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  1. US DDs would be the ideal choice, especially as your first.
  2. Nothing worth getting angry over. I imagine they already had Massachusetts modeled and ready to go since she's basically a palette-swap of Alabama. If they don't give her any dumb gimmicks like radar, then she can just be an alternate purchase option to Alabama. In short, wake me up when we get California.
  3. Kirov and Aoba. Kirov with AFT, AA mod and manual AA gets something like 110 DPS at 7.2km with her DP guns. That's quite impressive at tier 5, especially against wimpy TBs like the Kate and Devastator. Aoba has the good old "IJN cruisers have crap AA" reputation working for her; with a full AA build she actually has something like third or fourth best AA power for tier 6 cruisers, and since she's Japanese enemy CVs usually don't care if they fly near you.
  4. I've been having a grand ol' time this weekend... and it scares me.
  5. It's really something when I get Tears of the Desert, epicenter mode, a dozen times more than Ocean. I'd have gladly fought on Ocean rather than that map every time.
  6. Of all the premium ships to complain about, Atago and Texas? Like, I kinda can understand Atlanta, but those two?
  7. Could you guys take another look at spawn positions for ships? Specifically for very slow ships on large high-tier maps. Spawning on the far east or west side of the team in a ship like Iron Duke or Colorado is very demoralizing, as that either means you're certain to get found and sunk immediately by the enemy carrier, ganged up on by the enemy push on your side of the map, or you are left behind while the rest of the team finishes the battle elsewhere on the map before you can join up.
  8. Basically this. While I'm doing all that superficial damage to BBs, there's a CA role being left undone elsewhere. And that 60,000 damage sticks a lot more when it's done to CAs and DDs. That's easily 3 DDs that could have been sunk, which would go a lot further towards a win for the team as well.
  9. So if I'm in a cruiser and do 60,000 damage to battleships using HE+fire, and they repair all of that damage, what did I actually contribute?
  10. Oh this is certainly a new and interesting battle to do a movie about! Oh, wait...
  11. Y'know, I really should start watching RWBY.
  12. If the target is preoccupied and can't really fight back against you then there's little reason not to, unless you need to keep stealthed for bigger reasons(like getting around a flank, or into a cap, etc.)
  13. It's just recolors of the basic type 1&2 camos, not a special camo that gives XP bonuses.
  14. I just wish one of them was a Japanese ship; we'll get special camo for the other five main nations except Japan.
  15. Except y'know, being the final mission he also unlocks Yamamoto and all of the other perks the whole campaign gives you. The supercontainer is a bonus.