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  1. _Prometh3us

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    So why hide behind an alt? It's cool, just not my flavor i enjoy in a ship.
  2. _Prometh3us

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    Lol then get the Stalin. The ship is dumb good, just play smart and don't get [edited]wrekt by HE
  3. _Prometh3us

    54% finally

    With 12k battles you will have a very hard time climbing that rate up more. Good job though, always nice to have goals.
  4. _Prometh3us

    Super Unicum needs help

    I mean, good for you. You rerolled and stomp pubbies. Get more battles to be considered a super uni.
  5. _Prometh3us

    Disappearing ships (Not behind smoke)

    Probly because they are either falling off radar/ hydro or hard spotted detection range, or they haven't shot their main guns for over 20secs. It's normal.
  6. _Prometh3us

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    Wow, very many salty players in here talking about them spending their money where they want. Sure, you reserve every right to do so, and obviously nobody can stop you. The big issue here to me is not that they are selling steel (Which is fine as it helps me too), but they're selling it at a ludicrous price point. They are fishing the waters trying to see what players will pay for premium currencies to get the semi gated ships. I can care less with what you guys spend your money on, but $60 for 4000 steel is absolutely ridiculous, and people can opinionate that they think you're wasting your money, even if you can "afford" it. This will just inflate their prices ever further for any other currencies they decide to add, or adjust. Doubloons are nearly worthless for many players, so they gate ships behind steel, and build hype, and smack a fat pricetag on said currency to open the gates for players to get gated items.
  7. _Prometh3us

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    ill be honest, spotter will never be worth it over radar. Until they change radar, it is fundamentally worse. Just do NOT be surprised to get this anymore when running a spotter on a radar cruiser, esp DM.
  8. _Prometh3us

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Then this is fundamentally an error in your logic. If you only use 1 radar per match in a Des, then you are too far back or completely ignorant to the match going on. Spotter only offers you more damage, not support. This is a team game, and DM thrives off of its radar. I should know, i have quite a bit of experience in it. Again, play as you see fit, but in the meta, it's selfish play that you're going to be called out on.
  9. _Prometh3us

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    DM running a spotter over radar isn't helping the team. It's actually hindering it. You're only helping by your damage, and that damage is negligible to what radar can offer. The meta is radar heavy, and USN radar is especially potent. While I dont condone the level of toxicity this player has shown, he is on some level, correct in saying you shouldn't run a spotter on DM. Do as you please, but im sure 90% of the players would recommend radar over spotter, at least any worth talking to.
  10. _Prometh3us

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    My 2 cents. If you die first, and blame your team, then I will look up your stats. If you yolo and overextend, i will look them up. If you suggest something bad, and refuse to see logic, then i will look them up. If you play well, make a mistake, and have common sense, then i will take you at your word. I usually look up stats to put a cap on their mouth if they proven they cant consistently know what to do, and should be called out. If you wanna learn then ask, don't be a hard head about your mistakes.
  11. _Prometh3us

    Raising the Dead, Discontinued Ships

    Did you play the beta? Did you earn it? No, then move on, and know you're never getting it. Sucks. These ships will never be sold again in the premium shop, most notably the Kami and her clones, the Belfast, and Kutuzov. Missouri is gone for good too. These ships vastly outperform, and needed to be removed. Problem is, you can't remove something that hundreds and thousands of people paid real money for and expect a severe backlash. WG knows this, so they simply removed them from being sold again and called it a day. They left them untouched, which is the right decision. WG will never nerf a premium or drastically change a ship in a negative light. (Few exceptions, Blysca and gremy stealth fire being prime ex). But that was a massive change to all ships, not just them single handedly. Missouri should never be obtainable again. Her credit making potential was insane, and her radar just made it so ridic. Can't change that ship for the people who have her. See, WG gave plenty of time to get these ships, and if you started after they were removed, then suck it up. Buy crates that give the chances to drop rare ships during Xmas. OR be super lucky in a Super C.
  12. _Prometh3us

    Match making and Captain skill

    lmbo no, never.
  13. No matter what WG does we will always have someone such as you complaining about it. The cossack will be less than $5 probly, and the arsenal is the hold for the currency you need to purchase the ship. It is simply in there because it fits well with "resources" to buy the thing, not because it means the arsenal will go behind the paywall.