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  1. It may have taken all that, or it could have taken far less. But at the same time the US Navy very well could have been sending a clear message to Japan by showing them just what kind of force they have at their disposal.
  2. Well if there's one thing the Brits are known for, it's for making things seriously complicated.
  3. Surprise in Co-op

    Premiums in Co-Op are pretty common. I recall being in a match where all but 2 ships were premiums (and 3 of them were the Missouri). Just off the top of my head I have around 12 premiums, some that were gifts, some I won in loot boxes at Christmas time, others I payed for upfront. Plus we'll spend money of premium time, gold, flags, etc to improve our game experience, which is exactly what WG wants. The Devs see that strictly/almost entirely Co-Op players, like myself, do spend money on the game to help support it. So rather then let it be and stagnate, which would drive players away, the Devs know that if they work on it (not at the same rate as PvP mind, which is fine) add new features, new modes, gradually improve the AI, we'll keep playing and paying and be happy to do so.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    The "!" only allows players to know they're spotted, not that ships are in radar range. My Missouri can be spotted at 12.2 km, but it's radar is only good for about 9.2km. There's a lot of room there that a ship could be spotting me but not within my radar range.
  5. All that AA makes Alaska look like a cruiser version of Missouri, which could be fun.

    Maybe it was just me, but I didn't really notice any difference in the bots over the past week and a bit. I've tried to play a few games every night since WoW launched Battle for Azeroth, and things seemed normal. Save for the day where RNG was on my side for like, 30 games then it was noticeably against me for a few days, but the bots atleast behaved the same: Lots of fires being sent, focusing the lowest health target, focus firing other targets, landing shots on a wiggling DD. But nothing really out of the ordinary I will say that I would like it if maybe WG programmed the bots slightly differently so they weren't as keen to ram you. Yes I know that's what players do in a no-win situation, take one down with them and all that tea and biscuits, but if I wanted to be rammed by a player who knows they're gonna lose, I'd play randoms. Getting close enough to the ships that your AA gunners can spit on them is fine, but it's a tad annoying when you're maneuvering to avoid the enemy AI ship, yet they're maneuvering to ram you. And for the record, the only ships I know of that do circles when spotted are CVs.
  7. I think you have bigger issues to deal with if you're getting smacked by a Battleship in a speeding DD when they're 15km away from you....
  8. The RN CV's better blast God Save The Queen every time they land a dive bomb strike on a ship or there is no justice in the world.
  9. Probably once I'm done grinding the New Orleans and move onto the American tier 8 Heavy cruiser. Although, I am grinding out the last 2 skill points on my Missouri captain right now (about 530,00xp to go before the big 1-9), so I'm kind of playing tier 8 right now? Kind of? Maybe?...
  10. Grinding 15Khaba wins in CoOp

    I think it's probably because the vast majority of the Co-Op players, like myself, just want to have fun and unwind from the day. And we can't exactly do that when we're yelling and raging at each other.
  11. Top ten reasons people hate BBs

    Reason 12: BBs poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto our houses!
  12. I thought it was part of the WoWs EULA that playing a Japanese destroyer meant you were forbidden from shooting your guns...
  13. Well that is certainly a first I must say. I'm used to the average PvP Team Chat slap fight of "You're a n00b!" and "Go back to Tier 1!", but never have I seen someone tell someone else to go hang someone or shoot-up a school as trash talk. I have to say I'm actually quite impressed that they broke so far from the norm to rage at a team mate.
  14. Proposed Montana armor and citadel fixes

    If anything, rather than raising the Montana's Citadel, which people on the forums worked hard to get lowered, the newest BBs need their citadels raised, as others have mentioned. I've plowed 5 or 6 rounds from my Missouri into the side of Tier X British and French BBs at maybe 5km, point blank range, and haven't scored a single citadel on them. Whether I aim at the waterline by the stacks or below the guns, not a single citadel. Conversely, a broadside on a Montana is a good chance to score a citadel if you can land the shots around the turrets, and like wise on the Yamato.
  15. Can't shoot, guns jammed?

    I actually had that same problem during the Closed Beta sessions. There was one battle where everything loaded in fine, guns loaded, could be directed, locked onto a target, but wouldn't fire. Lag was about 50ms, but no matter how many times I clicked , they wouldn't fire. That was the only time it happened to me though. Interesting that it's happened again to someone else now.