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  1. If the alternate camo just didn't have the jarring brown stains on it it could have been a great alternative to the IJN greens. Like, a darker blue or something.
  2. Well I mean technically it still hasn't reached version 1.0 yet. We're only on 0.6.
  3. Look at the pictures you yourself posted. That's the original battlecruiser hull. They modified the battleship refit a second time in 1935 to increase the speed back to 30 knots by lengthening the stern and replacing the old boilers and turbines.
  4. Uh, you do know the battlecruiser setup for Kongo was removed, right? The A and B hull are both her "fast battleship" incarnation, with the B hull just adding mid-war AA mounts. You're still in the battleship Kongo with the current A hull. Mostly likely WG will remarket the removed battlecruiser hull as a premium ship named Kirishima or Haruna.
  5. Honestly, if the heroes locked behind 40 hours of grind were not Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, the two primary characters of the Star Wars franchise, I don't think this would have turned into such a ****storm as it did. This would be like if a new DBZ fighting game came out, and Goku was locked behind a massive grind/paywall. There's also the fact that 40 hours of grind in a FPS is a ridiculous amount, especially when considering that's for ONE unlockable.
  6. I would not use radio location on a battleship. On certain destroyers and maybe cruisers, yes, but pinpointing the exact direction of the nearest enemy is not particularly helpful for battleship play. If fighting against DDs, a combination of the minimap and last-known positions of enemy DDs, whether or not you're spotted, and positions of other ships is enough information to help with defensive driving against possible torpedo attack.
  7. I'll put it this way: Aoba is one of my favorite ships in the game, and one of only two ships that I bought premium camo for.
  8. Y'know what makes this even more bitter? EA themselves used to be a pioneer for good games. One of my favorite games from childhood was this gem:
  9. I sure would like to play a new, fun Star Wars game with a lot of love and heart put into it... *continues waiting patiently for a long, long time*
  10. I relish being able to kick in a Tirpitz/Bismarck's face using my Fuso.
  11. I feel another thing that leads to this sort of personality is many of the ships below tier 8 are from an era where each WWII-era navy was still experimenting with ideas and going through teething stages. The ships from tier 8 and up are the results of this process, hence why you have a bunch of ships with very similar traits(like the joke about all new tier 10 BBs just being Montana clones.)
  12. Some other terms you'll run into: Citadel: the heart of the ship, aka the weakpoint. Also the most heavily-armored part of the ship. Shooting and penetrating the citadel results in the maximum damage possible for your shell type. Strike CV: a carrier using a bomber-heavy loadout. For most US carriers, this means they won't have any fightercraft. Overpen: When the shell hits a ship, but has too much penetration power and punches through without exploding in the ship, resulting in only 10% of the maximum damage possible. Happens a lot with large guns vs. DDs and other ships' extremities like the bow and superstructure. Broadside: The side of the ship being exposed when all main guns are brought to bear on a target. When a ship shows their broadside, this is their most vulnerable moment as it flattens out their armor and makes it very easy to penetrate, even if it's a battleship. Bow-on: When you point the bow of your ship directly at the enemy. If the armor of the ship's bow is more than the penetration of the shell that hits it, the shell will not penetrate and do no damage. However, if the bow is less than that, the shell will penetrate and hit the flat athwartship armor behind it, which in many cases will result in a penetration or citadel hit. Angling: Much like "side-scraping" in tanks, but without the building/obstacle to hide behind. The idea of angling here is to present the angled belt armor of the ship to whoever is shooting at you while also angling the athwartship armor. This is mainly useful against ships who would otherwise punch right through your bow when you're bow-on toward them.
  13. The mid-tiers are the meat of the game for me. You have some of the most varied ship combinations to encounter, and there's a special sort of satisfaction to performing well in a tier 5 in a tier 7 game, tier 6 in tier 8, etc. Having played a decent amount of games in the tier 8~10 bracket is enough to dissuade me from getting more tier 10s than the Yamato(though admittedly I am still interested in the Minotaur.) Bit of a conundrum for me, since the Yamamoto campaign is all tier 8 and higher so my progress on it has been slow and feels like a slog. Once I get him I'm probably going to park my tier 8/9 ships for a while.
  14. I would be much more interested in a tier 8 Duke of York with a proper heal and the same(or slightly buffed) stats as a fully-upgraded KGV, than this tier 7 one.
  15. This is the same WG that thought Belfast was fine at tier 7 until a month ago.