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  1. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Sighhhhhhhhhh. I even went ahead and bought a few gems to give me a couple more chances at building Shoukaku, but nope, no Shoukaku. I even got a 4:30 timer pop up and I was "finally!" but no, it was ILLUSTRIOUS.
  2. Seraphil

    Japanese fleet in San Francisco Bay?

    Yamato in the center, with Taiho to her port side and Takao to her starboard. Can't really identify the others.
  3. Seraphil


    The hell's a Worchester?
  4. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Jesus, a second Enterprise this soon after the first one but still no Shoukaku.
  5. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I'm gonna buy the beehive gun just for the lulz
  6. Seraphil

    So I was watching this new anime

    I knew it was going to be Goblin Slayer... it's got people's knickers in a twist!
  7. I am being forced to download the ship data in the client when they add it to the game in whichever future update they choose. Maybe one ship isn't a whole lot of data, but we have multiple clones in the game already, and this is going to add up over time.
  8. I'm still affected by this even if I don't buy it. 1. It bloats up the game's data needlessly with clones. It's bad enough having junk like Fujin and the Lima duplicates. At least something like Prinz Eugen has some differences from her tech tree counterpart like her camo effects. 2. It bloats the pool of available premiums that can drop from a supercontainer.
  9. By design a CVE line would be impossible. CVEs were small, slow and had barely 30 aircraft or less. They weren't meant for fleet duties but rather things like convoy escort and other secondary roles(though later they were used en masse to fill in for large aerial operations.) Tier 6 would be the highest I could see a CVE and that's still stretching it with the Commencement Bay-class. It'd be a worse Independence. On the flipside, a Casablanca-class(*cough*GambierBayWhitePlainsStLoBattleOffSamar*cough*) would work nicely as a tier 5 premium.
  10. Either Yorktown is now added at tier 7, or Lexington was dropped to tier 7 and Yorktown is in now at tier 8. Or the surprise choice of Wasp at tier 7. Kinda doubt that one though.
  11. Seraphil

    Beta test for CVs will require WGC.

    You guys know you can close down WGC after launching World of Warships right? So you don't have to have it running in the background.
  12. WG continuing to make **** nobody wants.
  13. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I swear this game... still no Shoukaku doing Limited Build but instead I get another duplicate Prinz Eugen, two San Diegos and then suddenly ENTERPRISE. I am conflicted between being annoyed and happy.
  14. Seraphil

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I'm against this because it just adds more bloat data into the game; we already have two identical Atagos, and now introducing a third one that are all the exact same ship besides the camouflage? The game data is already huge as-is. If they want to sell a "Black Atago" then sell an Atago bundled with the Black camo. Ditto for the other ships.
  15. Seraphil

    IJN DD Battle Music

    The theme I have in mind for aggressive IJN DDs And then when you gotta put your carry pants on...