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  1. LittleWhiteMouse

    Georgia Question

    Georgia is a Massachusetts transformed from a specialist to a generalist. Most of what you love from Massachusetts is preserved, however Georgia buffs two of Massachusetts weak points: Georgia is much (MUCH!) faster. Georgia's guns are very accurate. Georgia pays for this in two ways. First, Georgia loses Massachusetts incredible torpedo-defense system, so she takes a LOT more damage from torpedo hits than Massachusetts does. Second, she trades off a bit of agility. Georgia has a much larger turning radius. Without her Engine Boost active, she doesn't turn quite as quickly as Massachusetts does. Finally, the biggest difference is their tiering. Georgia is tier IX, Massachusetts at tier VIII ... so no more clubbing tier VIs. Otherwise, your ship performance is largely similar.
  2. LittleWhiteMouse


    Thank you so much for your clarifications and elaborations. A lot of these make a lot of sense. +1
  3. LittleWhiteMouse


    I dunno. Their gunnery is similar but their movement, target selection, consumable use and torpedo use are all very different from Co-Op bots. They're much more scripted than a co-op bot.
  4. LittleWhiteMouse


    Scenario bot AI is completely different from Co-Op AI. Scenario bots won't extinguish fires, for example, and will run specific course patterns.
  5. LittleWhiteMouse


    The bot programming is fairly predictable. Once you understand how they play, you can set them up for some easy kills. Movement and Detection Bots know where everyone is, even if they're not spotted, with guns and torpedo banks turned trained to face them. Most bots will close towards their chosen target. On the lowest intelligence-setting (bots have varied settings), they seem to instead focus on collecting caps, only engaging enemies that close with them. If bots collide with anything, they will put their ship into reverse for a very long time (at least 1 minute), then try and navigate around the obstacle. They can (and often do) get stuck, repeating this same movement over and over. Targeting and Gunnery Bots seem to have an algorithm that prioritizes shooting at targets with the lowest health pool. By default, this makes them attack destroyers first. There seems to be some "sticky" targeting -- where a bot will focus on a given ship even if there is something on lower health present. This may be linked to bot intelligence settings. However, if you end up on low health, expect to be focused. Bots will not attack what they can't see. However, they may still navigate towards a ship they can't see while attacking someone else. Bots use predictive gunnery, aiming at where you will be if you maintain your current course and speed, going for citadel shots. They always "white line" their torpedoes. This makes them feel incredibly accurate at medium to close ranges. Given that bots tend to charge their targets, they often occlude their own torpedo fire arcs until they get into very close ranges (such as jousts). Be aware of the bots positioning to predict when they've fired their torpedoes. Don't joust with torpedo-armed ships if you can at all help it. Bots ammunition choice varies. Battleships prefer AP shells. Cruisers and destroyer prefer HE shells until very close ranges and when your citadel is exposed. Then they sometimes switch over to AP shells. This may be linked to bot intelligence settings. Miscellaneous Bots will immediately make use of Smoke Generators the moment they're spotted and activate their Damage Control Party the moment a fire is lit, a flood is taken or a module gets disabled. They launch catapult aircraft the moment they're available and will make use of things like Defensive AA Fire when under air attack. They will heal with Repair Party. I have not seen them use Hydroacoustic Search or Surveillance Radar. Bots use standard consumables with long reset timers. Double tap a destroyer's engine with critical hits and they'll grind to a halt for the full 60 seconds. Bots will try and ram you if they're on low health. They do not make use of any commander skills. They do not make use of any signals. They do not make use of any upgrades. They do not make use of any camouflage. Bots are spawned with a random assortment of modules. So if there's a Kurfürst on the enemy team, it may have 420mm guns or it may have 406mm guns. They will try and dodge torpedoes when they detect them. They only detect them when they're spotted. HOWEVER, given that bots will be trying to head-on close with you, you HAVE to account that they'll be turning to keep following you as you move perpendicular to them to launch your fish. Basic Tips Best way to kill bots quickly is to close with them. They move predictably and getting in closer will guarantee more hits. Unless you've practiced your gunnery, bots will shoot better than you can at long range. When you're low on health, be aware that all of the bots will be coming for you. Use that to your team's advantage and kite the bots into exposed positions. Most Co-Op games are over within 10 minutes. Plan accordingly.
  6. LittleWhiteMouse

    Are mid and low tiers being neglected by WG?

    I wish there was more focus on tiers 4 through 7 personally. Some of my favourite ships, historically speaking, are found at those tiers.
  7. The only fly in the ointment of my theory is how clean her camouflage looks. Most tech-tree ships still have quite a bit of rust showing even through their perma-camos. Not-so the premiums.
  8. I suspect that like Slava and Thunderer, Ohio is an effort to re-use assets to add another tech-tree tier 10 battleship to the game.
  9. LittleWhiteMouse

    With the Ohio being announced...

    It's possible. What we're seeing may be a general attempt to bloat the tier 10 tech trees to get more people spending the glut of free-experience they have or to slip back to tier 9 and grind some more. Either way would be a huge benefit to Wargaming.
  10. LittleWhiteMouse

    With the Ohio being announced...

    When I looked at Thunderer on the Test Server, her premium camouflage had to be purchased separately. Now this is just speculation and I stress that she's a work in progress and anything can happen, but that indicates to me that she's a tech-tree ship.
  11. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    They remain stationary at the start of a match. So if you don't touch the throttle, they don't move at all. However, once you've started up your engines and come to a stop, they tend to move -- some more than others. Hold on, I think I have a screenshot of that somewhere...
  12. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Depending on how the ships choose to drift, this takes around 1.5 hours to 3 hours to do per ship, with the average being close to 2 hours.
  13. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    It's a three step process. Very basically: Open up a Training Room. Populate it with 12 Fuso bots on the enemy team and a handful of friendly destroyers on mine. On a 60 minute timer, start the match and setup. I position myself 15km away from my target. Align my crosshairs. Take note of reference points. Begin firing the weapons. Close the client. Open the replay. Align my camera over the target Fuso using a master-image as reference to get the scale and position correct. Let the replay play, slowing time down to record (screenshot) shell splashes one at a time. Open photoshop. Stack all of the screenshots into layers. Using transparent layers, begin marking each of the shell splashes with a 20p brush on 25% opacity. Do this for 180 shell splashes. Combine them into the final image you see here. It's a little more nuanced than this, but this is the general overview.
  14. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    None of the premiums short of a global mechanics nerf, such as we saw with open-water-stealth-firing, the firing-in-smoke or AP shell changes. Wargaming shied away from doing so after they made an attempt with Giulio Cesare. They didn't go through with it after the uproar.