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  1. Gone fishin'.

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    2. BladedPheonix



      I think it would be quite easy, we have tons of fan made Thomas & friends "fan series" on youtube already. (best one is from Victor Tanzig IMO)


      As for how it would look,

      I think the best example of how a spin off would look like, would be either Tugs or Theodore the Tugboat. Originally Tugs was a spin off series for Thomas and friends but proved to expensive to maintain compared to the model trains at the time. as for Theodore, many say it was a spin off of "Shining time station" given that the show started roughly around the time STS left Nick Jr. and PBS. They also had toys made by Brio which were compatable with the "Thomas wooden railway" tracks, cars and other pieces.:fish_book:






      Theodore the tugboat:




      Now assuming that the "Rosie" series would be targeting young children under the age of 7.

      The key would to make sure that the series isn't just Thomas but in pink, which is what a lot of shows get this wrong and end up failing. Though doing this for a sister series might prove difficult. Given how the formula for Thomas has changed at least 3 times over the last 30 years. 

      If I was directing, I'd try to teach morals and lessons about leadership, teamwork,  encouragement, bravery, tolerance, the ability to follow instructions, problem solving, and many of the other important social skills that young kids need to learn before going to school. (ironically the current meta for T&F seems to do this to an extent) Trick would be making this entertaining, if the lesson is too boring the student may fall asleep or in this case change the channel.:cap_hmm:


      a good example would be Hey Arnold! it had well written stories that were fun and most if not all had morals and or life lessons.


      However, the most important thing they'd have to do is not shame children or parents who don't want to watch/like  the series or give constructive criticism. Starwars did this with Rey and Rose Tiko and it completely backfired and now basically everyone hates them and will either mock or ignore them. I won't even go into details on the toys debacal. Lets just say, if you want a Rey/ Rose tico figure for under $3 check any resale shop.  and they haven't learned their lesson and now are being mocked at every turn.


      example of overlord DVD AKA "Doomclock" roasting the newest rumored SW series coming. God save us all if they actually green light this current edit :cap_fainting: 




    3. 1Sherman


      Did you and I have the same childhood or something? Theodore Tugboat was part of mine too and it was glorious.

      As for the Star Wars thing, I'm going to wait and see on that one and hope they don't Last Jedi-ify it. If they do, at least we'll still have The Mandalorian.

    4. BladedPheonix


      @1Sherman I grew up in the 90s. I don't know about you but I'm currently hunting down all the programs I used to watch at walmart and vintage stock. That way If and when i have kids or my neices and Nephews come over, they can watch some quality stuff.


      I also watched lot of TV from the 60s and 70s. you know Hogans Heros, I dream of Jenie, honey mooners, Mr. Ed.  TV land stuff:fish_aqua:

      History channel too before they changed it.:fish_palm:NOT A FAN of the "Ancient Alien" stuff. bring back Modern Marvels and WW2 documentaries!:fish_viking: