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  1. _Prometh3us

    Aslain Port Mods

    Go post on his forums, he will see it.
  2. _Prometh3us

    Personal Rating

    Damage is a unreliable thing to base off of because you can just sit and farm and contribute nothing to the game or helping your team win. The rating is fine, it indicates if you're doing damage to the right targets, how often your play influences the game, and if you're focusing on kills over damage at times.
  3. _Prometh3us

    Is Gearing outdated?

    It's torp reload was reduced immensely in this lastest update. Very good now. 93.3 Sec reload is insane for them.
  4. _Prometh3us

    Is Gearing outdated?

    You guys are all wrong, the Gearing after this buff is a very relevant DD now. It's model is outdated, but she is so good right now.
  5. _Prometh3us

    Road to lvl 8 in RANKED... Beware!? & Help!?

    Rank 10-5 is the worst bracket, so GL with that. but what they said ^
  6. _Prometh3us

    Tsar Alexander Ovechkin -- 50 bucks????

    I believe it's also more expensive because it's an actual person, and they have to pay to use it, etc etc. Could be wrong, but my guess.
  7. _Prometh3us


    25 years? I'm impressed you haven't learned anything yet.
  8. _Prometh3us

    NTC post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVED !

    no. Wargaming needs to see every post, every thread at how awful this idea is. deal with it
  9. _Prometh3us

    Tier X Japan DD's need of nerfing Shimakaze and Harugumo

    I think this is a hilariously horrid attempt at trolling
  10. _Prometh3us

    Salem Impression - From Below Average Player

    Kremlin will overmatch you at close range. I can consistently ruin any USN cruiser bow on. Just depends on the player using the bb with RNG. That's not theory
  11. _Prometh3us

    MatchMaking - THE un-fun component

    Only a fraction relies on stats to really tell whos a threat. If you want to be taken seriously about a topic i recommend that you show your stats before you call someone out on theirs. It's not difficult to pad sure, but if that player is averaging 8+ in tier, that is not padding. You can't pad in high tier play more often than not. In regards to your initial argument, MM is fine and doesn't need tweaking. It's random, and that's what random battles are. "Machine based" learning is an interesting concept but you can't begin to think that it's even close to possible. I have quite a bit of knowledge here since i've been with this game since beta, since before the MM even balanced ship types. I agree that radar differences do draw issue at times, but just have to work with what you have.
  12. _Prometh3us

    The iChase Case (con't)

    Total crap mechanic. Fix one thing, break another.
  13. What's funny is after they take away the ranked ships he doesnt realize that he will have a nice stock of modules. BUT spending doubloons into credits is just hilarious. How do you manage to blow 4,500 doubloons and 100mil credits? You didnt need to equip every single ship.
  14. _Prometh3us

    RU BBs seem to be over-performing.

    too early to tell give it a week or two and as more average players get them, you will be able to see how it performs
  15. How? The BEST clan on NA that was #1 in the world, and they are wrong? Are you really that shortsighted? Because you must be drinking the Kool Aid. Not all purples understand, but if someone makes extremely valid points and you just "skim" them, obviously something wrong