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  1. Good Afternoon WhiteMouse.

    I would like to ask your opition, i've been playing warships for about a year, and after this ranked that i'm almost out already, i'm gonna be able to get one of Stalingrad or Bourgogne. It should be a easy choice, but it turns out both ships have things i think is interesting for me, i do see some potential on both of them, especially due to the fact i think i've good impact with Georgia and Alaska.

    Yes, i know i'm talking about two strong tier9 ships, they may even overperform on tier9, but the main diference i see is that, Stalin is not so noob friendly when you do mistakes or need to push cuz you dont have a option (since is pretty hard to cit Alaska), and Georgia for sure is harder to kill than a Bourgogne, but both still suffer under HE spam and 460's. I think i'm bound to this idea due to: 1 - Georgia and Bourgogne be fast ships; 2 - Alaska and Stalingrad have the potential to tank shell dmg like a BB (may sound hard to believe, but i've done better numbers on holding agro with Alaska than BBs on my teams).

    So, i did read your reviews, i see even more potetential, the only thing that holds me back on Bourgogne is the main guns, yeah HE and AP useful, but i'm talking about Gun performance i just love Thunderer's and Georgia's guns due to the fact it rewards good aim, i dont exacly know what to expect form the french... like will it at least hit haha? Stalingrad is more about the AA, i don't like the idea to be bonded to AA defense, especially after CV rework since it looks even easyer to use them now, and i love hydro on cruisers.

    Well, i trust your word, and like i said, i'm asking cuz i'm bounded to the idea they both may perfm ok on my hands like Georgia and Alaska, for example, i did chose Georgia over JB for coal and i dont regreat it, but steel is not so easy to get is it? Especially when i dont play CWs. One last thing, i'm asking this cuz i believe the recent changes may have some impact? dunno, most people seem to be blind on the "go stalingrad", i'm not asking for you to tell "go Bourgogne", i'm asking the word of someone i think is gonna be most close to the best advise.

    PS - Sorry for any misspellings, English is not the language on my country.