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  1. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Actually, that's sorta how I ended up deciding on Exeter. She was the first girl to reach Love status in my fleet.
  2. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    See, that method doesn't work for me since several of the girls I really like have basically no fanart at all or extremely little. Exeter, West Virginia, Glowworm, Downes, Northampton...
  3. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Errrgghh, I have Exeter set as secretary for Valentine's since I really like her, but I'm still second-guessing myself since there's multiple other girls I'd want to pick too: Z23, Warspite, Cleveland, Nelson, Shigure, Yudachi, Downes, West Virginia, Zuikaku, Saratoga, Glowworm, Helena, Deutschland...
  4. Shooting down 38 planes wouldn't have deplaned a single Ryujo or Ranger pre-patch, let alone two of them. Pre-patch they also could have baited your DFAA, then cross-dropped you with the squadrons they kept waiting in the air nearby when it cooled off.
  5. Seraphil

    WG - Wrong Planes on Enterprise

    The planes on all the CVs are completely messed up. The only CVs that even come close to having appropriate airwings are Ryujo and Ranger. A lot of it could be fixed by getting rid of the fictional plane choices at tier 10 and bumping up other planes to the next CV in tier.
  6. Seraphil

    Japanese BBs

    MFW people say this when Myogi has the best dispersion values of any tier 4 battleship, with a solid 1.8 sigma. She has almost the same accuracy as the later Kongo and Amagi by a matter of a couple meters. A derp cannon is what something like Kaiser or Wyoming would be.
  7. You should play a tier 4 CV, see how "easy" it is to kill tier 3s when your torps only do around 2500 damage a hit, and you can only drop one at a time, and WG just drastically reduced the chance to cause flooding with aerial torps. The only thing a tier 3 need to consider a possible threat from tier 4 CVs is the Langley's rockets, as she can fire off more in a volley than a Hosho can, so more chances to hit, more chances to set fires. But relying on one type of bomber means a lot of downtime waiting for them to recall and replenish on deck.
  8. What I find worrisome is that he's declared that he will teamkill anyone who doesn't play his way.
  9. And this is any different from CVs pre-patch for the last three years how? CVs have always been able to spot you early, and blap you in conjunction with the surface ship attacks you take. Pre-patch your Furutaka would have been nuked in a single torpedo manual drop, without the Nagato even involved.
  10. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They already revealed Portland and Indy. That's why I said it sucks they wasted a playable slot on Portland, and Indy for her part is a support-only character.
  11. Seraphil

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I totally get Illustrious, but Ajax? Not quite feeling it. Bad enough they wasted a playable character slot on Portland.
  12. But rather, the choice of aircraft the carriers carry. When we look at the plane stats, many of them are game numbers like HP and plane restoration time which can be changed at Wargaming's leisure. We can see this with Lexington's Helldivers as both the TB and DB Helldivers have different numbers. The Avenger torpedo bomber appears on exactly one ship, Lexington, and as a stock plane. The same goes for the famous F6F Hellcat and several others. The issue is also present with Japanese CVs, as the D3A Val isn't even available on the Shokaku anymore, only on Ryujo as a stock plane. The Hakuryu looks like a mess, with Reppus doubling as dive bombers, and still having the twin-engine fighters as fantasy carrier planes. With the new CV rework, we will be seeing the planes up close in our control way more than we ever did before patch 0.8.0, so I feel having the appropriate aircraft on CVs is important to the enjoyment. Since most plane stats aren't rigidly historical, they can be changed to balance planes for their appropriate tiers. What kinda gets me is most of the CVs had all their proper aircraft before the rework, so I don't see why it was necessary to move so many of them around.
  13. Seraphil

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    When I shoot down 8 planes with a B hull Benson, "AA has been nerfed" certainly doesn't cross my mind.
  14. They showed a screenshot of what the trees will look like later: the US second CV line will be Bogue-Independence-Yorktown-Essex.
  15. Seraphil


    It seems to be a fusion of Sasebo(the general shape of the port and the woody hills) and Yokosuka(the drydocks), with Mt. Fuji and Himeji Castle added to the background.