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  1. I would suggest aiming mod or AA mod over the turret mod. You have the fastest-firing 203mms at your tier and for the next couple tiers, you shouldn't weaken that advantage. The benefit to traverse is only a couple seconds; EM already brings it down to around 30 or 31 seconds which is good enough. For captain skills, I would have ditched demo expert for vigilance. CE should obviously be your tier 4 skill when you get to it.
  2. Cleveland is one of a handful of ships I bought back just because of how good a ride she is. No need to juggle torpedo use or smoke use, just good ol' guns, 12 of them. Load up the high-explosive, sit behind a low island, set everyone on fire. Or steal into someone's smokescreen, or sneak around a flank, go off on your lonesome since enemy carriers are too scared of your anti-air power to come close. It's good because of how EASY she is to play. Probably one of the ships with the lowest skill floor in the game, like St. Louis or Bogatyr.
  3. I disagree. The ship being intimidating makes the notch that much more impressive.
  4. I think Tone works better as tier 7, just because we already have Atago filling the tier 8 spot for a premium cruiser.
  5. I presume he means more that you have 9 planes, but can't actually deploy them all in the course of a 20 minute battle.
  6. Mostly anything British-designed, particularly QE or KGV-class. The castle-like superstructure has a presence that I feel is unmatched by most other BBs not named Yamato. Something like Bismarck or Scharnhorst is up there too, though those feel more "fortress" than a full-on castle.
  7. He probably means a ship like the Yamato which has that many floatplanes.
  8. Personally I thought the Bayern what-if upgrade looked pretty cool. If I didn't already have 4 other tier 6 BBs I would have kept her.
  9. It's not like we didn't see this coming for ages. WoT has Chinese tanks(and tank destroyers. CHINESE TDs. Before Japanese ones!) and WoWP has Chinese planes.
  10. Well, you can either have unrealistic short-ranged radar that can see through islands for a brief time, or you can have realistic radar that's active permanently and spots you everywhere on the map except behind islands.
  11. Though in hindsight, I'd rather not have Charlemagne associated with a tier 10 that's potentially this bad.
  12. Gee, where were you jokers when they revealed Dunkerque, Richelieu and Alsace with their all-forward guns(or most-forward in Alsace's case)? It couldn't possibly be because it'd be too stupid to try and make that joke there, hmm?
  13. I too would have preferred "Charlemagne".
  14. Let's all vote Fuso!!
  15. "Cluster near the carrier! The enemy will shoot him first!"
  16. They aren't at the bottom.
  17. I want to add that, even though she's widely viewed as one of the best cruisers, you should still be reasonable in how you play her. Even the most overpowered ship will die in moments if focused down by half the enemy team.
  18. First time I've ever heard someone consider Cleveland the worst cruiser. Trust me when I say your first impressions are only skin-deep; she's still one of the best cruisers in the game relative to her tier. I'd recommend checking out this video by UrPeaceKeeper about the Cleveland and her strengths. I'm sure once you find the magic in her(it's a fire element!) you'll enjoying playing the ship a lot more.
  19. My brother plays this a lot now, so I'm somewhat familiar with the game. I don't think I'll be playing it anytime soon however. I do want to take a moment and mention that I really like the character designs and I feel Azur Lane has found the same magic that makes a lot of Kancolle's designs really good for ship girls. There's been quite a few copycat games that I feel have girls designed just to be cute and attractive and with ship parts slapped on them, but Azur Lane has a consistent formula and a good blend of the girl and the ship parts and whatever theme relevant to their nation(like all of the Japanese ship girls having fox/wolf motifs and all of the German girls having that demon mouth ornament on their equipment.) A lot of the USN girls are going to be my go-to designs when I think of those ships, particularly Cleveland, Brooklyn and South Dakota.
  20. I never quite get why people complain about not getting in the fight with the US Standards. Sure, 21 knots is relatively slow, but it's still enough to get you to the battle if you don't do something foolish like sail the J line along the border. While it's not just US BB players who do it, they're the ones who will suffer the worst from that tactical mistake because their speed leaves them out in the open with their pants down 20 km away from the nearest enemy. Other nations' BBs have the speed to correct for that mistake and catch up; US BBs - until North Carolina - don't. Basically if you're in anything that does 24 knots or less, don't try to be fancy with your strategic maneuvers: point your bow at the enemy and go. Once you're well within firing range(13 km or closer,) then by all means maneuver as you like.
  21. Not a fan. I'll take a Fuso, an Arizona, a Warspite, a Bayern, even a Dunkerque over a Queen Elizabeth.
  22. It really depends on the torp range and the ship's concealment. I wouldn't use TA on anything that has 10km or less range on their torpedoes.
  23. Just looks like another copycat(seriously, they even ripped off the Abyssals?) that hasn't figured out why Kancolle is as popular as it is.
  24. So after seeing those videos by Jingles and Flamu about Warplanes 2.0, I finally decided to have a go at it. Wow. I never thought I'd have legit fun with WoWP. I mean, sure, way back in the CBT I kinda liked flying the Fw 57 and the Buffalo, but at a point(especially during the event to get gold by playing 100 matches in a time limit) it suddenly got really unappealing to play. Currently proceeding up the Japanese fighter line(on Ki-43-I), the Japanese MR line(on A5M), the US MR line(on F3F) and the German HF line(on Fw 57). I got some of those free premiums too, and in the Airacobra I ran into phontomen and shot him down. I'm actually tempted to dial back on the WoWS play and focus more on WoWP for a while.
  25. kongo

    It was a combination of the overhaul of carrier aircraft - namely the removal of a lot of low-tier biplanes and high-tier jet fighters - and nerfing the power of the 25mm AA mounts(this part was honestly needed because for such a below-average AA gun it was ridiculously strong and every Japanese battleship had tons of them.)