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  1. xLeadSledx

    Does Wargaming actually listen to your suggestions

    Sure tell you have not been here very long to even ask a question like that. The only thing WarGaming is interested in MONEY and how much they can get you to spend. It is a business nothing more and the day they do not make what they want it will be gone.
  2. xLeadSledx

    Cost of Ohio!

    That is only 3 lines + little of the 10,000 bonus.
  3. xLeadSledx

    Public Test - 0.8.8 - Round Two

    There are no players. You need to limit the ships to concentrate the players available or give us some way to see where ppl are playing. I waited more then 5 min with 1 other CV in the que, then gave up.
  4. The single best thing about the lower tiers is the fact that some do have a excuse over a tier X player. Some great games can be had down in the lower tiers.
  5. xLeadSledx

    Seal clubbing journey through RB

    It costs about 900,000 exp and 100,000,000 credits + moving a 19 skill captain (if you grind) for 30,000 research to buy ? "Really is sad this used to be a great game" could not agree more.
  6. xLeadSledx

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    The research points are not worth the costs. The experience these new ships cost make the free exp ships look like a weekend grind.
  7. xLeadSledx

    Ship Maps/Hit Skins?

    Each line ships all have the same basic armor lay out but you need to look at them. Just look at @ a armor map before you drop. Pick a ship you have the most problems with and learn how to kill it. It is easy and does not take long.
  8. xLeadSledx

    Toxic Ranked

    There is a reason there is so many players that do not touch that type of battle and it is not the ships.
  9. xLeadSledx

    issues with new update ?

    Only problem I have is 150 missing port slots.
  10. xLeadSledx

    RESET what ?

    OK of the tier 10's what 5 lines would you reset no CV's no UK BB ? for the ALASKA and AZUMA. After looking closer bad idea. I will be able to re do 3 complete lines with little more free exp in the bank. OR could reset everything and should be able complete 7 lines instantly. need to work out the exact #'s. Thanks for the feed back!!!
  11. There is the Alaska US and Azuma Jap for 1,000,000 Free exp. The Azuma looks to be the best of the three heavies but should ask the players who have them. The Russian heavy has passed .
  12. The Colbert is the only option ? give me a freaking break if you think I would reset 3 lines for that. They must do better then that.....much better. There is no doubt the second time will be easy but give me a reason to use the 300,000+ possible research points. There is only the Alaska and Azuma for 1,000,000 Free exp. each.........hmm that is only 5 lines.
  13. You get 20K for a reset but there is nothing to buy so why bother. 3 lines for a Colbert I think not but I am not a collector and do not have a spare 19 French captain.