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  1. Thanks again for the awesome reviews! Can I expect any for the USN BB's at any point? ^^

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    2. LittleWhiteMouse


      Admit that you're biased right from the start. :)

      Write from a personal perspective. Try not to speak in absolutes but what you feel. If you say "the Colorado is good" someone will argue that it's bad. If you say, "I enjoyed the Colorado" then no one can refute that fact but they may start a conversation on how they didn't like it. The difference is an argument vs a discussion.

    3. Angel_With_A_Shotgun


      Lol, I will easily admit that I am biased toward BBs. I LOVE the big damage the guns do and the challenge of doing well in them.

      Thanks for the advice, I may try this. Possibly break it up into a series as I move through the trees. ^^

    4. Carrier_Taiyo


      Doing a review of the Arkansas can help new players who don't have one know what to expect if they see one.