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  1. SirMuttonChops

    How are your ARP missions going?

    So a question for those that may know. Apart from the Red Takao Camo that is available, do these ship differ in anyway from the ones that people earned a couple years ago? Or is this WG just giving people a chance to earn/own them again?
  2. SirMuttonChops

    Cruiser armor? What armor?

    I was thinking of this very situation the last few days. It's not so much that the the guns are 18" and can effectively over match all cruiser armour. It's more that at Tier 10, apart from a few cruisers, they all appear to have armour that can be over matched by 16" and larger guns. The only change I would honestly make that wouldn't break balance would be to buff the armour plating on non-torpedo equipped Tier 10 cruisers (pure gun cruisers w/o torpedoes) to 31mm. I would say then keep torpedo equipped cruisers as is, or standardize them all at 28mm, but that's for someone else to weigh in on. Anyway. Buffing the pure gun cruisers to 31mm would give the ships that have to purely rely on their guns for damage the ability to tank all battleship AP that isn't 18" and increase their survivability against in that regard when angled properly, while still keeping them vulnerable to HE rounds from other cruisers (including 152mm HE with IFHE) and Battleship calibre HE. I'm fine with letting the 18" guns over match cruiser armour but would like a bit of survivability for the cruisers against the, relatively speaking, smaller Battleship rounds.
  3. SirMuttonChops

    SSD for WoWs

    An SSD will help a lot. My old system had a mechanical HD and would load the battles anywhere from 5 seconds left on the load in timer to maybe 20 seconds left. The SSD I have now for my game drive (Samsung 860 EVO) will usually load the battle fast enough that I usually sit there getting the "Waiting for more players" message before I can enter the map itself.
  4. SirMuttonChops

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Sims and Haida and like that rascally goof-ball dog you had that always makes you smile cause they're just so much fun. Missouri, cause Missouri. 'nuff said. Musashi cause it's just down home dumb fun and there's nothing at all fancy about it. Which is great.
  5. SirMuttonChops

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    If you're looking for a ship that's just straight up dumb fun, as in nothing fancy about it, then Musashi is about as good as it gets. There's nothing fancy about Musashi. It doesn't have fancy armour schemes, or fancy AA and secondary guns, or fancy gimmicks like super heals. It's just big, slow, heavily armoured and has big guns. To put it another way, if WoWs was a hockey team, Musashi would be the old school Goon on the team.
  6. SirMuttonChops

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Well, if Alaska is 1 Million Free XP, that's not to bad. Certainly better than being for Steel and limiting her availability. And I mean, I have around 360,000 free xp right now, and another 1.5 million on Missouri I can dip into to convert. Now I'm kind of glad I decided to keep grinding out Montana and not spend the free XP to get her...
  7. SirMuttonChops

    Anyone Know What The Mysterious Ship in the Arsenal is?

    I hope I'm wrong, but I think it's Alaska. WG has been pretty tight lipped on the currency used, and I think it might be because Alaska has been so desired by the player base (atleast on the NA servers) that charging Steel for it, when most were hoping it would be Free XP/Coal, would be a guaranteed way to burn these forums to the ground. Admittedly, WG has never so much as implied it would be for Coal/Free XP, the players assumed that, but still...
  8. I don't think Missouri will get it as WG said that the premiums are, and I paraphase, "Performing well enough not to warrant a buff." Some of us thought that it was kind of a bunk answer, but at the same time if Iowa gets a better heal and faster rudder shift time compared Missouri, it will help differentiate the ships a bit and provide each ship with advantages and disadvantages over the other, which I'm personally fine with.
  9. Those are some very nice rudder shift buffs for the USN BBs, especially on NC and Iowa.
  10. SirMuttonChops

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    His name is Will Frampton?
  11. SirMuttonChops

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    I purchased 20 Mega Crates and got: Gallant, Monaghan, and T-61 for my ships 6,000 dubloons, 12,500 coal The rest was an assortment of camos and flags. The 12,500 coal was enough that, when combined with the 25% off coupon, I could purchase Musashi from the Arsenal, so I'm counting Musashi as a reward from the crates. Overall, pretty good return for what I purchased the crates for.
  12. SirMuttonChops

    Where is Alaska?

    I would imagine that Alaska will be available in January or early February, if it's ready for release that is. Musashi was available in January of 2018 I believe, so if we use that as a metric, Alaska could reasonably be expected Q1 of 2019. but that again depends on whether it's ready for sale.
  13. Just from the 20 Mega crates I bought yesterday, they were worth it for me. But that's the magic of chance though. Just going by the value of the 3 ships I received (T-61, Monaghan,Gallant) and the 6,000 dubloons in the crate as well, the was a value of $126.11cdn. That alone covered the cost of the crates as I bought them for $96.00cdn. Add to that the flag stacks which LWM worked out to be wroth around 1,500g each and some camos and coal that gave me just enough with a coupon to get Musashi from the Arsenal (which I count as a Santa Crate win), the 20 Mega Pack was certainly worth it in my case. Mileage varies though.