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  1. I started this last night but put it aside shortly after to go to bed.  This is the first thing I've done this morning and it's now the afternoon.  God these take a long time to make.  =_=

    Odin's hit point pool has arguably been the most controversial stat about her and undeservedly.  Her effective health is comparable to Lenin's -- a ship that's considered Tonka-tough by the community as a whole despite having the (current) third-worst effective health pool of the tier VIII battleships.  Odin has better armour protection than Lenin and better agility and better concealment.  The only thing Lenin has to her advantage is her Soviet Damage Control Party.  I have experienced no survivability issues with Odin during play-testing but try explaining that to the masses.  They see a low number and myopically fixate upon it as an automatic deal breaker.  I mean, fine -- that's your call to make.  I'm not trying to sell Odin to you.  But Odin's low health isn't statistically or anecdotally relevant based on my experience.  I'd worry more about her guns than her health, frankly.


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    2. iDuckman


      Ms. Mousie, is there a way for (or a point in) rolling TPS into the effective health.  E.g. the RM BBs had notoriously over-rated torpedo protection.


    3. shadowsrmine


      🤔Except Lenin Was Not/Is Not a Secondary ship  Odin  is supposed to be a secondary ship  and a secondary ship is supposed to have a larger health pool.............................To Make Up For Those:etc_swear: Guns  secondary  ship universally have:Smile_sad:

    4. LittleWhiteMouse


      @iDuckman  It would be fairly easy (albeit incredibly time consuming) to do some kind of evaluation of damage-vulnerability for each ship.  For example, we know that French and British battleships are highly vulnerable to HE spam and 460mm+ AP overmatching due to their 32mm structural plate.  The same could be done with other damage sources, from citadel hits, torpedoes, AP penetrating hits to structural plate (versus overpenetrations), vulnerability to AP bombs, etc.

      Were it not for the time consuming part, I'd be interested in putting something like this together.  But there already too much on my plate to want to spend time creating the template to do this, never mind doing the research to properly populate it with up-to-date data.

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