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  1. Gafwmn

    OK, raise your hand if...

    LCVP-4 Coxswain , USS Bristol County LST-1198...…..like riding a stick of balsa wood in the pacific .
  2. Gafwmn

    Bot TK's

    Seems the AI watches out for itself and pulls off some amazing stuff....IF its red......IF its green , it then it doesn't care 1 way or another .
  3. Ah, we do not have a current LST....I know because I was stationed on the last of the Newport class LST's.....USS Bristol County LST-1198 . This looks like a design concept . Also known as a Long Slow Target . THE only ship in the Navy purposely designed to run aground . And that looks like a version of TAS , which it wouldn't have . And the bow doors / ramp system....no go.....unless the slope of the beach was 45 deg , which is highly unlikely . Maybe a cool design , but looks like somebodies late night bar napkin idea . Papa 4 coxswain /firefighter / damage control . 86' west pac .
  4. Stop and think about it . its a TEAM effort . In modern warfare its called combined arms. Anybody with military training understands this....sometimes you get to be in the spotlight , sometimes you don't . Each ship has a basic primary and a secondary role to play in the game . Learn to play the ship you chose properly . That being said , there are too many people that wanna call the shots that do not have a clue on whats best for the TEAM....they only think of their own "glory".....ie points and kills. Then you have the other end of the spectrum where they know its just a game and don't care what they do , they just wanna have fun doing it , and that irritates the ones that have the " must win at any cost " mentality . Add to that people that made poor tactical or strategic choices and got stomped right away , they blame everything under the sun EXCEPT their own choice which led to their going poof . The TEAMS that work together and can adapt to the constantly changing battlefield conditions are the ones that win . Not everybody can be the Admiral....sometimes you just gotta be a deck-ape . Either way , just do the best you can . Win or lose its just a game .
  5. Gafwmn

    Horrible ping?

    Just in case no one has thought about it......the internet is about strained to the max . People are online , not working . Look into streaming services in EU that have had to cut down video quality so as to not crash the web......and it may happen this week in the U.S. Every system and sub system are being pushed to the max .
  6. Gafwmn

    Curiosity getting the better of me

    That's why I bought a little house on 10 acres of heavy non-pine wooded land a few miles outside of town in 2018 . Life has taught me years ago to be as self sufficient as possible . Other than that I saw this coming months ago.....so I started getting ready then . People laugh and joke about the situation because they really have no clue....I do it because I know what's going on .
  7. Gafwmn

    World of Spam???

    Why HE ?.....because after a few rounds the amount of AA stations ( or other modules ) can be damaged / destroyed...now the planes can hit the ship while taking less damage......slap a few HE as your makin a torp run and you just might take out his torp launchers as you pass and launch yours . Fire works like flooding...DoT for points....makes them use the heals or repair party sooner / faster .
  8. Gafwmn

    Fight With Us Week 2

    ahhh….that's not what I see....anything I have done for base exp , if you have premium , you get that if you don't , you get only a fraction...used the free premium given for finishing collections to do the missions faster.....camo does NOT give the bonus for base , nor does first fight for the day . I'll get a screen shot up in a bit to show what I'm talking about . edit.....now I see upon clicking OP's pics that he does NOT have premium time.....not expanding the pics made me miss some subtle clues on the shot......my bad .
  9. Gafwmn

    Fight With Us Week 2

    Wait a minute.....I have 20 days premium and my results were based off the premium , NOT without......and it looks like the premium side IS lit up ( for the OP ) . Next question is whether or not its co-cp....cause you need to be in random if I'm not mistaken .
  10. Gafwmn

    Target Hits

    T5 and up for doing specials and day to day tasks , but if you want to get to T6 in a class , you gotta grind the exp on the T5 of that class .( this is where the gold FREE exp can also come into play ) Also , might help to look in the tech tree at some ( or most ) of the ships to get a look at their armor layout.....may help with placing shots for taking out modules or setting on fire . At some point your commander will get points to choose new skills to add to his list . Just remember that once you are able to do randoms instead of co-op , the mindset changes .Think of co-op as checkers while random is chess , and as with any game , patience is a virtue . Good luck and fair seas .
  11. Gafwmn


    Mostly I've played mine in co-op . From what I have seen , it makes a good PT boat . No point in turning AA off to hide cause planes take a bead on you from the moment they take off from the carrier , never mind how far they have to travel to get to you . Other than that she is fast and almost turns on a dime . Slap a speed flag on it and run n gun like the wind .
  12. Gafwmn

    Back from a 3-year hiatus!

    Go in with an open mind......what you once knew , may not be the case anymore .
  13. He told you here......container drop.....the Big Try Your Luck gamble container .
  14. Gafwmn

    How to spot a Bot Account

    Just as I get into a game I sometimes see chat that I was a bot account because I can't get loaded in until sometimes as long as 3 minutes into the match.....the higher the tier match the longer it takes to get in . That's why even in random I use f10 as soon as it lets me...then put the pedal to the floor and go .