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  1. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Rest in peace, dseehafer. You were a great member of this community and we'll miss you.
  2. Instead of HSF....

    Should watch Nanoha instead to see where Madoka got it's influence. Solving problems through the use of superior firepower.
  3. Honestly, I bet a nobody like me could rewrite the story, keep all of the main outcomes of the plot, and still make it all make more sense than TLJ actually did.
  4. Looks like some of the new girls will be captains afterall.
  5. Well that's... kinda disappointing.
  6. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    I didn't go in with expectations outside of "I hope this is good." I'm one of those people who didn't glue myself to fan theories about Snoke or what Luke was doing, because I wanted to be open minded and see where the story was going to go. The story didn't go very far. A third of the movie was wasted on side-story hijinks that ultimately didn't accomplish anything in the plot. During a giant life-or-death chase scene on a time limit. Which had the same starting line and finishing line(Rebels gotta escape the planet).
  7. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    They're not laughing with the film, they're laughing at it.
  8. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    I can't think of another Star Wars movie that had worse writing. Yes, that includes the prequels! Plot holes, mood whiplash, false suspense, subplot filler that ended up not propelling the story in any meaningful manner, multiple new plot/conflict threads introduced and then dropped minutes later or only executed halfway... Like, don't even look at the "Star Wars" part of it. Just the merits of it as a movie on it's own.
  9. Just got Aoba Today

    I would suggest aiming mod or AA mod over the turret mod. You have the fastest-firing 203mms at your tier and for the next couple tiers, you shouldn't weaken that advantage. The benefit to traverse is only a couple seconds; EM already brings it down to around 30 or 31 seconds which is good enough. For captain skills, I would have ditched demo expert for vigilance. CE should obviously be your tier 4 skill when you get to it.
  10. Garbage ships at mid tier

    Cleveland is one of a handful of ships I bought back just because of how good a ride she is. No need to juggle torpedo use or smoke use, just good ol' guns, 12 of them. Load up the high-explosive, sit behind a low island, set everyone on fire. Or steal into someone's smokescreen, or sneak around a flank, go off on your lonesome since enemy carriers are too scared of your anti-air power to come close. It's good because of how EASY she is to play. Probably one of the ships with the lowest skill floor in the game, like St. Louis or Bogatyr.
  11. I disagree. The ship being intimidating makes the notch that much more impressive.
  12. I think Tone works better as tier 7, just because we already have Atago filling the tier 8 spot for a premium cruiser.
  13. I presume he means more that you have 9 planes, but can't actually deploy them all in the course of a 20 minute battle.
  14. Mostly anything British-designed, particularly QE or KGV-class. The castle-like superstructure has a presence that I feel is unmatched by most other BBs not named Yamato. Something like Bismarck or Scharnhorst is up there too, though those feel more "fortress" than a full-on castle.