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  1. captinjoehenry

    20 Air Supply Containers Results

    Got 30k something coal both US carriers 120 space camos and a bunch of flags. Considering I mainly wanted coal I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ll try out the carriers but I’ll probably sell one of them for 10mil credits to get the Henri IV. Definitely wish I got less camos and more flags.
  2. captinjoehenry

    Max Saturation Does 0 Damage?

    That is a pretty awesome gif.
  3. captinjoehenry

    Max Saturation Does 0 Damage?

    Ah but you see Mino AP DOESN'T overpen which is normally great but not in this case XD
  4. captinjoehenry

    Max Saturation Does 0 Damage?

    Good to know. Feels a bit odd though that with that system a Mino can't kill a Republique from full health to 0 with it's guns. Mind you this has NEVER been an issue in game but still feels odd.
  5. So I just took out the Mino into a training room and tried out shotting a Republique to death with my AP from 12km range. I was dealing massive damage for a while and then my damaged dropped to half damage as I would expect from saturation but then after that... Well after I got it down to a bit over 2k health I became totally unable to damage the Republique with my guns no matter where I shot him from bow to superstructure to upper belt to rear and I got another I want to say 100 or so pens on the Republique that dealt a total of 0 damage. Is this how things are supposed to work? As it sort of feels like a bug to me? But I don't really understand the saturation mechanic fully anyways.
  6. captinjoehenry

    Naval Fire Control in the era of WOWS.

    Eh? I mean yes but the FC is still providing all the targetting data and for guns it'll be near perfect. So in gameplay terms that would just be locking a target and then holding down the fire button and hitting as many shots as dispersion gives you as lead would be dealt with already. Which would not be that interesting. also thanks for the info :D Big fan of all sorts of military info :D
  7. captinjoehenry

    Naval Fire Control in the era of WOWS.

    I mean with advanced fire control systems like on modern warships or the Iowa all you do is select what you want to shoot and then you'll get automatic near perfect lead at all ranges and speeds.
  8. captinjoehenry

    Des Moines Unique Mod Deceleration?

    Darn. That sort of decreases it's value. Still useful though?
  9. So I'm trying to find out if the Des Moines mod effects deceleration. As I keep seeing people saying it does and then others saying that it doesn't. Can anyone clarify this?
  10. captinjoehenry

    Inconsistencies in anti-CV players logic

    Nope. You can 100% angle against BB AP in cruisers. I do it all the time in my Mino and it saves my life a lot even against Yamatos at close range because if you angle right the BB shells will hit your belt and bounce. And that can save your life. As for dodging torps you can just keep up constant evasive maneuvers and the DD will never hit you. Trust me I know from trying to torp enemy BBs even at less than 10km range with my ashashio.
  11. captinjoehenry

    Inconsistencies in anti-CV players logic

    You see the thing is you can angle against BB shells and you can maneuver to dodge torps. You can do neither of those things to save yourself from an air strike. You cannot dodge it as it comes in too fast. You can't shoot down the planes before they strike almost even when your whole team is in one place. And if you dodge one CV torp drop you'll just get hit by the second one that you can't dodge.
  12. captinjoehenry

    B-65 "Azuma" Armor Errors

    Now now I didn't say the Azuma wasn't a steaming pile of garbage HE spammer at the back of the map. I just said that wargaming in their own sense of 'balance' might have made the armor changes to make the ship even worse because some unknowable reason :P
  13. captinjoehenry

    B-65 "Azuma" Armor Errors

    Ah good to know! Makes me much more hopeful that this will get implemented :D
  14. captinjoehenry

    B-65 "Azuma" Armor Errors

    I mean I admire the effort and hope it gets implemented but honestly this is an arcade game and not really a realistic game. I would love it if the changes are made to make it more realistic but frankly I suspect some of the armor thickness was chosen more for balance than due to historic accuracy.
  15. captinjoehenry

    Tiger Class Cruiser as Brit Tier 8 Premium Light Cruiser

    Umm. I mean that reminded me about it and then I looked into it. When I did the math having two Mino turrets gives quite a good amount of DPM and doesn't need much reload buffs baked in to make it actually competitive. Like just Basic Firing Training and Reload Mod baked in gives it enough gun DPM to make useful at tier 8 and the triple 76mm AAA gives a pretty darn potent AAA ability as well.