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  1. Nope. At least while watching paint dry in the garage , I will have something tangible to look at and touch ( after the paint dries ). Anybody remember the old saying " death by a thousand paper cuts " ? Remember back when you could cough up a few bucks and had a game you could play to your hearts content , or play it if the internet went down ? Starting to feel like they are just bringing in the cows to the barn , hooking up the milking machine , turning it on and walking away while the machine does its job.
  2. Gafwmn

    We lost another good one.

  3. Maybe this explains why when I land 7 out of 9 HE rounds on the broadside of a cruiser and maybe (?) take out a torp/AA/2nd mount , instead of ripping it all off. Maybe explains why my Nelson captain is agitated all the time.
  4. Gafwmn

    a bug Concerning secondary builds

    The numbers have been off for the last 3 updates.
  5. Gafwmn

    Weird error

    Kinda hard to if the keyboard your using does not have such a key...ie windows bootcamped on a mac, such is my situation.
  6. Gafwmn

    This game is complete crap

    So, when do we get this one ? Mark 45 torpedo - Wikipedia
  7. Gafwmn

    12.3 has bugs, need some help.

    Apple has a whole section on " bootcamping" windows on a mac. That was the route I had to take when wows stopped supporting mac.
  8. Issue resolved. Apparently WGC tried to verify files while 9 gigs of data still needed to be downloaded. Fired up WGC this morning and it dl'ed the last 9 gigs and everything went fine. Thanks for the input.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Seems money is at the root of it. Well, looks like a nighttime re-download, as it took steam 7 hours to do it today. Oy vey.
  10. Had an issue with the latest update ( which I did not get to until this morning ) being corrupted and the verify files wouldn't work. So, I installed through steam and now it's telling me I need to pick a different name cause it's already in use. So, HOW can I get back into my account ?
  11. Gafwmn

    State Yer Name

    Mine came about back in 85'. Our Game Master ( we played a few ) was running some Star Fleet battles sessions and after getting our ***** handed to us time and time again , I asked the GM if I could use the star fleet construction book to design a ship ( by the book , and inclusive of a "loop-hole" we found) to try against his preferred D-7 fleet of 3 ships. Little did we know in the beginning that the D-7's were able to interlink their shields in tight formation. When I showed up with my new toy , he looked it over and tried to find ANY kind of flaw , but to no avail. So we tested it. Anybody wanna be on the receiving end of 128 photon torps ? The statement I made after rolling 128 mini 6-sided dice out of a #10 coffee can gave me the nick-name. If you want to know, pm me. The forums have a thing about language.
  12. Gafwmn

    Best way to grind XP?

    I just grind it away in coop, with the goal of being somewhere in the top 5 scorers. I just finished a personal milestone for battles. 3,823 battles in both Scharnhorst and Nelson. Gotta say the stats look better on the Nelson.
  13. Gafwmn


    The oil you earn is for the clan to build up the base.
  14. Gafwmn

    VIII Kansas vs VIII N. Carolina

    I personally wouldn't call the split " battlecruiser ". Its just 2 flavors of BB. Kansas has 40% torp damage reduction, and feels short and thick with a 40 sec reload. NC has a 26% torp damage reduction , slightly better range A lot depends on how you outfit them and playstyle. Call it Coke or Pepsi.
  15. Gafwmn

    Tied for First

    I have, had one yesterday, only I had the top slot.