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  1. _Prometh3us

    shikishima, bourgogne, stalingrad, or somers

    Stalin for most competitive clans will be needed, if you're into that sorta thing. But like Duck said, all about your play style and what you enjoy.
  2. I'm sorry, but that's a bit ignorant. You're ignoring a statistical tracker validating you're wrong, yet you want still say you're correct based off "eyeballs". My "eyeballs" tell me that you're wrong and i proved it with evidence to back it up. Not every night will be the same, sure you could be right at times, no doubt. But don't be that person
  3. At night refers to past 10pm pst. Sometimes it's only 8k players. https://steamcharts.com/app/552990 Check facts please. Disclaimer: Also, may not include non steam players, but this seems very accurate.
  4. Personally Ships doesn't have the population, especially at night for NA. Wait times would be excessively long at some points. Compound the fact that for example; T8 ships cam destroy T10 ships. Sure, some ships are completely useless when low tier, but say a Martel Vs a Conqueror is hilarious. You can dodge and eat his 32m armor for days. The matchmaking for Ships is def not as bad as tanks, which is why apart from premium ammo needs, made me quit tanks. TLDR MM is fine in ships.
  5. _Prometh3us

    Does French BBs actually have any weakness?

    It's lined with 32mm armor. It eats HE and Venz shells all day, and is a major weakness if you ask me. Their speed is their asset, and their guns are (mostly) reliable. The turtle back will keep most shells from citadel unless you come in at a high angle, or close enough to pen through her side armor belt to the citadel.
  6. Personally steel needs to stay the mission chain and competitive reward. It should not drop in containers (apart from super).
  7. _Prometh3us

    New Coal Ships to appear before coupon ends on 6/23?

    Doubt we will see any significant ship coming. WG hasn't announced any that being said, it is WG and you may see a ship come out of the blue to eat the coupon refresh
  8. _Prometh3us

    Coal: what to save up for/look out for in the armory

    Thunderer is insanely good. Def worth the coal. I personally don't find Yoshino or Marceau worth it. Saving coal is always a good choice if you really don't want the options you have atm. Coal is insanely hard to get and you dont wanna spend it on something you may want vs having something you want but cant get. And no news on coal ships any time soon, from what i do know. Flint and Black for sure, but probly a few months according to WG.
  9. i mean, telling one of the best competitive clans communities that their organization is sub par? i've seen it all today folks
  10. Few o7 will be coming, along with me! See ya there!
  11. _Prometh3us

    Identifying Very Important Players

    you're honestly so wrong my dude
  12. _Prometh3us

    Identifying Very Important Players

    you don't see a problem here? sure you're kinda average for the NA server, but you are blinded by hate of players that know how actually play. you can't be telling me you actually blame players for the T9-10 camping. That is because of Wargaming making most ships smoke, or island farming HE machines. You push too early you die, you hang back too much, you lose all map control. this post actually tells everyone why players with good stats get fed up with "below average players". you think you know everything, and can justify it by saying you dont care, i just play. you MUST care somewhat because youre here on the forums stirring this pot. unicums play the same game as you, same ships, with different builds probly, and have success at it, you could too, if you weren't so ignorant. you are literally a bot.
  13. _Prometh3us

    Unicums get preferential MM?? Really?

    if you have questions and want to actually learn, yes of course
  14. _Prometh3us

    Unicums get preferential MM?? Really?

    i mean some clans are more suited for solo players, such as WOLF. 07 and 007, and now QQ7 all thrive off of team play and competitive cohesiveness to be a top clan. i was denied very quickly from PSV for my terrible-ish solo stats, but i hate playing solo, and i feel more joy working together with div mates. 007 took me in, and i have found a very nice spot for myself and in the competitive theater.
  15. _Prometh3us

    Steel Ships, which to buy?

    Neutra is just an awful boat, and not worth 20k Steel. Black has hilariously slow torps, but radar. Flint is a Atlanta with smoke. Stalin is a bow in powerhouse, but hard to move around without exposing weaknesses. Bourgourne is a monster. T10 Alsace with a reload booster and insane speed. Downside is its 32mm armor, you just get eaten away. Somers is great, and suffers from slow gun dpm. Good concealment and torps are great. Really depends on your preferred style of play tbh.