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  1. Top photo looks like your " looking at it in port maybe gonna buy it ". Bottom photo...you own it , and maybe the upgrades give it a different look ?
  2. When did the tweek happen ? I believe that was the intended question .
  3. Gafwmn

    Almost forgot these were a thing : )

    Haven't had a triple coal in at least 6 months. Used to see 1 or 2 every week. Seems the % got nerfed .
  4. Gafwmn

    Subs are broken.

    Working as intended , otherwise you have people using the airstrike to attack everything......even DD's in smoke .
  5. Yes. Since the addition of steel in the dailies , if you have the time and eagerness . I have over 10k steel , though 3k are from 2 SC's. I wonder what the steel camo would look like on the ERIE ?.....hehehe
  6. Gafwmn

    GeForce NOW

    Look on the Mac site. They have a good support page to do just that , bootcamp windows. Its what I had to do when my gaming rig died and was stuck with an Imac.
  7. Gafwmn

    Screen shots

    Question for anyone that may know the answer . How can I do a screen shot on an IMAC keyboard ? Currently running win10 bootcamped on a i5 and no print screen button on keyboard.
  8. When I did mine I just spent coal for the cruiser collection boxes until I completed the collection. Though if memory serves , even with the button set to collect , they did not always drop every time .
  9. Gafwmn

    How do I get XP?

    You need to play the ship to gain XP to upgrade the hull or guns , then grind enough XP to research the next ship. Look at the ship's box with the captain to see what xp you have on that ship ( or look in the equipment to see what xp you have on that ship ). After battle , look at the credit / XP screen to see how much xp the ship earned. The ship XP is earned on each ship , its not a pool of / for all ships . Hope that helps .
  10. Gafwmn

    Trying to play old WoWs

    There is no way to do that . As the game" updates " the " old " version is gone . Forever .
  11. Found this out surfing and thought to share . Historic Naval Sound and Video (maritime.org)
  12. My only question is do you have a limited number of planes ? Doolittle's raid was a one-way flight for these planes. They could take off from the carrier , but cannot land on it , they landed in China, if I remember correctly. What is their reasoning for these aircraft , knowing full well once launched they could not return to the carrier .
  13. Seems like the survey is such that the more you answer their questions in the direction they want you to go, the closer the " data " is to agreeing with their spreadsheets .
  14. Its just co-op , but the AI DD just wouldn't let go of my bow . Enjoy . 20211227_093841_PGSC506-Admiral-Graf-Spee_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  15. Cause it's the perfect place to put the Nelson .