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  1. SirMuttonChops

    Holiday Crunch & Upcoming Reviews

    Does the NDA prevent you from blinking Morse code of when the Alaska comes out? How about providing a date in Braille?
  2. SirMuttonChops

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Air Strikes

    Air Strike? Missouri knows not of what you call an "Air Strike". But seriously, set them as priority AA target and start turning in and try to match their approach so they spend more time in the AA bubble to try and knock down as many as possible by adjusting for a better drop.
  3. SirMuttonChops

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    I'm kind of torn between liking and disliking it. On the one hand, if you have a team mate who is willing to sacrifice some early match damage and go for the castle after the 2nd groups of ships to spawn in is sunk, you can pretty much expect to get 4 or 5 stars, and with it, a nice chunk of commander XP for the "Earn 40,000 Commander XP" Objective. Last night for example we had people (myself included) willing to go to spot the castle and of the 3 matches, lost the first but 5-starred the other 2. when that was done it was a turkey shoot just racking up damage and XP. On the other hand, if no one is willing to/able to spot the castle, then it's just a waste of time as you won't be able to sink Rasputin and you just spent 15 or 20 minutes for a mere 300xp. Last Saturday for example, no one spotted the castle, despite my best efforts to try and do so, and all 7 matches were a loss. Not fun.
  4. SirMuttonChops

    RN Event Missons

    Yep, it may be a bit of tooth-pulling experience, but the elite commander XP is worth it. As for when it ends, I read in another thread that there are "16 Guineas that haven't been made available to be earned yet", there is probably 4 weeks left if it's true there are 16 Guineas still to be earned.
  5. Interesting that they're planning on buffing the American BBs. I have a feeling they're going to take the American BBs back to the original idea when first introduced in Beta., Back then, the line was defined by powerful AA, heavy armour making them good for close in gun fights, quicker rudder shift times and tighter turning radius for dodging torpedoes easier. This was compared to and meant to offer a different dynamic than the only other line at the time, the IJN, which had range, accuracy (relatively speaking) and speed. Given how we have several different lines of BBs now, it might work out well returning the USN BBs to their original idea.
  6. SirMuttonChops

    Server Overload

    The server just went down as of like, 5:58 central time, for maintenance. I received 2 of those messages also, once going into the Operation and once into Co-Op
  7. Interesting that WG decided to sell the Jean Bart, when so far all the other Tier 9 premiums have been free XP. Seems like WG is testing the waters (pun intended?possibly…) to see if the demand is there to pay $100.00CDN for a ship. Maybe they're preparing to bring back a certain American tier 9 premium BB (won't say which but people probably know) under a different name and with reduced credit earnings if the demand is there...
  8. I received 7 perma camos from the bundle I bought (all for ships I don't have mind you -_-) and 100K free XP. I really wanted the NC camo, but at this point I think I used up all my luck and would only be wasting money to try and get a single camo for the one ship I do have that could use it.
  9. I got 6 or 7 camos from the 20 crates I purchased plus the Mogami camo from the free ones offered as mission rewards.
  10. SirMuttonChops

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Sounds like a very Orc thing to say Buuuut, is there a list somewhere of ships with external Torpedo bulges? It was interesting that you were able to sink an Iowa and NC spamming into the belt as I thought the Iowa-Class had an internal torpedo defense system that would have meant she and Missouri, and the NC would be protected from this change.
  11. SirMuttonChops

    Jet plane sound played after hitting battle

    It started for me a little while ago. I can only recall the sound playing when going into operations though. When I go into a normal Co-Op battle, I can't recall hearing it.
  12. SirMuttonChops

    Watertight Wednesday - Terror of the Deep

    The Operation is interesting with the new mechanic and a new parameter you need to keep track of. Of the 4 games I played, 2 5-star and 2 4-Star runs. Being able to look around under water was interesting and watching a ship sink below the surface was a nice touch. It would be nice if WG developed the idea further of using subs, but maybe keep them for Operations only as they appear anyway to be easy to balance against the AI than against a team full of players.
  13. SirMuttonChops

    PSA: Halloween Crates are not worth it.

    That's true, but just going off my crates, it appears I had a good split between "good" rewards and "common" reward. If we consider 25,000 free xp a "good" reward as well as the permanent camos, my haul was pretty much split right down the middle of 10 "good" and 10 "common", if not favouring the "good" just slightly. Of course being random, some people will have worse hauls while some will have better. But I think if you took 1000 people and had them open 20 crates each, the number of "good" rewards will be even or close to even with the "common" rewards, even if the distribution amongst the people isn't. Remember, and this isn't an attack or anything, I mentioned "an equal chance" to get the "good" rewards, not necessarily an equal outcome of getting them.
  14. SirMuttonChops

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    I know where they're coming from with this change, but it's not the right way to go. They're focusing on is a shell traveling the length of the ship or travelling through enough to detonate inside, which given the damage a BB shell can do on it's own can take a DD out of the game with just one round, but given the mechanics of the AP round, it was fair as the player was lucky enough to land a round on the bow of a DD (this is probably the biggest factor given Battleship dispersion and general RNG), the player should be rewarded with a normal damage pen. They could have changed the mechanic or added code that determines at what angle the shell impacts and if it's larger than say, 65 degrees from 90 (a flat broadside) the shell would be able to do normal damage as it could reasonably be seen as giving the shell enough time to arm and detonate inside the ship for standard pen damage rolls. But anything narrower would be an over-pen and stick to the same damage model as is current. But given that they're doing it to fix the double dipping issue, it seems like a more scorched-earth kind of fix that if they can't fix the double dipping issue, then they'll just make sure BBs can't do anything more than 10% normal shell damage. I'm not a fan of that approach but for now will wait to see what happens as more player feedback is given..
  15. SirMuttonChops

    PSA: Halloween Crates are not worth it.

    The crates are a slot machine, which is fair given what you can get. You have an equal chance at getting the good stuff as you do the common stuff. For example, I purchased 20 crates yesterday and got 100,000 free XP, Permanent Halloween camo Tirpitz, Nassau, Z-23, Shokaku, Kagero, St.Louis (I think?) and Charles Martel (all ships I don't own btw) plus a 10 Point Captain Mission, and a bunch of regular camos.