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  1. Mouse, Do you recommend Main Armament mod 1 or Magazine Mod 1 for USN DDs?

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    2. LittleWhiteMouse


      Always happy to assist where I can. :)

    3. legoboy0401


      Well actually, I use Main Amaments mod 1, so I can keep my guns around longer, and I'm only at Tier V on the USN DD line, so I want to embrace detonations, to stockpile them for ranked and Tier VII+ ships. However, at the Mahan and beyond, I'll take Magazine Mod 1

    4. LittleWhiteMouse


      That sounds like a fine plan to me.

      In truth, I keep Magazine Mod 1 off my premiums like the Fujin and Gremyashchy -- those DDs that I play most often for exactly the same reason. But the enemy team is rude and rarely obliges me with a detonation when I ask for one. The jerks!