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  1. T8 French DD Le Terrible

    (((Interest intensifies)))
  2. Seattle: Why Bother?

    People actually struggle to get over 100k damage in Cleveland in Cherry Blossom? Wow. The two Aobas that appear partway through the night battle section is a guaranteed 60k that a single player can solo. After that, just slaying destroyers can easily put you over 100k. Hardly a case to make about US light cruisers being bad.
  3. She's not flashy or amazing, but thanks to her radar and good US AP shells she can land some game-changing kills.
  4. >People replying "But Worcester doesn't need a buff!!1!" >Worcester has no secondaries to begin with
  5. Let's have a go at it! New Year's ship: HMS Dreadnaught, tier 3 BB WoWS Anniversary ship: Akitsushima, tier 2 Japanese "CV" *cough*, seaplane tender Free XP ship #1: USS Johnston, tier 9 DD Free XP ship #2: Shigure, tier 8 Japanese DD, original Shiratsuyu setup with both smoke and torpedo reload booster in separate slots French DD tree: Le Terrible, tier 8 French DD Dutch CA tree: none, as you kinda need all their cruiser classes just to make the tree British CV tree: HMS Unicorn, tier 6 British CV, introduces new CV consumable "Aircraft Repair" that regens 1/3 of the CV's lost aircraft capacity per use Italian BB tree: none, since Roma fills this role CV rework #1: Tone, tier 7 Japanese CA CV rework #2: Bearn, tier 6 French CV Mediterranean Campaign: Pola, tier 6 Italian CA General Premium #1: USS Constellation, tier 8 battleship(Lexington-class battlecruiser) General Premium #2: Junyo, tier 6 Japanese CV General Premium #3: USS Gambier Bay, tier 5 CV General Premium #4: USS Arkansas, tier 4 BB, without the extra high-tier upgrade slots the Beta version has General Premium #5: Iwaki, tier 4 Japanese CL, without the Firing Mod 0 upgrade option the Alpha version has General Premium #6: Ninghai, tier 4 Pan-Asian CL General Premium #7: Verniy, tier 7 Soviet DD General Premium #8: NMS Marasti, tier 5 Romanian(Pan-European) DD; can choose between 3x1 152mm or 2x2 120mm main guns General Premium #9: Isuzu, tier 5 Japanese CL, AA refit version General Premium #10: USS West Virginia, tier 7 BB, post-refit design General Premium #11: Ise, tier 6 Japanese hybrid BB/CV General Premium #12: HMS Exeter, tier 6 CA General Premium #13: Almirante Cervera, tier 6 Spanish(Pan-European) CL General Premium #14: HNoMS Sleipnir, tier 3 Norwegian(Pan-European) DD General Premium #15: USS San Francisco, tier 7 CA General Premium #16: Kitakami, tier 8 CL This is mostly off the top of my head, though I did have to look up the Spanish and Swedish entries. So I've probably missed some obvious and not-so-obvious ones. Though some like Akagi and Shinano I feel should be tech tree ships, not premiums. Alaska? Yudachi? What's that, some kind of food?
  6. Secondaries-build USS San Francisco plz
  7. Wargaming, just put hydro and engine boost in the same slot for crying out loud.
  8. It's basically thus: After defeating the Empire at Endor, the war lasted only another year before the Rebels beat the Empire for good at Jakku(and the battle is convoluted as **** by the way.) Afterward, Mon Mothma reestablishes the Republic, and IMMEDIATELY begins a widespread disarmament of the Republic's military. They outright make Mon Mothma into a giant [edited] believing that removing the guns will promote peace. Sure, it works for the first two decades, but because nobody is out hunting down the remnants of the Empire that form the First Order, the First Order becomes a sizable dangerous force and then starts striking back at Republic territory. Leia, one of the few Republic leaders who isn't retarded, insists on forming an army to counter the First Order threat; the Republic officially denounces her after finding out she's the daughter of Darth Vader and she has to go rogue to form a "resistance" against the First Order, and is only supported under the table by certain factions in the Republic(they basically give her obsolete ships and equipment to use, which is the explanation for the existence of the terrible Fortress bombers in The Last Jedi.) The members of the resistance only number in the hundreds. Yes, hundreds. Out of a galaxy of trillions of sentient life forms the resistance doesn't even have enough people to fully staff a single Nebulon-B Frigate.
  9. Just to clarify, the Bothans stole the plans to the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, not the first Death Star. The opening crawl to the original Star Wars says, paraphrased, "Rebel spaceships striking from a secret base win their first victory against the evil Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies manage to steal plans to the Death Star."
  10. That's another thing... where the hell would they even keep those bombers in the fleet with how ludicrously tall they are? They'd barely fit in the Raddus' main hangar, but only if the Raddus wasn't carrying its own squadrons. But they're under Holdo's command, so they'd be attached to the frigate, and there's no way that ship has anywhere to put these bombers. Seriously, WHERE do the bombers even go!?
  11. The one surface battle the Atlanta and Juneau were in was a poor situation to judge their surface combat capability: a panicked, mismatched night battle where the Atlanta was mission-killed by friendly fire. And even then, they managed a solid showing of shooting up the Japanese destroyers, with Atlanta contributing to the sinking of Akatsuki. Atlanta had to be scuttled after taking 8-inch shell hits and a Japanese torpedo, and Juneau was also sunk by Japanese torpedoes. These causes for their loss are no different from what caused the loss of heavy cruisers like Astoria or Northampton. Considering the Japanese navy's heavy use of destroyers throughout the war, the Atlanta-class cruisers would have performed just fine in further surface engagements.
  12. USS Helena

    Basically this. I'll be glad to finish the Dallas grind post-haste.
  13. You can't really do a good secondaries build on German BBs until tier 6 or 7 anyway, and at those tiers the French BBs are better at it. As for tier 5, Konig is just a faster New York. Once you get to the Bismarck though... For US BBs, get used to being slow, and plan ahead several more steps than you would in any other battleship. You're not a backline sniper, but not a close-range brawler either. Something of a mid-range power projector.
  14. Sir Alec Guinness didn't hate playing as Obi-Wan, he hated that that role overshadowed his entire career as an actor. As for The Last Jedi, I'm in the camp that does not like it(and I had enjoyed The Force Awakens previously.) If you put aside everything Star Wars(so put aside Luke's fate, Super Leia, Ackbar dying in the background, etc for a moment,) the movie itself is convoluted and full of plotholes, asspulls and convenient character stupidity for sake of moving the nonsensical plot. Like, for example, the entire space chase taking place in less than 20 hours, the Resistance being low on fuel, but somehow the shuttlecraft used by Finn and Rose is able to jump across the galaxy and come back within that time span AND have no problem with the low fuel we were just told was an issue. Meanwhile, Rey is doing her training on Achto spanning the course of multiple days at the same time. Or how DJ was somehow able to know about the cloaking devices on the Resistance shuttles("No ship that small has a cloaking device!") even though Poe, Finn and Rose did not know this detail so it would have been impossible for him to know. Because it's not like Holdo told anyone the plan anyway. The thing is, TLJ being a bad movie affects way more than the movie itself: Star Wars is like a huge stew pot with multiple cooks. If one cook adds something terrible to the pot, now every cook has to deal with the crap floating in it. That's why Legends needed what was basically an overseer team to keep plot lines reasonably intact between dozens of novels and video games, and things like character deaths or other major additions to the lore had to go past the core writing team. For example, Chewbacca's fate in the New Jedi Order was something the entire team had to agree on before it could go ahead. At this point, they can do whatever they want with the new canon, I don't care. Legends still exists, aka the original canon. New canon didn't even want to revisit Rogue Squadron...
  15. USS Dallas

    Dallas is probably the first cruiser I'd say needs IFHE before concealment, if training up a captain naturally and thus reaching 10-points at around tier 5 or 6. Concealment only boosts from 11.5km to 10.1km, which actually doesn't give her a particularly big benefit as anything that you can sneak around with 10.1km you still can with 11.5km(like most bigger cruisers or any battleships) while conversely almost anything that can out-spot you with 11.5km will still out-spot you with 10.1km(all DDs, smaller CAs like Leander.) You also want to unlock the range upgrade ASAP.