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  1. Gafwmn

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    1.....and he just made it to 21 yesterday . Didn't spend anything just grinding since the " changes ". Now to work back the fxp and exp .
  2. Them be the ones . Still with the original package and cardboard .
  3. Nice . I still have the complete blue prints of the Enterprise ,TOS . Made in the 70's I think. 14 panels about 8" x 30" ( been awhile since I had them out ) .
  4. Gafwmn

    Who have you seen in game

    @Lord_Zath....died before I could back him up....dang slow Nelson 20210413_141541_PBSB517-Nelson_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  5. Gafwmn

    Grinding Nelson- The Journey

    Nelson was the first FXP ship I ever got . She will take a bit to get a handle on her . 46% fire chance standard with 102mm pen for the mains . She can burn all day as they have plenty of plywood to rebuild her . But......think New York or S.Carolina in terms of speed and steering . ALWAYS be aware of the mini map.....choose your heading wisely . In coop she is a blast.....randoms , not so much . And yes , I hunt DD's in her . Played right , she can delete a full health BB in 1 salvo of AP , up close and personal like .
  6. It was.....most of the old houses in my hometown have a " widow's watch " top level , to watch and wait for their husband's fishing boats to make it back into port.....and not all of them did .
  7. I was listening to the CG channels on the scanner the night of the storm....a radio ring side seat as it unfolded .
  8. Mission successful. It works and I'm back in game .
  9. Status update Currently typing this on bootcamp'ed win10 , and installing the game. We shall see how things progress .
  10. Gafwmn

    Habakkuk- where is Mouse's review?

    Nice....haven't been rick-rolled in many years.
  11. Gafwmn

    City in the Sky

    Looks like loading into minecraft...hehehe
  12. Situation being what it is , I am pondering having to bootcamp an iMac to continue playing. Can ya'll give me the good , bad , and ugly of such an folly ? Reason is my gf would rather have me blowing stuff up ingame than in the front yard. And go.........
  13. Gafwmn

    What happened here? Wrong answers only!

    Looks like the aftermath of mid-rats coffee getting spilled on the QD......eats right through everything .
  14. Gafwmn

    Starting up a new series - Let's Play PTO II!

    Just remember to " play your cards right ". That was the key for doing things like how I wanted to .
  15. Gafwmn

    Starting up a new series - Let's Play PTO II!

    I had a few hundred hours playing that back in the day....gotta love the ship designer....lot of 40 knot ships.....hehehe