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  1. The fujin was for sale, that might be what you remember. Still wish I had gotten one, love the camo...
  2. echelon5

    Quick note on Aslain's

    I just want nomogram's dynamic site back...
  3. echelon5

    CV Rework Feedback

    Somebody's pity party didn't go as planned...
  4. I'm happy with them. Got 20 small boxes, 20 medium boxes. Got Anshan, T-61, Belfast, Nueve de Julio, and at least several others I can't remember right now. Were they the ones I was hoping for? Not necessarily, but I'm happy to have gotten them.
  5. I'm reminded of how DD's were going to be extinct when RDF was announced. Or how BB's were going to be extinct when the Asashio was announced. And how this has happened innumerable times since the games launch. I will continue to wait and see.
  6. echelon5

    Republique armor has a black hole?

    It could be the same effect as when you score a pen against an AA gun or something. The gun absorbs all the damage and registers as a pen, but doesn't do any actual damage.
  7. So what you are saying is you've never played the game?
  8. Something I don't quite understand is that some of the people posting are acting as though the coming update is the Final Product when WG has said there will be several rounds of balance adjustments. I remain cautiously optimistic and will continue to follow its progress.
  9. Not terrible, just very meh. At least for me.
  10. echelon5

    Alaska price riot thread

    The price increased because the medium to get it is now easier to obtain. Whether you consider that fair or not, it's still the case.
  11. echelon5

    Attention BBs!

    I think I was in that game...
  12. echelon5

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    As a battleship collector, and someone who likes the look of the old dreadnought/WW1 hulls, I'm excited for this.
  13. echelon5

    Monaghan and Massachusetts

    I was logged in to the shop and still couldn't find Mass until I checked the "Specials" tab. Was not listed under "ships".