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  1. xLeadSledx


    RUINED the game, it is getting way to dumbed down but I guess that matches the poor players or biggest whiners not sure who out numbers who. I already looking for another game. Giving account away soon.
  2. xLeadSledx

    Great White Fleet - Missions and Bonuses

    I wish I had read the co-op , I do not waist time playing vs idiot computers. Good Luck ppl.
  3. The answer is simple they have made the Carriers so easy to play even the biggest idiot a can now play then and the good( player who earned their EXP) CV's are unstoppable. WG caved to the DUMBEST and BIGGEST WHINERS in the game. Something like these people not players who have more posts then games.
  4. Only about 33% of the upgrade boxes are showing and they are faded, had to look to find them.
  5. The upgrade description is: –25% to torpedo tube reload time. +50% to risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. –80% to torpedo tube traverse speed I was wrong but it is still a 500% increase in time. Stupid me !!
  6. Why does support make it so hard to create a ticket. Not sure who tests or if testing is part of the patches anymore. I have more FCKING bugs now and no way to report them. I cannot find where you must pay for that now, or is that now pay to fix to play?
  7. xLeadSledx

    Super Unicum needs help

    Its not a new ship anymore players have learned how to kill it. Besides if your playing lone wolf random games you are only 1 of 12 so if others screw up it costs.
  8. xLeadSledx

    The agony of chasing snowflakes.

    CO-OP is for the players lacking the skill. VS a computer ? Unless your weekend warrior and are time limited stay away from CO-OP . It only takes away from skill building and makes for bad habits in a real game.
  9. xLeadSledx

    How many port slots to buy?

    I would not buy slots they will come for free I have over 150 free slots now unless you plan on keeping all your ships but not all are worth keeping. I bought 3 slots years ago and really never needed them.
  10. xLeadSledx

    Some windows stucks on loading

    Check out the EU forums they have a lot more Linux users. How much better is the performance over Windows ? I have read 20-60 fps .
  11. xLeadSledx


    The penalties WG is dishing out are [edited] and do not show who the team killers are. Judge for your self @ 9:00 on the replay. A two game penalty because the DD that was giving me cover and he/she was hit by my gun and no more damage then a bump and insta-pink. Seems WG is squeezing every little credit they can get. What I would like to say would be edited so use your imagination. 20181014_182713_PGSC105-Konigsberg_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  12. xLeadSledx

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    The controls for the subs are poor at best, they need a lot more work if they make it to the real game and if they do I have no interest in "ALPHA" level game.
  13. xLeadSledx


    How does lag get so bad that ping shows 28-32ms but can launch torps see them moving die and then have them disappear? You would think that after 3 years and 30+ patches craplike that would be long fixed but that part of the game seems to be getting worse not better.
  14. xLeadSledx

    PT updates not working

    PT not updating, support does will not reply so any help would be appreciated before I delete and sell the rest.
  15. xLeadSledx

    More on the new Coop bot improvements

    I think CV's should be required to reach a set speed to launch their aircraft. In WWII what plain could launch off a stopped Carrier? A WWI Bi plane ?