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Well, hi! 

I'm Mouse.  I'm one of the North American Community Contributors -- a player who made content that Wargaming chose to recognize.  In my case, that was for the written guides and reviews I provided.  You can find most of the latter linked here:

Mouse's Summary of Premium Ships

Writing reviews takes up most of my play time in World of Warships and I'm mostly focused upon ensuring that I can speak confidently in regards to a ship's performance and the mechanics surrounding her.  To this end, I'm often testing weird and obtuse mechanics, from detonations to how shell dispersion works to simply twirling ships in place and taking measurements of their turning radius and ensuring it matches the in port statistics (you would be surprised how often it doesn't match).

This does mean I have a wealth of knowledge about some of the minutia of the game mechanics.  I try and share my discoveries in related articles, but those tend to get scattered to the four winds (forums aren't really a good way to archive things).  Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.  I'm happy to provide whatever answers I may.

If you like the content I create, please consider supporting me through Patreon.  A single ship review takes upwards of 20+ hours of work to produce and it's not something I can sustain indefinitely.  Even a dollar a month makes all of the difference -- it allows me to eat real food and keep warm in the cold, Canadian winters.  I wish I was joking about either of those points...

Fan art by thefilmguruman and Chobittsu respectively.