.8.0 (but before hotfix) CVs were almost perfect, but were definitely at least a bit OP due to the F key abuse. Some complaints were warranted, as there should have been a consequence of flying into cray levels of AA and just "escaping" with a click. Anyone saying CVs were underpowered after 0.8.0 just needed to master the learning curve. After the hotfix CVs are clearly underpowered and NOT fun - it's ridiculous that squadrons can be annihilated after one attack run. There's no escape from certain death when attacking even one battleship for at least 75% of your squadron. The hotfix took what should have been a small nerf WAAAAAAAY too far - the answer is somewhere in the middle. Allow for about 1-2 seconds MAXIMUM of AA fire on planes after pressing the F key - that would mean 2-4 planes lost when a mistake is made, which is a decent penalty, but less than the TOTAL SQUADRON ANNIHILATION faced now. This way CVs remain fun, mistakes are punished, but not a return to de-planing as before update 0.8.0. Now, here's my analysis of why we are where we are: There's a certain minority of players who are toxic and want CVs removed. They seem to enjoy being toxic and many also want DDs removed. They never want to change tactics and try to avoid torps dropped in the water. I've seen them in-game. If you're in a BB and don't change course for torps, you SHOULD get nailed - and nailed HARD. I sincerely ask Wargaming to STOP LISTENING TO THESE PEOPLE. They are absolutely TOXIC, they are a VERY small but vocal minority, and they will eventually call for CVs to be removed, and after that, they'll call for nerfs and REMOVAL (!) of DDs because again they don't want to avoid torps. Please make this game inclusive for people who want to play WW2-style naval warfare, which includes carriers and DDs. And a simple message to those people who keep screaming about "oh we don't have the option to play a game without those irritating planes anymore" - well you DO have an option: Play WOWS tiers 1-4. That's the dreadnought era when planes were minimal. Don't ruin a WW2-style game for players who want to play it to suit your whims.