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  1. LittleWhiteMouse

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Pay attention whenever there's a dockyard mission or something similar where you need to "earn X credits". When said missions unlock, the Mighty Mo appears.
  2. Taking their money wouldn't morally bankrupt you. I'm not against people taking WG up on this offer. It's a pay cheque. However, any news or product reviews made by people on said payroll aren't to be trusted. Treat them as advertisements or company-based propaganda.
  3. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Their relationship with the Community Contributor program isn't entirely successful. They had to kick their biggest streamer, for example. With money changing hands, they can exert more control and maybe reel in a bigger fish from outside the existing community.
  4. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I don't want Wargaming's money. Being paid by them to produce content changes the content and its message.
  5. I would never take part in a program like this. I wouldn't be reviewing ships anymore. I'd be doing paid promotions. Huge difference. My goal is to protect players from bad products Wargaming produces. The Affiliate Program is literally designed to try and recruit players into playing and paying for Wargaming products, regardless of their quality.
  6. LittleWhiteMouse

    The Weekly Review: Fletcher

    By my calculations, Benham's turning radius is on the cusp of being 550m while Fletcher sits very close to 560m, thus completing a 360º rotation more than half a second faster than Fletcher. Benham's almost a problem child when it comes to agility, being right on the border of my +/- 10m margin of error that I allow for. And that's how Benham turns 0.2 degrees per second faster than Fletcher despite the two otherwise appearing to have identical turning parameters.
  7. LittleWhiteMouse

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    What game mode(s)?
  8. LittleWhiteMouse

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    Once you add in the rest of the British Commonwealth, you get a few more "World of Warships-suitable" candidates, mostly from the Aussies, as the British stationed significant fleet elements through her. However, you have to keep in mind that the British Commonwealth nations had limited ship-building capabilities with no capacity to build cruisers of their own. Thus our cruiser complement was always based on hand-me-down designs from the Royal Navy. This is bad news in World of Warships as the "real world" ships for the British line stop at tier VIII. Even the Americans struggle to pad out their tier IX and X options with built-in-steel designs, though at least they have the option of real ships and many design studies besides. That just doesn't exist for the Commonwealth nations, which pivoted hard to focus on anti-submarine warfare in the Cold War era with home-made destroyers (Tribal and Daring-class).
  9. LittleWhiteMouse

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    Here's all of the Cruisers Canada operated historically and where (and if) they would fit into a possible tech tree: The Ships River-class Frigates Most tier 1 ships usually aren't cruisers, but rather are made up from a list of smaller vessels such as frigates and sloops. These are roughly 1,400t ships armed with a pair of 102mm guns. They are capable of up to 20 knots or so. They're on the small (and frankly, underarmed) end of things, but given Canada operated 30 of the darned things, it's worth mentioning. HMCS Rainbow, an Apollo-class Protected Cruiser HMCS Rainbow could manage almost 20 knots worth of speed and her main battery was a pair of 152mm guns. HMCS Rainbow is (at best) a tier 1 ship and even that is pushing it. If she was added to World of Warships, she would be one of the oldest ships in the game, and arguably she's too old to be included. HMCS Aurora, an Arethusa-class Light Cruiser Not to be confused with the Arethusa-class from World War II, HMCS Aurora is a small, WWI vintage ship. This is arguably the best candidate for a Tier II or Tier III cruiser for the Royal Canadian Navy. She comes with a pair of 152mm guns and a pair of quadruple torpedo tubes. She has some secondaries as well, but they'd be of questionable use. HMCS Niobe, a Diadem-class Protected Cruiser Like with HMCS Rainbow, HMCS Niobe is an old ship -- possibly too old to work in World of Warships. Still, she's easily a tier III candidate given her size (11,000t), speed (20 knots) and firepower (sixteen 152mm guns). HMCS Uganda / Quebec, a Crown-Colony (Fiji)-class Light Cruiser HMCS Quebec is arguably the most powerful artillery-based ship to have ever served in the Royal Canadian Navy. She is part of the Ceylon sub-class of Crown Colony cruisers, meaning she had one fewer turret and modified engine spaces. This gives her an armament of nine 152mm guns in three turrets (the equivalent of an A-B-Y layout, with X-turret removed) backed by two triple torpedo tubes. She's perfect fodder for tier VI, VII or maybe VIII, but she only fits in the latter case if you load her up with gimmicks. HMCS Ontario, a Minotaur-class Light Cruiser HMCS Ontario (ex HMS Minotaur) gets World of Warships players unduly excited. They see "Minotaur-class" and expect this ship to ditto the British tier X tech-tree ship of the same name. Unfortunately, this class is also named the Swiftsure-class and is a modified version of the Crown Colony-class cruisers, dittoing their main battery and torpedo armament. That's nine 152mm guns with a pair of triple torpedo tubes. Though heavier, they are more lightly armoured than the Crown Colony-class. Like HMCS Quebec, HMCS Ontario fits in between tiers VI and VIII, again needed significant gimmickry to fit into the latter tiering. In World of Warships So we have candidates for tiers I, II and III and probably VI and VII. That's it. Our tier I and II candidates are very weak and frankly, HMCS Ontario and Quebec are almost identical in terms of game play, so in reality we have one mid-tier candidate between our two WWII / Cold War era light cruisers. This isn't enough to pursue a tech tree; not by a long shot. It might be good for a few premiums but that's it.
  10. LittleWhiteMouse

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    That refers to a single battleship type, the Queen Elizabeth-class (or a derivative thereof). Not upwards of five different battleship-classes like you've been claiming. Britain built all of three (3) battleship types after the Queen Elizabeth-class (R-class, King George V-class, Vanguard) so I dunno where you're getting your numbers from.
  11. LittleWhiteMouse

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    Correct, which is why this is a challenge. It is possible. We have seen movement on issues before, but it comes from recognizing that Wargaming's wants and needs often run directly opposite to our own.
  12. LittleWhiteMouse

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    You have to name your sources, otherwise you're no different than anyone else that's watched the History Channel until 2am with bogus theories about panzers sniping T-34s at 5km. It's not up to us to prove you right. You have to prove yourself right.
  13. LittleWhiteMouse

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    Amen to that.
  14. LittleWhiteMouse

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    People have made compelling arguments that players care about, not that Wargaming cares about. It's easy to convince players. It's convincing Wargaming that's difficult. And appealing to the player base isn't the way to do it. You need to identify reasons that Wargaming would care about.
  15. LittleWhiteMouse

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    I'm Canadian. Please recommend one of these books of yours. You have to cite your references to have any kind of credibility. "Dude, trust me"™ might work on political boards but not here.