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  1. WillMyFingerDo

    Subs will be a good addition to the trinity of ships

    Do we get Jon Bon Jovi as a Captain and a premium U571?
  2. WillMyFingerDo

    Add T9 and T10 scenarios to the game

    Absolutely, this request
  3. This is exactly the temptation, or excuse we don't want
  4. What I can see is WG selling OP ships only to hit with a nerf bat after the money is collected. It's bad to even have that temptation out there.
  5. Spent $2 and got a Ashitaka, from the dollar menu. I quit right there, otherwise I'll spend more chasing other ships and end up paying for the Ashitaka outright.
  6. WillMyFingerDo

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    It hits hard but damn those gun will troll you.
  7. WillMyFingerDo

    Tier 9 Premiums

    I have enough free xp for 2 of 3, which would recommend of Musashi, Kronshtadt, and Alaska?