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  1. I started this last night but put it aside shortly after to go to bed.  This is the first thing I've done this morning and it's now the afternoon.  God these take a long time to make.  =_=

    Odin's hit point pool has arguably been the most controversial stat about her and undeservedly.  Her effective health is comparable to Lenin's -- a ship that's considered Tonka-tough by the community as a whole despite having the (current) third-worst effective health pool of the tier VIII battleships.  Odin has better armour protection than Lenin and better agility and better concealment.  The only thing Lenin has to her advantage is her Soviet Damage Control Party.  I have experienced no survivability issues with Odin during play-testing but try explaining that to the masses.  They see a low number and myopically fixate upon it as an automatic deal breaker.  I mean, fine -- that's your call to make.  I'm not trying to sell Odin to you.  But Odin's low health isn't statistically or anecdotally relevant based on my experience.  I'd worry more about her guns than her health, frankly.


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    2. barbaroja_Ar


      @LittleWhiteMouse not long ago you asked for help regarding the turning speed of ships. I know because I participated.

      Is there anything the willing community can do to help you with the data gathering?

      I feel obliged to contribute to your analysis just because I'm an eager reader of your ships reviews.


    3. hanesco


      @shadowsrmine you don't lead all the brawling ships into brawls all the time. Amd even so, if you have the opportunity, you will brawl in a Mass even if it has 35k HP, if you believe you will get out alive. So I don't see any problem with Odin's 52.8k HP. It makes her more vulnerable to mistakes, but I don't think that's enough reason to discard her.

    4. LittleWhiteMouse


      @barbaroja_Ar  I will be doing another twirling exercise shortly.  It will likely coincide when Wargaming updates the agility parameters of those aforementioned problem ships.