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  1. spudd1

    holiday ops

    I'm not one to shy away from a challenge but I will say that the 20/20 operation was well beyond a reasonable game play for a holiday scenario.
  2. aslain,I have been using your mod pack for several years without any issue at all until a few days ago when I installed your update to 8.8.1. . short story I ended up running an advance system repair which identified the problem as Win32/general.confuser/wow installer pack. deleted the entire mod pack. pc plus wow went back to normal with no hang ups ,disruptions, or hard drive errors. I know you say AV reports a lot of false positives but this was not caught by an AV program. just passing on as general information. I will continue to utilize mod pack in WOT but am hesitant in WOW until resolved. thanks spudd1
  3. Keep in mind that you need to switch to dynamic crosshair in the game options, otherwise you will see static one question: where do you find this setting . I have looked with no success.
  4. aslain it was the (x25 ) selection of the advance camera and zoom by mebius. the only two ship effected where the tier vi carriers -us and japan. All others loaded properly
  5. removed the Zeiss camera option in mode load up. Cured the underwater problem. thanks Aslain for all your hard work spudd1
  6. when I launch the jap carrier I end up under water can not do any thing but go back to port. launch game with out the mod and all is fine. no other ship so far has had this issue. any thoughts. have not changed any mod selections that I have been using in other versions.