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  1. I've finished writing Siegfried and Agir's review.  Now just to tackle the last few graphics (18 others are finished).

    • Siegfried gun fire angles + torpedoes
    • Siegfried gun stats
    • Agir gun fire angles + torpedoes
    • Agir gun stats
    • O-class torpedo stats
    • O-class secondary stats
    • Armour profile
    • title card
    • camouflage patterns
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    2. VII_Legion_Astartes


      Btw please tell wargaming to give the poor German’s a Unique Commander that shortens AP fuse timings!

    3. hanesco


      Keep it up Mouse! Just a little more until you can rest (or WG begins throwing more premium ships :Smile_hiding:)

    4. Redwing6


      You go GURL! :cap_horn: