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  1. Wouldn't it be Yamamoto-Chokan? Pretty sure I've seen that term used for him since it's short for his full title as CiC of the IJN.
  2. Yeah, this is not spam. Hell, he was even being polite with saying please too. I've seen some serious spam before, like this one guy about a week ago was spamming the F3 quick command at everyone around him so it clogged up the entire chat window. But he apparently didn't get a chat ban(I did report him for chat misbehavior but I guess not enough people cared to do the same.)
  3. That mod can only be used on ships tier 8 and higher.
  4. nice boat bait
  5. Main line. Shiratsuyu was always a gimmick ship where the gimmick made her situationally OP. Now she's just decent but in all honesty Kagero and especially Yugumo do her role way better. The new 8 second TRB with F3 torpedoes is really fun.
  6. Saw Triela50 yesterday in a tier 8 match. Despite our efforts our team lost rather badly.
  7. But, the odds of successful navigating that minefield are 3,720 to 1! And now for the obvious theme music
  8. A premium KGV at tier 7 would have a few benefits over a tier 8 tree KGV, such as a better matchmaking for the ship's capabilities due to being tier 7. I don't think Prinz would be nearly as disliked if she had been a tier 7 version of the Hipper rather than a clone at the same tier.
  9. Yeah no, not gonna go at it with someone who starts a post saying this.
  10. Seems we're on a roll with bad changes being added nobody asked for...
  11. Ranked from favorite on down: 1. Akatsuki 2. Yugumo 3. Fubuki 4. Hatsuharu 5. Shiratsuyu Don't have Akizuki so we'll see where she sits when I get her. I don't particularly care for Kamikaze's style of play so I don't really use her; I'd just use Fubuki or Shinonome instead. Kagero is nice but why use her when Yugumo is better at everything.
  12. I thought about manual secondaries for a while, and even now I'm not 100% sure on where I stand, but I lean more toward "don't need it" with how I use Tirpitz/Bismarck and a to a lesser extent Scharnhorst/Gneisenau. With the range buff, the secondaries can now reach out to 9.4km with just the secondary module and the signal flag, which I feel is enough. This means I can ditch AFT off a build and free up 4 points for other things like JoaT, High Alert, BoS. Generally, the ships I'm going to end up close enough to fire secondaries at are usually enemy BBs or DDs. With BBs, MS might mean more hits, but many of those hits will be non-pens for no damage, meaning the only benefit is more chances of setting fires. But you can hit anywhere on the hull to set a fire. Now DDs for sure are good targets for MS, but at the same time I feel your main battery should be your main tool for knocking them out. Plus your secondaries aren't going to be firing on them easily if you turn toward them in preparation to dodge torpedoes. So if you toss AFT and MS, you now how 8 points to use on other skills while still having rather decent secondaries. Maybe not amazing super awesome, but I'm generally getting around 10k. sometimes 20k or more, extra damage from secondaries, not including fires, and I feel that's satisfactory.
  13. I guess I'll plug one of my favorites as well: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Was a revolutionary spin on the genre(which directly influenced the popular Madoka Magica several years later,) including a much more action-packed, explosive spin on magic fighting complete with beam spamming and blowing things up with magi-science weapons with artificial AI. Complete with a main character(the girl in my avatar) who doesn't take no for an answer when she asks to be friends with you: she'll just beat you up until you agree. Unless she's not planning on being friends with you, then she just beats you up. Or her friend with the laser scythe beats you up. Another neat thing with the series is the characters gradually grow up: season 3 is set ten years after season 2, where Nanoha is training a new generation of mages. Then season 4 comes along set six years after, where Nanoha now has her own family and her daughter is coming into her own as a different style of mage: one who punches people with magic-powered fists in futuristic MMA tournaments.
  14. You might like Youjo Senki. An alternate WWI setting with flying mages in a similar method to Strike Witches, but more action drama than fanservice.
  15. They're both pretty blah destroyers. Basically worse versions of the Nicholas.