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  1. The Super Cruisers are not up for direct purchase, and so are subject for nerfs as any tech tree would be.
  2. TinStarShark

    WG about the cost of stuff. Can we talk?

    The worst thing about the steel monsters campaign, is that you would spend out 60$ for something that expires.
  3. TinStarShark

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    finished 2, 3 ,4, 5, and 10. have 2 6's , been doing those in ranked, and 2 9's left. still have 15 7's and 14 8's I still have a ways to go. It was about 70 ships that were eligible.
  4. This is wrong, that 100 ohm would be between 90 to 110, not be 90 to 110. The first is a set value. The other is the entire spread. Things can be within a spread, but they cannot be the spread. The way things a worded, even if slightly different, can change the meaning completely. +/-2 is what we have, I would like to see +/-1, but is is not as big a deal as in tanks.
  5. TinStarShark

    One new Premium DD

    The ship is part of a collaboration and once it is done the ship will be pulled from sale.
  6. TinStarShark

    One new Premium DD

    Harekaze, because once it's gone it won't be coming back.
  7. TinStarShark

    I am curious how many premium ships do you own?

    The first 20 as reward, 21 and 22 Free xp, the rest were purchased. Tachibana Lima Albany Katori Varyag Arkansas Beta ARP Kongo ARP Kirishima ARP Haruna ARP Hiei Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Shinonome Graf Spee ARP Myoko ARP Ashigara ARP Haguro ARP Nachi Southern Dragon Boise Duke of York ARP Takao Nelson Musashi Yubari Ishizuchi Fujin Texas Gremyashchy Monaghan HSF Graf Spee Gallant Sims Atlanta Nueve De Julio Asashio HSF Harekaze Atago Alabama Tirpitz Loyang
  8. TinStarShark

    Boise: The road to Nueve de Julio

    I started with Nueve de Julio and 25 battles later had Boise. 60% victory, 69600 average damage, 1.84 ships destroyed per battle, and a 4.6 destruction ratio. I grabbed IFHE first, and then AFT. I spec my american cruisers for anti-air duty, and have had no problems not having CE.
  9. TinStarShark

    Ships you suck at but shouldn’t

    Bismarck for me. 78 battles 38% wins.
  10. TinStarShark

    WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Shark for me
  11. TinStarShark

    Yorck vs shchors vs Helena vs Myoko

    Myoko, I have 6 of them.
  12. TinStarShark

    Nueve De Julio isn't looking good.......

    I won't get it unless its named Boise.