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  1. PugsOfSteel

    Thanks WoWs! German CV's.

    I got my T4 German. The DB run is deferent. Torps are nice, the rockets are bad. The German line CV well be low DPM. If WG sees the DPM rise up from this line, expect another Nurf.
  2. PugsOfSteel

    German CVs are a waste

    The CV population well take a huge hit. Only a few well stay and play the CV like the old days. It be very rare to see a CV in games. Long wait times at high tier.
  3. A CV job is to finish low HP ships because of low DPM. After that corner kill. It jumps to the next target quick. Low HP ships on the planes flight path/spot, if not in a bubble means dead ships for CV. YUUM YUUM. CV best target's are low HP ships and yolo ships.
  4. PugsOfSteel

    Multiple Games No DD's

    Your lucky, every time when I am in a game there at lest two to four DD per side in game. One DD is two many. I am not as lucky as you to not have any DD per game.
  5. If your a CV main, it does not matter what your stats are. The non CV believers well always treat you like 30%. I love my birds dropping turds all day.
  6. Easy fix add more CV in the game like they add 4 DD in game.
  7. PugsOfSteel

    Enterprise Coming back onsale or not

    It use to be, but the nerf on the carriers has made it weak. I say Kaga is the top dog in rank battles.
  8. PugsOfSteel

    I suck at CVs

    Good teams well bubble at the start of the match. Hoping hunger CV players well attacks the bubble. Don't do it, they well start to spread out and some well yolo mid game . Drop and spot at start of the match. Cycle your planes and attack yolo and low HP ships.
  9. PugsOfSteel

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Let me tell you how broken the game is. I still play, I am a purple look at me. But I play in EU and come to NA. Because no take me serious in EU. Players that say this game is broken, still play the game. What's that about. Is it a look at me now moment.
  10. PugsOfSteel

    Rocket Planes out of control

    I have played those days as a CV, It took 5 mins to get a game if I got lucky. Those days less then 1% played CV. It was easier. More CV in game change that. By now you should have adjusted to the CV game 29k, but with so many new players in game. You cant carry them all. Win rate well drop. Not many Vets left that started this game. I ask myself what I did wrong, not what he did wrong. Because I can control what I do.
  11. PugsOfSteel

    Rocket Planes out of control

    TROLLING TROLLING TROLLING. This guy only has 16 battles. He has no CV ships. His highest tier is a 5. Bro more players well believe in you that CV are bad to play then how good they are. You never went against a Halland. Fake news. Your not pouring salt but starting a fire.
  12. PugsOfSteel

    CV are fun for farming salt !

    Your are in the 1% CV player club, congratulations. That 1% not going damage the other 99% players. LOL come on BB,DD,CA GET OVER IT. This guy adjusted to all the NERFS WG thrown at him. He still pooping ships. Wait till he gets in a sub, you ships well tremble in fear.
  13. PugsOfSteel

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Let me tell you I have seen very good DD counter CV play. My blood pressure goes up when I go up against these DD players. If you use rockets to these DD. To counter us they do a hard stop, drive into the rocket planes, kite us to strong AA ship. The Halland eats planes all day. Two DD well set the trap. Weak DD turn on his AA, fly in then Halland pops up. I seen some DD on one side of the map, dodging rockets knowing he going die, but this DD knows the true battle for the win is on the other side of the map. Then the flank folds he dead, his team wins. These DD players never complain about CV or to other players. They just play there game. We just don't talk about how great the red DD are. I give him thumps up for making me play hard and being very salty.
  14. PugsOfSteel

    Rocket Planes out of control

    THIS GUY, YA THIS GUY. Another player afraid of little small planes. Is it planes your afraid of or that the CV has a BIGGER ship. HUMMM LOL
  15. PugsOfSteel

    Carriers are still an issue

    After 11K battles your still whining about little planes kissing you. Or your really mad that he has a bigger ship then yours. I bet that it.